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Last Updated 9th July 2004

Program Screen (25k)

So... here we are... one of the only other programs I decided to make a newer version on. And to think I made this so that I could get my mind off work. Anyway this program is meant to be a simple image editor for tweaking images before you post them online, send it through email, etc. etc. I just managed to get at some image manipulation code from a program sample and I wanted to include them in my M2PicBuddy program so what the heck...


Here's the program download : m2picbuddy2setup.msi

Since this is a .Net program you'll need to have the .Net 1.1 runtime installed on your system, if you do not know wheter or not you have the runtime already installed just download the program (it's only 117k!) and if you get an error message when you run it then that means you don't have the runtime. You can get it here. (Yes... it's BIG... 20MB worth of data!)

Using The Program

Opening A File

Well, isn't it obvious how you open a file? Just go to File->Open or drag an image file onto the program window. Supported file types are JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG.

Undoing Changes

OK, before you go ahead I need to tell you something. You can't undo any operations you might have performed on the picture, cause I still couldn't find a way to implement undo that I like. :P So you're stuck with File->Revert if you done anything you didn't like. Maybe for M2PicBuddy3!

Adjusting image attributes

Tweak Dialog (31k)

To start tweaking your image's contrast, brightness, gamma or saturation. Goto Actions->Tweak Picture, a dialog will open up where you can adjust the said attributes along with a preview so you can see the results, then click OK to apply the changes, or Cancel to... cancel the changes. Remember you can't UNDO. (I promise you before the end of this document I'll be saying that alot :P)

Equalize Histogram

Equalize Dialog (25k)

Under Actions -> Equalize Histogram is the well... equalize histogram function. Which basically uses a formulae to spread out the histogram of the image so the color brightness of the image are more evenly distributed, it's sort of a magic touch function that may or may not make your image look better.

As always check out the image preview before clicking YES cause... You can't UNDO!

Rotate Image

Do I really need to explain this function under Actions->Rotate? Well... for this one you CAN undo... sort of... =P

Crop Image

Crop (29k)

Actions->Crop will bring up the crop image dialog box, just click on the 2 opposing points of the area you wish to crop out and then click OK to chop it out, once again... YOU CAN'T UNDO THE ACTION!! (And this is the LAST time I'll be saying this... cause we're at the end! =P)

Saving the image

Save (34k)

And finally once you've tweaked everything, you want to save it to a file that's suitable for distribution to people. So of course you'd use the File->Save command. Then you're presented with the dialog as shown above. First you'd want to lock down the resolution of the image, you can choose either to constrain width or height, then enter the number in the textbox beside it.

Then you can adjust the JPEG compression quality, higher values give you a better quality image, the estimated file size is displayed as well so you can judge how much your're stuffing into someone's mail box :P

OK... have fun!

This program is (c) Marauderz 2004