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Completed 4th February 2003

M2ScreenMag is a simple screen magnifier which can be used to magnify a portion of the screen for use of presentations, looking for hidden clues, etc. etc.

You either don't have the .Net Framework installed or you're not running IE5.5 and above. So you might need to download the Download Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1. You can still download the program first but if it crashes with an error message when you run it most likely you don't have the .Net Framework installed.

Usage is simple enough just start the program and you'll end up with 2 windows, one called the magnifier and the other the magnification window. Just move and resize the magnifier window over the area which you want to magnify and the magnified image will show up on the magnification window.

The program does not end when you close the magnifier window, it's still active until you select exit from the tray icon .

From the tray icon you can also choose to pick from different magnification settings.

Have fun!

October 10th 2003 : Found a bug where you couldn't shutdown or restart Windows when the program was running... Ooops!!! Also now the magnification form can be adjusted to fade when the mouse hovers over it.

Download M2ScreenMag 1.5