# Monday, 13 October 2014

Made another video with WZ!

A few interesting tidbits about this video

  • Video editing is now done using Cyberlink PowerDirector 12, which is pretty nifty.
  • The stunt work was possible due to years of watching Kamen Rider and other Tokusatsu series!!

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A new breed of Windows Tablets are emerging, it's the dawn of the ultra low spec Windows Tablets, the first one which I was able to get my hands on is a Malaysian rebadged Windows Tablet called the Joi8 by SNS. Check out my impressions below.

These tablets have only 1GB of RAM, so how well does Windows 8.1 actually run with only 1GB of RAM? Here's a quick overview.

But of course, for some people, they just want to know how well DOTA2 works on it!

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