# Friday, 27 February 2009

There comes a time when an app's version number moves from 0.X to 1.X and then a tiny little celebration goes off in the developer's head as the person rejoices on the release.

Then the Internet sees the app and starts asking for new features, and complaining about other features.

Then the developer goes to sleep, crying into a pillow.

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# Monday, 23 February 2009

Aaaa.. this just bring back memories as I was surfing the net for the past week. Internet has been utterly HORRIBLE for most of the week. Sites were either slow or unresponsive. Sure brings back memories of the age of dialup!

And no reports about undersea cables being sliced or anything like that..

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# Saturday, 14 February 2009

The cool thing about having a blog and making regular entries is that you have a searchable record of what happened previously. For example.. waaaaay back in 2006 when I first got the 360. I also managed to acquire... THE PORN STICK! Here's a picture of it back in 2006.

So... now that I've gotten this the other day.


It's time to dust off the old PornStick that hasn't really seen much use since 2006. Heck.. WZ has been slamming that thing around since he was born, I was worried if it's still work properly.


You might need to click on it to bring up the bigger version to see it properly, but there's definetly traces of dirt and years of neglect on the thing.... maybe even some drool. (from WZ of course) So without even thinking if it's a good idea wiping it down with alcohol I grab a baby wipe off WZ's baby bag and start scrubbing the stick.


I managed to get off the surface dust, but some of the thing has caked into the surface ridges and won't come out. But... it still works thankfully! Very well too!!! Now I just need to make WZ understand he can't torture the thing so much anymore...

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So there I was after picking up my Street Fighter IV I foolishly walked into a toy shop and saw this girl, she was carrying a sign.


Asking people to join her club. And with a face like this.


How could I possibly say no as I hurriedly picked her up. This is of course Revoltech's Haruhi figure. Not to be confused with the Figma Haruhi figure.


First thing the wife ask is of course "Don't you already have one?" Well you see..


Of course there are some difference between the 2 figures, most notably of course, this being the bunny suit version. The Revoltech Haruhi is from Revoltech's Fraulein line (I got no time to type an accented a in there) which touts.. and I quote is a figure system capable of producing beautiful body lines and motion as natural as real lives.


The front lower body section (near the tummy) is not plastic but rather PVC so that it can twist and look realistic, heck it MUST be special since it gets it's own bullet point on the box! The legs also are much more normal looking compared to Figma's chicken leg style.


But one thing that I have never been able to stand about Revoltech figures is the damn stand! (Hey.. saw what I did there?)


As I mentioned before in my Ryu and Chun Li posts, the damn Revoltech stands SUCK! And this one isn't any better, it's just a straight pole up, an elbow at the top, followed by some thing that resembles a collar to hold your figure under the arm pits. I guess this is the ideal position to show off this stand.


This is just wrong in SO MANY ways.. first of all it doesn't actually GRIP the figure, you just plop the figure on the thing and hope the hook catches the figure under the elbow. Well since the hook is slightly elastic you could just make it clamp down on the side of her breasts.

Another thing which I hate about Revoltech figures is that the darn Revoltech joints have click notches on them so they aren't really freely posable. Also for this figure specifically, I find it QUITE hard to pose without the stand cause.. she's wearing heels, so the surface contact isn't a lot. And also, the bunny ears makes her head top heavy!


Gheez.. I wonder how hard it would have been for them to just make a longer segmented stand, and maybe come up with a better way of holding the figure up.. well the usual hole in the back works well! Not everyone wants to have a display case of figures standing straight up by being proped up under their elbows!

So let's have a comparison shot of the two figures.


Revoltech Haruhi is taller and the joints look err.. less weird compared to Figma Haruhi. But both are nicely crafted figures. One plus side for Revoltech Haruhi is of course the fact that.


She has some essential props included! And damn....


She's got FRIENDS coming!

And I took a few shots in RAW and then converted them to JPG after tweaking the brightness a bit. I think I forgot my monitor wasn't displaying at full brightness though, that's why everything looked dark. So via Silverlight DeepZoom you can see how's the detail on the figure.

