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What is it

M2PicSnap is a simple program to frame a picture either from a file, or from the clipboard and then annotate it with ink on a Tablet PC. The results can then either be saved to a JPEG file or pasted back into the clipboard.

Program Updates

  • 26 September 2003 - Minor update, added the capability to rotate the source picture before it is framed.

Where's the download?

You either don't have the .Net Framework installed or you're not running IE5.5 and above. So you might need to download the Download Microsoft .Net Framework v1.0. You can still download the program first but if it crashes with an error message when you run it most likely you don't have the .Net Framework installed.

This program is only meant for a Tablet PC or a Windows XP SP1 system with the Tablet PC SDK installed. Do NOT download this otherwise, cause it won't work!

M2PicSnap Download

Why Make Such A Thing

I was testing out Microsoft's new OneNote program, which is essentially as I like to call it, a scrap book program, since you can type anywhere you want, draw anywhere you want and bring in pictures to your page. So of course I started dragging in pictures that were snapped off from my camera WITHOUT resizing them. OneNote starting choking after there were about a dozen 1.5MB image files on a page, and I don't blame it... :P

So I resorted to my program M2PicBuddy, but that would mean I had to open the image in M2PicBuddy, save it, then drag it into OneNote... lots of wrist movement! I decided I needed to make a new program! :D I needed a program to quickly resize the picture and dump it into OneNote, I realised the quickest way was through the clipboard.

Instead of putting copy and paste features into M2PicBuddy, I remembered an idea I had of framing a picture up with a caption area then you can write on it like a photo.. and here are the results!

Anything To Expect?

Well... there are areas for improvement such as persisting the user's pen color selection, and probably compile a version for normal Windows systems without the annotation feature. Or maybe make a simple paint interface. :P (Maybe if someone sends me ohh... 10 bucks? Gotta try and get some money from my code, wife's nagging :P)