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This is a simple camera program made for the JK-710DC digital camera for the Casiopeia E125, I say simple because it doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of the program that came with it. And as some of you might know those so called bells and whistles takes away about 1MB of your system RAM. The M2SimpleCam currently takes up about 150k including the digital camera driver, which I guess is about the size of your average PPC program.

Sorry if this page is a mess.. but I've got no time to clean it up for now I'm still trying to move in and setup infrastructure on this website. :(

Just show me where the download is!

Version History

v1.0 : 10th December 2001

  • Given up on making the install CAB for now, don't have time to work on it so far. ;)
  • Nothing new added since it was feature complete already, just added in an About box for some self gratification. :P
  • For developers : SOURCE CODE IS NOW AVAILABLE!!

v0.3 : 18th November 2001

  • Move Files function is now in!
  • Camera preview is turned off when app loses focus, just tap on the screen or do something with the camera to restore it.

v0.2 : 11th November 2001

  • Timer functions now in.
  • Screen Blanking function also in.

Minor Fix : 5th November 2001

  • Camera settings are now saved when you exit the program.

v0.1 : 4th November 2001

  • First public release.
  • Released with simple functions
  • Known Bugs : Cannot hotswap camera, must select folder to put pictures in.

Special Thanks

Before I go on I must thank the help of a few people without them I would have never been able to complete this program:-

  • Micheal Christian for pointing me to a FourCC infopage. Although I still can't seem to convert YUV to RGB properly. :D
  • Seth Cousins for trying to help me out in said YUV2RGB conversion before I stumbled upon libJPEGce and figured I didn't need to do that.
  • Andrew Yatsyk for putting out a great article about libJPEGce on PocketPC Developer Network, and for pointing out my coding mistakes. If not for him I'd still be fooling around with it! :P
  • Gerard Samija for being my first tester, testing it on an EG-800!

Program Features

What M2SimpleCam does NOT do :-

  • Does not take MOVIES! It just take snapshots, you want movie capability find me code on how to do MPEG compression, and also on how to capture audio data. I'm not well versed in those areas.
  • It is not a PICTURE VIEWER. Granted I might put in a simple picture viewer for quick review of shots later, but there many BETTER, FASTER picture viewers out there. :D
  • No it does NOT make the Casio camera work on any other PocketPCs..... that is in the hands of Casio.

M2SimpleCam features that DO exists :-

  • Smaller program size. 150k including camera driver.
  • Somewhat more control over capture options, provides more control over JPEG Compression and Image sharpness.
  • Quicker access to setting these options. It's right in front of ya.
  • Variable timer snapshot. Just set in seconds the amount of time before a shot is taken.
  • Interval timer snapshot, repeatadly take a picture after a given interval.
  • Blank screen so that the above interval timer function wouldn't be that hard on the batteries. For those who are wondering yes the preview is stopped when you blank the screen so power ain't wasted there.
  • Quick upload to storage card. If you start the program with a CF storage card inserted you have the option to quickly move your pictures into the storage card, kinda like changing film.

M2SimpleCam features that WILL exists when I finish it:-

  • COOL!!! I'm done!!! Now to finish the install program and we can all go to v1.0


Sorry, no CAB file or working installer yet, I haven't found the time to make one!

  1. Download the file, extract somewhere on your computer and copy the 2 files Caminstaller.exe and M2SimpleCam.exe to your PocketPC.
  2. Run CamInstaller.exe on your PocketPC. It'll ask if you wish to overwrite the camera driver if it already exists on your device, seems like the driver for both the EG800 and E125 is the same so no worries there. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE DRIVER INSTALLER ON AN E115! IT WON'T WORK!!!
  3. If camera is not already in your device, slide it in and run M2SimpleCam.exe.
  4. Press Rocket button to take picture.

The program doesn't respond to hotswap of the camera yet, therefore :-

  • Don't pull out the camera when the unit it on!
  • If you turn off your device while the program is running, you'll have to restart the program after you power your device backup.


  • 640x480 combo box : Selects picture resolution.
  • 90 combo box : Selects JPEG compression amount, lower value means more compression.
  • AUTO combo box : Selects white balance setting.
  • Medium combo box : Selects sharpness of the picture. Sharper pictures have more well defnied edges but are also bigger.
  • Snap button : Takes picture, pressing the Rocket/Launcher button on your E125 will also take a picture
  • Timer button : Takes a picture after the given amount of seconds, which is displayed where the 10 is right now.
  • Repeat button : Continuosly take a picture after the preset interval. To Stop the timer press the button again. Note: When timer is on your PPC will NOT go into standby mode.
  • Options->Save Location: Selects folder to save pictures in. YOU MUST SPECIFY A FOLDER IN THIS DIALOG BOX!! Or you'll have problems taking pictures. :)
  • Options->Options : Currently the only thing you can set in here is the number of seconds the timer uses.
  • Options->Move Files : If you've inserted a CF memory card instead of the camera, or you have multiple slots (ie EG-800) Selecting this option will ask you which card to move the files to, just choose YES when the name of the card you want to move to comes up and all the files from your system RAM will be MOVED to the memory card under the same location in the card's My Documents folder as you've chosen for the Save Location of your snapshots. YOU MUST HAVE A MY DOCUMENTS FOLDER IN THE MEMORY CARD OR THIS OPERATION WILL FAIL!
  • Help->About : Ye Old'e About dialog box.

To Blank the screen so that you can conserve batteries while using the Repeat function, press the CONTACTS button on your E125. To show the screen press it again.

Known Bugs

  • "No Camera Detected" message when starting program : Driver not installed or camera is not inserted. If the camera is inserted and you get this message, run CamInstaller.EXE and try again.
  • "Can't Create Output" message when taking pictures : Either you've run out of space, or there's no place to save the pictures in. Use Options->Save Location and make sure to select a folder to save in.
  • Screen is blank but power is ON. Press the Contacts button to see if you've activated the screen blank function. If that doesn't work use the voice recorder button to activate the notes application. M2SimpleCam is programmed to turn the display back on if it isn't the active program.


Of course there must be some difference in picture quality between the 2 programs so here's a quick comparison of the highest quality images that can be created by M2SimpleCam and the Casio Camera Program at 320x240.

Casio Image (38k) Simple Image (69k)

Casio Program

  • Resolution : 320x240
  • Quality : Fine
  • File Size :38k


  • Resolution : 320x240
  • JPEG Compression : 100
  • Sharpness : HIGH
  • File Size : 69k

So you be the judge, which is better? The Casio picture seems to have higher color values, but you can see the edges on the sign are slightly washed out. The M2SimpleCam picture is duller in color compartively, but it matches the real thing better, the file size is bigger but you can see that the edges on the sign is more clearer.

To see a comparison of 640x480 pictures including one taken by a real digital camera click here. The page clocks in at 500k so don't click it unless you have full intent of viewing all the pictures. Don't kill my bandwidth for no good reason. :P

Source Code

Now to all of you who are developers out there, here it is the source code to the M2SimpleCam and installer programs. They're eVC workspaces, so if you're not a eVC programmer please don't waste your time on it. If you have any questions about how the code works..... well I'll try to answer them as I'm very new to C++ myself. If you're going to use the code... well... at least mention my name or something. :)

Stuff To Look Forward To

Well, first of all you can look forward to the features listed in the todo part. And well... a nicer install program.. more documentation..

Hmmmm.. well some people have asked if I'd develope a control version of the program so they can use it in eVB projects.... well I don't know maybe if I had the time, and demand was high enough ;) But hey, I've given the source code I guess someone will work on it!