# Friday, 30 January 2009

It's incredibly hard to go for something to eat early in the morning with WZ around, since mommy doesn't want to wake him up too early or stress him out by waking him and then immediately dumping him into the baby seat and then dump him in a baby chair while we ate. So I was lucky today that WZ woke up early enough in the morning that we could go have chicken rice ball in Melaka. Our intended destination was the errr... original shop, a Kedai Kopi Chung Wah located here.

But when we reached there...


Oh noes... it wasn't open!!! Because the wife knew that a lot of other shops have opened due to the popularity of chicken rice ball, we walked down the street and sure enough not far away...

There was another shop, called He Ji.


(This pic was taken AFTER we finished eating, luckily when we arrived there was no queue yet!) The shop had a pretty well operational procedure going, you queued up going into the shop where a lady would ask you what you want.


So she'll ask you how many people's portion of chicken you wanted, what drinks you wanted (from a choice of 3, barley, chinese tea and herbal tea) Then she'd tell you that they didn't have enough rice balls and thus they'll split your order between rice balls and loose rice. So what does that mean? It means this.


They'd give you rice balls... and errr... rice. Cause, well... they were low on rice ball supplies because there's too much demand for the precious balls and they needed to ration out the balls supply. That sounded all nice and dandy until I chomp down everything and my wife asked for more balls.


Lo and behold, extra balls were dropped on our table without so much of a word of how we're deriving the precious balls supply from other people wanted to taste the local delicacy. I just have no idea why the heck they said they had to give you loose rice in the first place if there's no problem asking for more balls anyway! It's really a WTF moment. And WZ agrees!


Overall it wasn't a bad meal, everything tasted ok. Though my wife insists that the original Chung Wah one has better tasting chicken.

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# Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is having slow and unreliable internet really better than having no internet at all? Thank goodness I'm going home tomorrow!

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Yes, I'm connected while in Melaka... just not even up to EDGE levels of connectivity.

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# Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I found out that it's very hard to shoot pictures of fireworks up close, in the first case you have to figure out where's the boom point. In the 2nd place, it's hard to get the camera to shoot straight up and in focus.

In other news, since I remember to bring a VGA cable with me I could finally get the media machine connected to the LCD TV they had in the hotel room.


So I was lucky that worked well for helping WZ to sleep at night. Hope you all had fun too!


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# Monday, 26 January 2009

As I was composing the previous post I could hear fireworks being set off, so I guess that must mean that it's CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! So... Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Hope you had a great reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve. As for me..


We went for Japanese instead of Chinese food. In fact... we haven't been having Chinese food for our reunion dinners for a couple of years already, since it's like Valetine's Day. When people have to frantically rush and cook meals for a specific special day, it's gonna suck, and not to mention have an unjustifiable taste to price index!

On another note, if you ever wondered why Marauderz rarely takes pictures of what he eats like other bloggers. The reason is simple. Eating has a higher priority than taking pictures! ;)

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This post is a bit late, but just a point of reference for myself.


WZ is now 2 years old, I bought him a Wall-E cake because it's one of the things he can recognize on sight. More importantly because they don't make Mario cakes. :P So.. 2 years and WZ has went from this


To this.


I guess not much changed for appearances wise. On the behavioral side, he stopped asking for his pacifier a few days before his birthday. Heck, when I stuffed it in his mouth during one of his tantrums he hurled it across the room.

Now if only I can get him toilet trained.

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# Saturday, 24 January 2009

One of my cousins works in Hong Kong and I knew he was coming back here for Chinese New Year so I just had to ask him to get something from my favorite website that I hate to visit... Brando. If you ever wanted to buy any chapalang branded USB doodad from a website that doesn't look like a fly by night outfit... well Brando is the place to go.... and I have went... way too many times. Anyway the object in question this time is this.


It's a wireless keyboard... with a trackball! Which means it's another ideal candidate for being used as a HTPC controller. I got this to replace the Genius which was in use on the HTPC at home. The darn trackpoint on the Genius was growing ever insensitive, not to mention felt like it was ready to snap off.

This replacement is smaller, note how it's only a bit wider than the 9" eeePC that it's sitting on. Means the wife won't complain about the big thing she has to lug around when she wants to watch something. Also high on the WAF is of course.. the trackball.


