# Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Damn.. why don't I bump into cool things like this earlier? Just got pointed to the direction of Microsoft Image Composite Editor which is essentially a FREE panoramic photo stitcher, and it's been out since LAST NOVEMBER! Downloading now to test as I write this.

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# Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bought an interesting toy a few weeks back.


This is a portable gaming device, with built in games. What sort of games? Sega Mega Drive games. It's not new or anything, it's just that I finally decided to pick it up for the sake of nostalgia to play Sonic and Knuckles again. It doesn't have a cartridge slot but rather all 20 games are built into the unit... which says a lot about how far technology has advanced since the old days.

I'm too lazy to list out all the games right now (it IS 2AM!) but other than Sonic, I picked this up for Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Shinobi ][.

The controls feel fine, but the build quality is PATHETIC! See the strips of duct tape on the thing? The front cover plastic wasn't glued in properly and the pointy edges were exposed, can't have that around WZ so I taped them down. And the cover directly presses onto the little screen so you get that puddle effect if you press down on the cover.

Speaking of the screen... it's TINY! Definitely makes reading stuff meant for a TV screen very hard. So it's a good thing that like all cheap ass shruken console devices you can connect this thing to a TV and play on the big screen! But you're still not going to get the same experience as a real Mega Drive, the colors feel too bright and there seems to be some lost in detail... or maybe I just forgot how bad it used to look?

And as this thing is portable (powered by 3AAA batteries) makes noises, and have bright lights. It immediately goes into the things you give WZ when you don't want him running and screaming all over the place category. It is also on this thing that WZ have learn how to play games! He chooses what he wants to play himself, and actually plays the game instead of randomly mashing buttons. He still lacks a few important skills that are essential to playing games though, he still haven't developed muscle memory and thus can't press the buttons without looking at the controller, and also... he can't press two buttons at the same time yet!

But of course, this is just the beginning...

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That was what my wife said when I pulled this guy out of my bag.


Well, it's a cheap toy gun, cost < RM10 and WZ can get a better feel for it than simply waving my Wii Perfect Shot shell around.

But it SHOOTS THINGS and can't you read? Not for children 3 years below.

I loaded one of the 4 plastic tipped foam darts into the gun, cocked the pump at the back (the yellow ring) and shot my wife in the head.

A punch in the arm later. Ok, so the bullets don't exactly cause any sort of damage (unless it's a point blank shot in the eye I guess) but what were you thinking buying him a gun at this age? My reasoning was simple, the gun requires 3 steps to operate, load the dart onto the rod on the chamber, cock the gun, pull the trigger. If WZ wanted to actually shot anything he'll have to learn that he needs to fulfill multiple situations before he can actually shot anything.

So I gave WZ the gun, and showed him how to shoot a dart from it. He takes the gun from me, loads the dart into the barrel.. not particularly well but it went in. He managed to cocked the gun but with great effort cause the spring was too strong for him. And then he put his fingers around the trigger and..... nothing happened. The spring holding the trigger was too strong for him. So I fired off a few darts across the hall, and WZ runs off to pick them up.

Then he started twisting the bright orange colored plastic heads off the foam darts, only problem was that the heads were never meant to come off... So within an hour of me showing him the gun he had destroyed all but one dart...

I'll wait till he's older before getting any other toys with fragile parts.

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I've finished my little proof of concept application that's using Windows Presentation Foundation. And I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the results, performance under Windows XP feels just the same and I guess it should be better once I actually optimize the handling of media.

All in all, while I was once afraid and skeptical about using WPF as a platform for writing Windows Client applications making the POC has changed that mindset for me. And now I'm glad I have WPF as a tool in my belt.

Though I wish they'd make it easier to hide the darn text input caret for the RichTextBox! Had to go through an ugly ugly hack just to do that!