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# Monday, 09 February 2009

So... now that I know I'll be using the Beliner Media Player in the car more I needed to settle how I was going to put the thing in the middle of the car so that people from both the left and right side can watch it without straining their necks too much.

So the first thing I did was the obvious one, try to hang the player in between the 2 front seats.


If only it was that easy! Because the anchor point was at the top of the player, and the strap itself is not hard, the player's own weight made it droop down. There was no way in hell this setup would be scoring any WAF (wow.. WAF actually has a Wikipedia entry!)points this way!

I realized I needed to find something to push the thing outwards, to give it a spine so it could support itself straight. I rummaged the house trying to find a piece of wood, or plastic, something that was solid yet not to inconvenient to disassemble or move around. And then I found this.


I don't even know what they call this in english, this was what I used when I was in Kemahiran Hidup classes in Form 4. How would I use this to give the player a spine? Like this.


Installation was much easier than I anticipated, just slide the T bar behind the straps! And how well does it work?


It works FANTASTICALLY well! The T bar balances the unit and makes sure it faces straight, and the ruler reaches to the ground of the car and leans against the central column causing it to support the player to look straight forward! FANASTIC!!

This setup scored BOAT LOADS of WAF points, full and whole hearted acceptance of the wife on the usage of the player in car!

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The journey to one of my dream gadgets come to an end, but... how well did it actually work?

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# Sunday, 08 February 2009

I can't wait for this!

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The lenses that I bought for my Sony A350 all have a very specific use which I need them for.

The 50F1.7 portrait lens was the first one which I got, almost immediately after I got my camera.


This was simply because the SemiPro said that I should get one if it was cheap, and not to mention mommy really liked the bokeh effect of portrait pictures. But I don't use this lens a lot, since using a 50mm in doors is kinda hard when WZ keeps running at you.

The next lens I got was the 50F2.8 macro lens.


I got this lens by rushing down to Pudu Plaza the day after the SemiPro told me that a shop had this lens for second hand sale. I knew I wanted to get a macro when getting my camera because I knew I wanted to take product shots. This is the 2nd lens I used the most aside from the kit lens, other than for product shots I use it whenever I need the razor teeth sharpness of the lens.

The last lens which I wanted to get was something to use when I go on trips, something that had a focal range capability. I was planning to get the Sony 18250 lens before I went on my next trip overseas. But... that's changed now.


I decided to get it yesterday because I was afraid there was going to be a price increase on it soon following Sony's dire fiscal year reports. Now that I have it, it shall be used as I originally intended. To replace the 1870 kit lens since it has a further range. But is almost the same size when fully retracted.


When fully extended though, the lens makes the camera feel heavy and off balanced (guess I'll need to train my left arm a bit more!) since it stretches pretty far! Letting my wife hold it made her give out a groaning sigh before passing it back to me... guess she won't be that interested of taking pics of me and WZ with that lens attached :P.

And now... my collection is complete, I have no more desire for any more lenses. So here's my complete non kit lens collection!


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The *final* piece required to get the carputer up and running. A screen, is revealed in a post that's too bloody long to be displayed on the front page. Click to read up!

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# Thursday, 05 February 2009

I was testing a site on various other browsers today, and I needed the browser to present itself as FRESH to the web application, so with IE8 I used InPrivate blocking, and on Chrome I used Incognito mode. Both essentially works the same way, all cookies and browsing history information are discarded after the session, and no previous cookies are carried into the session.

Then I realized that all my ASP.Net Linkbuttons, and other places that required the Javascript method __doPostBack weren't working in Chrome's Incognito mode. Looking at the page's source that got sent to the browser I saw that the whole script definition chunk for the function was missing from the page. It was as if ASP.Net decided NOT to push the script chunk down to Chrome. But it was working fine in normal Chrome browsing.

There was no way this was a problem with Chrome or ASP.Net, but rather with Incognito mode itself. So I loaded up Fiddler and looked at the Requests coming out from Chrome Incognito mode. Then I realized that when in Incognito mode Chrome wasn't sending the UserAgent header that identified what browser was hitting the server.