The Genius's trackpoint was slow, and tedius to use. My wife HATED it so much she would rather use a mouse on the sofa than use the trackpoint. The trackball on this new keyboard is well, much more controllable. Roll it fast it moves fast, slow.. moves slow. Much more acceptable. The interesting thing is that in order to save power the optical sensor of the trackball TURNS OFF after a period of inactivity, after which you have to hit the power button to turn the mouse back on again. I guess it saves power because it doesn't need to run any sort of standby circuit to see if the trackball is moved to turn on the sensor.

Another interesting thing about the keyboard is that the buttons are on the CORNER of the keyboard and not on the keyboard itself.


Interesting placement decision I must say.

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I decided to take the little media player machine.


Along with some straps and locks and what nots.


Once again.. they didn't have it in black... sheeesh.... anyway 15 minutes of cutting and slotting later I have this.


Oh look.. it's a little harness for the machine, where would it go then?


I guess I got this idea from the little bag I got for the eeePC a while back ago. So because they're just straps it's easy to either hook it between 2 seats or.


Between one seat. So anyway, why is Marauderz doing this? Actually I was testing to see how I could make a harness to hang something behind the front seats, in this case I want to hang a small 15" LCD monitor for use as the computer output.

Hang on a second, readers who have been checking out this site might be wondering... A carputer AGAIN? Haven't you already done that? How hard is it to put a computer in a car?!?!

Putting a computer into the car is quite simple actually. First you need to get yourself a power source, most likely an ACDC inverter since getting RAW 12V ATX power supplies is a bit difficult.


An inverter is basically something that gives you a power socket in your car so you can plug in almost any regular low to moderate power device into your car. For more info on an inverter refer back to my previous post.

Once you have your power source all you have to do is decide wheter to use a notebook or a custom built desktop (and I use that term only to mean a computer without an attached screen in this case). The Intel D945GCLF2 Mini-ITX board units are VERY well suited for such a purpose, it's a relatively small all in one board, low power consumption yet has decent performance in it. And I would have installed it in my car if it wasn't for one little problem. I HAVEN'T FOUND A FARKING S-VIDEO TO COMPOSITE CONVERTER THAT WORKS on the damn thing yet! It's driving me crazy and not to mention wasting my money buying expensive plugs that don't work, at worst the video signal is never detected at best I get a black and white picture. I have a schematic for a raw converter so I'll give it a shot and see. What I do know is that if the converter worked properly I would have already bought a cheap in car video monitor and hooked the system up in my car.

But there are 2 main reasons why I don't have a computer in my car yet. The first is the fact that I don't feel like adding some additional enticement for car thieves to break into my car, so any sort of system must be easily removable. The 2nd and more important reason is that, anything that goes into the car must of course meet the Wife Acceptance Factor, I can't just strew wires all over the place, that means I'll hear no end of it from my wife while driving down to Ipoh or Melaka! :P

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# Thursday, 22 January 2009

The McD Prosperity Burger, expensive, sloppy, DISAPPOINTING! God I used to look forward to this, but now…. look at this sorry excuse for express created food. Why is it upside down? Would YOU want to dip your fingers into that to flip it up to take a picture of it?

I went to Sake Sushi the other day, and when asked for drinks I told the guy Green tea. And they came back with this.


It tasted FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! Like someone put burnt rice into the tea leaves before processing, which is exactly what is is cause the label says Green tea with roasted rice. I thought they lost they usual in house brand of green tea or something when I checked out the menu and saw that.


Not only was the normal green tea still on the menu, it was also cheaper. So that means not only did they give me crap ass tea, they gave me EXPENSIVE crap ass tea… damn them!

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# Monday, 19 January 2009

Before the great food poisoning case of last week occured, I did an in place upgrade of Windows 7 onto my U1010, and tried out some tips given by people on the Tablet PC newsgroup of the Windows 7 site.

And viola!!! My U1010’s touchscreen is now perfectly calibrated in Windows 7!!! Though… screen auto rotation.. tablet buttons… etc. etc. nothing else is working… Oh well.. one step at a time I guess.

