# Wednesday, 31 December 2008

What a way to start a year...

First of... fancy making your Nokia Series 60 phone unable to receive any SMS until a full factory reset? Check out this dangerous exploit.

Next... Microsoft Zunes are dying with no explanation on 12AM 31st December 2008.

Lastly... is Steve Jobs really critically ill? That would be bad...

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Wow.. it feels like only yesterday that I wrote my 2007 gear roundup... then the server died and I nearly lost my whole site! This time I have backed up my site already!

Cool thing about having a blog is how you can go back and reflect on what you were doing a year ago. So let's see what was I up to for 2008.

Most important purchase of the year would have to be my first DSLR camera. The Sony Alpha 350.

Thumbdrives got so ridiculously cheap I lost count of how many I bought.

An interesting piece of gear, which I find indispensable in recording gameplay videos and other things is the Pinnacle Video Transfer unit.

I bought quite a few figures.. like Haruhi here. Here's to hoping I don't get anymore.

There was a sudden increase in desktops in the household as I got some MiniITX based units like this for running Windows Home Server and other misc chores.

And of course... I haven't broken the curse of getting one new phone a year.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to hoping 2009 is not as bad as it's looking right now!

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# Monday, 29 December 2008

One of the things that people tell you is that, if you're gonna make an online video, try to keep it under 10 mins or it's most likely the viewer is gonna get bored. I'll keep that in mind the next time I record a show with Yoroi, but how was I to know that just pointing a camera at ourselves and talking about the Sony Playstation Network was gonna take 17 minutes! (here's a tip, once the gameplay video shows up,hit the play button to pause live viewing of the stream to allow both streams to download completely so you can watch it without fear of breaking sync between the streams)

The other problem was that because we rely on 2 video streams, if we wanted to chop up the video, we'd need to make a few more sync points on the video itself. Which we didn't have... when we recorded this almost 30 MINUTE Xbox Live video.

We sound like 2 tired drunks because we were worn out trying to get the PS3 working for our recording, I'd detail the problems we had but then the fanboys would start crying foul!

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I've made a few references to the Silverlight Streaming Service a few times before on my website but I never quite explained what it is before. A lot of people thinks that the Silverlight Streaming service (SLS) is meant for hosting and streaming videos that are delivered via a Silverlight based video player. And thus when people go to the website they're expecting to see something like YouTube or some other video service.

But SLS is NOT JUST for hosting videos, it's meant for hosting Silverlight Applications. With Silverlight, a content creator is able to create rich interactive applications and media experiences which of course can be hosted on their own server of choice. But then, bandwidth issues come into play. Take for examples the various video podcasts/reviews/shows  and deepzoom albums I have on my site. Like any other web content I could have just hosted the files on the server itself. And that would mean that people from around the region would be able to retrieve and view the files very quickly because the server is close to them.

But... what if the viewer was from another geographical region? What if my webhost's network pipe is being throttled or consumed by someone else who is being hosted on the same server network? As an independent developer while I am able to make rich media content, I do not have the ability to host the content on some super fast, globally distributed server network.

And that's where SLS comes into the picture. As I mentioned it's not just meant for videos but entire Silverlight Applications (this includes everything on the client side ie. Your XAP file, any additional resource files, images, sounds, etc. etc. The service is not for hosting backend applications such as ASP.Net)

How SLS works is that first you upload your application files to the service and then you use the HTML tags (typically an iframe) to refer to your application. Then when a browser requests for the application, that's when the magic happens, SLS has a bunch of distribution nodes around the globe, when a request for content comes in the content is blasted via a high speed network into the distribution node closest to where the request is coming from and the content is served from that node.

This technique in theory allows most users to be able to grab the content at an efficient rate since the content will be coming from a server that's closer to the user.

There are 2 problems with this approach though, the first is a minor issue. Because the content is cached in the distribution node, any changes that you might upload (ie, replacing the XAP or an image file) might not be immediately visible to you.

The 2nd problem is much more of a headache that someone realized over at the Silverlight forums. Because the distribution nodes are given unique URLs and identifiers, if you use Isolated Storage in your Silverlight application, it's very likely that everytime a user hits the page, they'll never be able to read back their previous settings.

But other than those 2 problems, I'm happy with SLS. I'm glad that it is able to deliver my video shows on a steady bitrate. Though I do wonder what's the experience like for people outside of our region?

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# Sunday, 28 December 2008

One of the things which I realized when I made my YTBNSystem was that I needed to calculate the proper amount of bandwidth required for the best viewer experience. It's a very easy case for the single video streams (such as the one that featured the wall climbing car), the video is encoded for 350kbps which most people are able to obtain as long as their line isn't too busy working on some other transfers, not to mention, in a single video stream scenario it doesn't really matter if the video needs to be buffered the user experience isn't affected that much.

