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Last Updated : 23rd December 2004

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I wanted to make this program ever since I got my XPhone, since it could use WMA files as a ring tone I wanted to make something that could be used to easily extract soundbytes and change them into usable ring tones for the Smartphone. So finally after getting my XPhone 2, I decided to sit down and make the program using code from M2PMCEncoderZX and stripped out the video and other advanced functions and I got this. A program that will allow you to easily extract out sound bytes from video and audio files and change them into usable WMA files.

Software Requirements

Before you even download the program please make sure you have the following programs already installed as I'll be using functionality from these programs. If you don't know whether you have these installed or not my recommendation is to download the program first, and if it any error messages pop out when you try to run the program then go pick up the dependencies.

Once you have those installed, you can pick up M2RingToneSplicer Here


Using it is a simple 5 step process.

  1. Select a source file that can be played by Windows Media Player
  2. Mark the region of the sound you want to use with the mark start/end buttons.
  3. Select an output quality. '32kbs 44khz Mono' IMHO is a good choice
  4. Select the file to save as
  5. Hit the Encode button!


I welcome any feedback regarding the program, I can't promise I'll fix every bug that's reported (My day job demands a lot from me :P) But I'll try! And of course if you want to send me money you're welcome, ahahahahaha ;)

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