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# Sunday, 18 January 2009

After eating some bad food, (my money's on the hotdog.. but I can't be sure) and passing water out of places that shouldn't be passing water for 2 whole days I'm back in action... If only I can get my weekend back..... :(

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# Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Walking around in Technet MSDN with this tomorrow. Let's see what happens.

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# Monday, 12 January 2009

My mother bought a drum back from Ipoh for WZ, on first glance it doesn't look like anything special.


But on closer inspection, the art on the drum looks like it was painted by someone with a giant brush in quick broad strokes.


And of course the surface of the drum just looked weird, it looked worn, and there were these holes on the side, and... it was rigid at the edges.


I asked my mother why it was this way, she answered that. Oh that's cow hide they have to stretch it out and dry it this way.

So... for new years grandma bought WZ an authentic handmade, cow hide drum.

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# Saturday, 10 January 2009

I installed the Windows 7 Beta on my Fujitsu U1010 a few days ago, but now I'm in the middle of installing back Vista Home Premium on it.

The  U1010 is what I call my meeting computer, it's the computer which I take to meetings which doesn't involve me having to perform any code correction. With OneNote installed it IS my notepad.

It's also the tablet on which I scribble my ideas on, which from there on become actual system designs.

The Windows 7 Beta is FANTASTIC! System responsiveness on my U1010 was much better than on Vista, though the slow hard disk seems to be the cause of the hiccups. The new taskbar is... well... I was starting to understand how it works, but still wasn't ready to say wheter or not it's better than the old taskbar.

So... if the Windows 7 Beta was so great, why am I now reinstalling Vista then? Simple... of all the components... of all the drivers, I was worried that one thing wouldn't be working properly.... And I was right.

It wasn't my network adapter, it wasn't my sound card, it wasn't even the fact that the hardware switch couldn't turn off the wireless.

The touch screen driver refused to be calibrated properly... I tried the old Vista drivers, I tried the updated U1010 drivers on the web, heck I even tried the U2010 drivers. Nothing worked! I just couldn't get the touch screen to be calibrated properly!

And like I mentioned, the U1010 is where my ideas take form on.. I NEED SOMETHING TO WRITE ON!!! Like I mentioned before, (though I'm not sure if I ever said it in my blog before) I LOVE the tablet concept, I'm never going back to pen and paper notes, as long as possible I will not be carrying a paper ledger pad to a meeting ever again!

So... for now the Windows 7 Beta has to leave active use on my systems, until I can figure out how to correctly calibrate the touch screen.

Damn... I'm gonna miss that fish...

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# Thursday, 08 January 2009

An XML Schema is a contract you don’t change it whenever you feel like it without telling people. And if you still don’t understand the rules of XML, like being case sensitive… only have one root node.



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# Monday, 05 January 2009

After the recent NXE update, the Xbox Live Marketplace was consuming loads of bandwidth to give the sleek branding filled look when you're browsing for downloads. Not very good for us here who have broadband that's well... usable... Then there's the whole problem of the undersea cable being damaged again and causing data to have to take the long way around.

So what's a Xbox Live player gotta do to check out the downloads now? Don't fret, you can now do all your marketplace browsing on the WEB. via the marketplace.xbox.com URL, just sign in with your gamertag's LiveID, select what you want to download and the next time your box is turned on and connected to XBox Live it starts downloading what you've selected. So you can still get to the content minus all the branding fluff.

Oh.. I missed a step previously, after signing in be sure to pick the RIGHT country/region you are in to see content which you can dowload. You pick the country by clicking on the country indicator on the upperleft corner on the page. It looks like this.


So remember to choose your proper country, ie. Singapore, US, India, etc. etc. or you won’t be able to see the right content.

No... your 360 doesn't automatically turn itself on and start downloading... maybe in the next update? :P

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# Saturday, 03 January 2009

I just found out that there's going to be a little shindig about Windows Mobile devices next week (9th Jan-11 Jan) over at Lowyat plaza. HTC, Samsung and Sony will be there, so I guess the headlining devices should be the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch HD, the Samsung Omnia (I still can't believe why they did with the stylus!) and the Sony X1 (It has FISH!!!)

So mark the date on your calendar if you're looking to molest some devices.

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