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At first glance this looks exactly like the old M2SysMon today plugin. But now it knows a few more tricks.


Before continuing just download the correct install file onto your Pocket PC. Please be sure of your Pocket PC type!!

Copy the file into your Pocket PC, and run the file, then click on the install button to install. Next goto your Today settings screen and enable the plugin called M2SysMonEx.

Usage Instructions

Tapping on each of the lines of the plugin will bring up different functions in the lower area of the plug in.
Battery Monitor

First of all don't be surprised if you see a 0% showing up as battery power remaining, On PPC2002 devices the OS reports power as 255 whenever it comes back from sleep mode... give it a while and it'll show your correct power. The functions of the battery module should be quite straight forward. Tapping the Power button suspends your device. Tapping the Soft Reset button resets your device.

Memory Monitor

The memory monitor shows remaining system memory, not storage memory. Tapping on the Processes button will show you a list of processes running on your device which you can switch to or kill. Tapping on the Storage button will give you a quick summary of all available storage.

Timer Monitor

The timer monitor shows a timer that will track the time passed until you reset the timer. The extra timer that appears after you tap the timer is the time that has passed since the last reset. Tapping on the Reset Timer button only resets the main timer.