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# Friday, 27 March 2009

I have no idea how real or useful this thing is. The only thing I do know is that I've been using this stuff since I was a kid, and that when I use it on the various cuts and scrapes that WZ gets, not to mention all the mosquito bites which he scratches too hard and breaks the skin. The wound is noticeably better after application for a day or two. I guess if it has been around for such a long time it must work to some extent? Hmm... though I do believe the tin has gotten smaller through the years.

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# Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I had my doubts before but after running some initial tests, I must say I'm VERY pleased with the results. I have a project that requires me to layout items for PRINT, and if you don't know how hard is it to write printing code, then you never wrote printing code before. :P

But... with WPF, making a print function which prints the way you want it to print is so... so... TRIVIAL that I'm almost ready to say to hell with any performance issues WPF needs to be used to fulfill the project's main objective!

I'll make a more complete POC and then if it runs fine on my eeePC then I'm gonna commit to using WPF on the project.

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# Sunday, 22 March 2009

Here's a preview of the what I've been working on during my free time. It's basically the next version of my YTBNSystem which I use for my video postings. It now contains a navigation system, allowing multiple short videos to be viewed sequentially, and also allows navigation menus to be built so you can have sort of a DVD like experience.

I encoded the video at a rather HIGH bitrate though, we're talking 400k ~ 450k. Cause I wanted to test out the data transmission performance. Let me know how it works out for you.

ps. As usual.. the UI design sucks ass because I'm a software programmer, not a graphics designer!

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# Saturday, 21 March 2009


I used to LOVE Nintendo... I absolutely adored them because they promised me hours of fun on well designed games. Now as they themselves mentioned, it seems like the hardcore gamer is not their target market anymore. And so... I have a dust collecting paperweight of a Wii sitting under my TV.

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# Monday, 16 March 2009

MS is trying to host a online conference called Tech Days for developers on 1st April 2009. Seems like it's going to provide all the benefits of a typical MS conference, minus the commuting. The date is.... interesting though, the joke would be on us if our internets crap out on that day.

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# Saturday, 14 March 2009


So who the heck thought it was a good idea to introduce the one armed bandit to children of potty training age?

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# Friday, 13 March 2009

The last time I attempted WPF I was a bit put off by the new programming model, and also the fact that performance could have been better. But then again... it could just be my machine, so.... after a reformat I'm ready to try again. Also, I have some XAML experience under my belt via my adventures with Silverlight so let's see how well it works out for me this time.

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# Tuesday, 10 March 2009

So I've managed to restore my P1610 back to 70% operation status, but I realize that it's only marginally faster than before. I guess the machine's 4800 RPM HDD might have something to do with regards to performance issues.

Oh well... at least it's a bit faster.

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# Friday, 06 March 2009

Ok.. it's time to reinstall old faithful... my P1610... after 2 years of constant service and an in place OS upgrade, the guy NEEDS a fresh start. Though... I'm always worried when I doing this... hope nothing bad happens.. :S

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I bought a toy which most parents would rather not buy for a 2 year old.


In case it's not apparent what this is...


It's a TRAMPOLINE!!! So far the comments I have gotten about this purchase include Disaster waiting to happen, are you out of your mind? and Are you crazy? Well he seems to enjoy jumping on it right now. Which made the painful installation process worth it, painful because I had to thread the elastic bungie cord that gives the thing it's spring myself, my palms were burning after the process!

WZ also seems to have figured out he can use this as a hammock if he wanted to.


But when I came home carrying the large trampoline package, I saw this


I ask my mother, Why is there a plank in WZ's play area?

Well... it seems like it's for WZ to


Walk up and then


slide down.. And with these 2 things, WZ technically now has his own playground set!


Of course nothing compares to having actual video to see this in action.

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# Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Ever since I started carrying duct tape around I've been keeping an eye out for the various types of duct tape. First you have the typical chapalang brand duct tape roll which you can buy in any hardware shop.


