# Sunday, 13 July 2014

This is the most EPIC video I've ever made so far!!!

Here are some interesting points for any who's interested

  • Music tells the viewer how to feel, awesomeness of a video increases ten fold with proper application of music!
  • The video was shot at 60 FPS using a Sony Action Camera AS100
  • Microsoft OneNote was used to story board and schedule the shots needed
  • One of the main reasons which I realized that I shouldn't just shoot shots in sequence but rather by utility was because of a article I read many years ago saying what Haruhi did wrong in her recording of the video in the anime, and now I'm applying such tips in a video which I'm wearing a shirt with a Haruhi image on it. *heh*
  • Windows Movie Maker was used to edit the movie
  • Music was sourced from YouTube's media library.

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# Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Rapid Madness is currently Mattel's largest gun in the BoomCo line, it's also kind of the poster boy since if you seen any video ads of it in action you'll probably have seen it SPEW darts in lightning speed!! I can empty it's 20 dart clip in about 3 SECONDS!! But alas all that comes with a price, check out the review to find out what is the cost of awesomeness and wheter it's worth it or not. (it's not!)

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