Because of this ASP.Net could not determine if the client could properly process the script blocks, and thus decided to totally discard the delivery of the script chunk to the client. Of course, without said script chunk a lot of other things were affected.

After doing some poking around I found out that version of Google Chrome seems to be the one afflicted with this issue. As this bug also stopped people from getting into Facebook and some Google sites, they quickly released an updated build which fixes the problem. So update Chrome by going into Help->About->Update Now if you are having problems browsing some sites in incognito mode.

Though the automatic update system (which runs in the background even when Chome isn't running) SHOULD have updated the browser by now. But.. if you're having problems just update the browser and see what happens.

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# Monday, 02 February 2009

So I went to the local car accessories super mall to take a look at the in dash screens. Sure enough they costs roughly RM300, but those were screens ONLY. and I don’t have enough space to put both a screen AND a head unit in the car. So I was looking for something that had the usual MPEG4, USB device support AND happens to have a foldable screen at around RM300.

But they were no where to be found... my dreams of running a PC in the car started fading again. Then I realized something...

Those portable DVD players that could convert into a tablet form factor, supported USB and SD card media input, AND Video In capability. they had the same screen size, could run off the cigarette plug, AND I could remove it when I didn't need it. And they cost roughly the same as a screen only!

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For my own reference, in order to call an MTOM encoded web service from .Net 3.5 client I need to stick the following in the custombinding section

<binding name="MyServiceHttpbinding" messageEncoding="Mtom">
         <mtomMessageEncoding messageVersion ="Soap12"  ></mtomMessageEncoding>     <httpTransport/>

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# Sunday, 01 February 2009

As I mentioned countless times before whenever I talk about my Intel D945GCLF2 based machine. I have been unable to buy an S-Video to composite converter plug that works. After consulting the Internet and obtaining a schematic for a converter I ventured out to Jalan Pasar (which is starting to look like a baazar street with all the stalls selling shirts, knives and other misc non electric related products) yesterday to grab the components I needed for the converter.


So I needed an S-Video plug, a composite jack, wires, and a 470pf capacitor of 10V or more. The capacitor that I bought was a 471pf 50V capacitor. When I asked the guy who was getting the items for me wheter it was similar in specs to what I needed, he just nodded yes with his face that looked like he was suffering from a hangover or something. So.. 30 minutes later I had completed the connections to the S-Video plug.


It was a pain because the connection points on the plugs are mere PINS, no flats no broad contact points to solder the wires to. Not really something that I have any training to do. The only thing I know about soldering is join the wire to the component, make sure it sticks, and doesn't touch anything else to cause a short. And here's the finished product.


This is a perfect example on how just because someone knows how to use something, doesn't mean he knows how to use it properly. The biggest problem here is that I forgot to put the plug covers on the wire BEFORE soldering them to the plug. The S-Video plug shell has 3 layers, 2 of which close around the plug like a sandwitch and thus I could still close off the plug and then hold it together with duct tape. The composite jack.... well I'm gonna have to get some heat shrink tubing to seal the connection points.

So... did it work? YES! YES it bloody hell worked! after wasting money on countless adapters, the converter I made with my sloppy soldering skills from parts costing less than RM5 worked! Thank goodness!

So what's next in order to fulfill my dream of a carputer? First I'm gonna figure out where's a good place to put the system, if it's going to be a long term placement it'll have to be more or less hidden from view. If it's short term which means I only take it out when I need to then it'll be easier to find a spot for it. I also have to decide how I want to power it. While it's possible for me to just power it from my inverter, the system's AC-DC power adapter tells me something interesting.


Normally an AC-DC plug has a FIXED output voltage, this has got to be the first one I've seen which shows it's output voltage as a variable range. Interestingly enough I once measured the output of my cigarette lighter socket in my car and it's output voltage hovered between 12V ~ 14V so I might be able to just directly tap into the socket for power instead of running through any sort of voltage converter.

Once I've sorted out the placement and power problems, then the last thing left for me to do is to get a in dash screen for the car. I want one that has a motorized screen, and on my last trip to the car accessories shop I've saw that those don't cost an arm and leg anymore thankfully.

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