These costs about RM3 per roll, and they get the job done if all you need is something tough to stick stuff together or make some repairs. Then there's the errr... good stuff. The premium branded duct tape.


These are made by the brand name companies like 3M and Duck. These cost about RM11 a roll, what's the difference between this and the cheap stuff? The tape feels tougher, the glue density is higher, and they don't have that weird smell which the cheap tape has.

So there's the good stuff and then there's the PREMIUM STUFF!!! Which is exactly what I found over at an ACE Hardware store.


This is 3M's Transparent Duct Tape, it's not fully transparent cause the tape threads are visible. But.. according to the packaging on the tape it's "Less visible than other heavy duty tapes" Well considering that duct tape is usually non transparent. Even a transparency of 5% is less visible than other heavy duty tapes. Oh.. it's also supposed to be more tougher than other ordinary tapes. The price you pay for this premium tape? RM41, the price I paid due to a price labeling mistake? RM30.

Then I also saw this weird stuff hanging on the rack.


A SCREAMING NEON PINK colored, pre flatten roll of duct tape. The surface itself feels different, while other tapes feel plasticky, this one feels like cloth. This product is called EXTREME Duct Tape, guess the product name and color doesn't help with customer acceptance since they were practically throwing these away at RM1.95.

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# Sunday, 01 March 2009

So there I was, ready to begin the one on one with what many in the LowYat.Net Xbox forums called the most skilled Guile player. The prefight jabs were already thrown and the match was about to begin when... I got disconnected from the match. I was about to accept the invite back to the match when I looked at WZ who was sitting beside me watching me play.

I noticed that there was a bulge at the bottom of his pants, weird because we were toilet trainning him so he wasn't wearing any diapers (he's on the if he pees his pants daddy spanks him trainning regime :P) then I realized what that bulge was!

Before I could even reach him to sweep him off his feet, WZ stood up and from out his pant leg fell... a chunky steaming hot log of a poop. As I picked WZ up I could see the 360 notification dialog informing me of the match invite. But alas... that match will have to be decided some other time.

That was definitely an experience that only fathers who game can have, leaving a match with the child as the excuse.

The father is also the only one who will remember that his son pooped on his gaming spot in front of the TV.

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In conjunction with the launch of SF4, some people got together to organize one of the largest Street Fighter 4 Tournaments in Malaysia at Cineleisure during the weekend.


Personally I'd think they could have just called it "The Largest Street Fighter IV Playstation 3 Tournament" and gotten away with it. In keeping with the theme the main MC was dressed up as Ryu.


Then there was a Sakura as well.


And there was a Chun Li in the opertaions committee too. But her job seems to be "Give prizes to people who answered questions properly during quiz time"


Quote of the day came from Ryu who said "You can take Chun Li home.... with her consent, but Sakura? She's Miiiiinnnneeeee!"

Even though I play SF4 but I choose not to join the competition for a few reasons. First of all was that they were playing on a PS3, and ever since I got SF4, I have never REALLY played on the 360 pad, let alone a PS3 pad. So I would be on a disadvantage without my PornStick. You were allowed to bring your own sticks. And seems like a few people took up the offer.


QUITE a few people...


Imagine walking into a shopping mall and seeing a few people doing this...


That's how you know there's an Street Fighter competition happening.

And that's the 2nd reason I didn't join the competition, while I may not be totally lost at SF4. I'd probably be raped by people who INTEND to enter competitions. And I'm already being raped when I face off people on Live, no sense getting raped in public.

The 3rd reason is that the entrance fee to the tournament was RM25! This is inclusive of a goodie bag which contains a number of freebies. But all the freebies in the world couldn't account for one thing that the price of admission included... 2 tickets to watch Street Fighter : The Legend Of Chun Li. And that's the MAIN reason why I decided not to join the tournament, there was NO WAY IN HELL that I was doing ANYTHING to tell Hollywood that I support the creation of crappy game to movie adaptions!

On a side note....



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