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Last Updated : 17th January 2004

What Is It?

This is Snake! You know that little game where you control a snake that grows whenever it eats the apple on the screen? I felt kinda lost without it on my XPhone, so necessity being the mother of all inventions.... I made this!

How Do I Use It?

Extract the ZIP file and copy the m2snake.exe file to a location on your device, preferdably \storage\windows\Start Menu\Games\ then just run it. Use the left start key to start a new game, use the Menu sub menu to bring up the speed setting, and also the option screen to set snake start length and number of bits to grow when you eat an apple.

To control the snake, either use your joypad or the numeric keypad keys 2,4,6,8.

Where Do I Get It?

Download M2Snake Here. On an interesting side note you can also run the game IF you have the .Net Framework installed on your Windows Desktop or the Compact Framework for Pocket PC 2002 and below. If you have a Pocket PC 2003 device you can just download and run the program.

Known Bugs

The apple disappears, never to be seen again! Trying to figure out exactly WHY that happens :P