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M2PMCEncoder ZX (Windows) (26th December 2004)
Program that simplifies the encoding of videos for use in a Microsoft Portable Media Center or Microsoft Smartphone 2003 and above.

M2RingToneSplicer (Windows) (23rd December 2004)
A program to very easily chop up media files to make WMA ringtones for your Microsoft Smartphone 2003

M2PicBuddy2 (Windows) (9th July 2004)
A simple image manipulation program!

DBKLCam (Smartphone 2k3, Pocket PC 2003, Pocket PC 2002) (3rd May 2004)
A program that allows retrieval of the DBKL traffic cam images!

M2SimCopy (Smartphone 2k3) (14th February 2004)
A program that copies all the contacts on your SIM card to your phone's onboard memory so it can be synced with Outlook!

M2Snake (Smartphone 2k3, Pocket PC, Windows) (18th January 2004)
It's the apple eating snake game! Works on all .Net enabled platforms!

M2ScreenMag (Windows) (7th October 2003)
This program allows you to zoom into a specific area of your desktop. Yeah there's a tool like this in Windows itself, was just making this to test out deployment project usage.

M2PicSnap (Microsoft Tablet PC) (26th September 2003)
A program that frames your pictures up, let's you annotate them with ink. Then save the results or copies it to the clipboard.

M2Switch (Windows) (15th August 2003)
A simple task switcher program just in case you find it hard to do the Alt-Tab combination.

M2PicBuddy (Windows) (17th June 2003)
A simple program to easily resize and crop images to be saved as JPEG files for uploads to a website.

M2Screen Annotator (Tablet PC) (8th Febuary 2003)
This program allows you to directly draw on to the screen display of your Tablet PC

M2RemoteAntz (Windows) (14th August 2002)
This program will allow you to use MSN Messenger as a medium to remote control NetAnts from a seperate location.

M2RC Suite (Pocket PC 2k2) (29th June 2002)
This here is the first beta of the Remote Control program which will allow you to use your PPC2k2 to control your desktop PC's mouse and other stuff.

M2SysMonEx (PocketPC 2k2) (12th April 2002)
A slightly more advanced system monitor applet... :P

M2SysMon (PocketPC 2k2) (9th April 2002)
A rudimentary systems monitor applet for the Pocket PC 2002

M2SimpleCam (Pocket PC) (10th December 2001)
A lightweight program meant for the Casio Digital Camera JK-710DC for the Casio Cassiopeia E125. (Reported to be working with the EG-800 as well!)