But when I want to display 2 video streams together, I need to find the most ideal bandwidth capacity that'll allow the videos to appear as if they were playing in sync.

So I sat down this morning, and starting testing out some encoding profiles, and I came up with this.

What I realized was that whenever I had a situation where I needed to display 2 video streams, the primary one is usually not important and thus can suffer loss in image quality and because it's just speech, the audio quality can also be dropped. But the supplement video would require a higher video and audio quality cause the user's main attention would be on the supplement.

So right now I've decided on these values

  • Main video stream : 125kbps video data, 16kbps mono audio data 16khz sampling rate.
  • Supplement video stream : 200kbps video data, 20kbps mono audio data 22.05khz sampling rate.

So the number still comes up to be about 350kbps, why did I settle on this number? Because I found that my line is capable of streaming a 350kbps video without it having to buffer, if it works well on my measly 1Mbps line, should be fine for most streamyx users.

Maybe I can go higher, but that's testing scheduled for another day.

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# Saturday, 27 December 2008

After an embarrassing incident of forgetting to bring a storage device with me when I was going to my cousin's place to copy something I decided I need to get a thumbdrive that I can carry with me everywhere I go so this doesn't happen again. So I went out and got this.


A small in size, yet big in capacity flash memory drive. And it seems like it's no slouch in the performance department too meeting Windows Vista's Readyboost Performance requirements. All this for a price of less than RM50... how far we've come in this area.

Anyway I decided I needed to keep this in my wallet's coin pouch, but the fact that it has exposed contacts means I needed some way of protecting it. A strip of duct tape and various failed experiments later I ended up with this.


A little protective sleeve for the drive, the entire drive just slips into the thing so that parts pretty well covered.

Who knows.. in a few months maybe I might be getting a 16GB or 32Gb one in this size.. and for the same price?

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# Friday, 26 December 2008

So I bought a RC car for WZ to chase around.




Pictures cannot express how nifty this is. It's time for a quick show, please install the Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 plugin to view the video below. Just click on the button you see below if the video doesn't show up to install it.

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# Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The other place I took WZ to was the KL Aquaria, once again I went in hoping to take some pics. But when I heard the people at the entrance constantly repeat "Dear visitors with Digital Cameras, please do NOT use your flash, flash photography is not allowed in the venue" Let's just forget the fact that digital cameras are NOT the ONLY source of a xenon flash, This was a problem then, as it would mean I needed to again use my 50mm macro lens as that was the fastest one I had with me. I didn't bring my 50mm F1.7 lens cause, I was going with my family so if I was taking any pictures of WZ and mommy it would mean that mommy would like to have the background in the picture too instead of... well.. a big blue blur. So while it failed for me as a photography outing, here's what I learnt from my trip to KL Aquaria.

While it is possible to take some shots without flash.


You have to realize that underwater creatures swim pretty fast. And they're not inclined to pose for you.


Although there are some things in the place that DO sit still.


But even if they do sit still you have another thing that literally stands in your way


These are living breathing creatures behind a glass case, so the clarity of the case, or the reflection of the glass will throw off your auto focus. But of course, there's a chance to get a nice pic if you're lucky.


Another thing to remember when you go to places like this is that. If you only bring a fixed range lens.


Take note that you might not have a lot of space to back up and frame your subject.

Hmm... so I've tried to go to the butterfly park to take pictures and failed, tried Aquaria and failed cause my equipment doesn't allow me to take nice pictures in dark places.

I guess that leaves me with the Bird Park, and the Zoo. Hmmm... I guess I'll put that on my todo list.

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I took a few days off to take WZ around town and also to well... actually take some days off. So the first place we went was the KL Butterfly Park, so WZ can finally see some butterflies actually flying around for real.

First thing first.. WHY THE HECK DO YOU STILL WANT TO CHARGE PEOPLE FOR BRINGING CAMERAS? What an ancient and barbaric practice when nearly everyone has something that can take pictures. Next thing was that, it's actually kinda hard to snap pictures of butterflies flying around. But I guess it's because I had a kid and a wife tagging along so I didn't exactly have the luxury of time to try and setup anything.

But switching the A300 to full auto mode and passing the camera to mommy meant I get to have some pictures taken with WZ.


They had a fish pond in the place which the fish was all too eager to come close to you... once you toss them some feed.


One good thing about the butterfly park is that it has ample sunlight, so there's ample light to take pictures of things.


The person at the counter told us that the feed was for both fishes and turtles. But we couldn't find the turtles, and threw the bag of feed for the fish.. which was sad but let's face it between colorful gold fish in a crystal clear pond, and this...


Which would you rather feed? It's sad that the turtles get no love.. they didn't even put any signs up (or maybe they were destroyed) to indicate that Look turtles HERE!.

WZ tried to see the turtles from the perch.


But the angle just wasn't right.


Thus he walked away disappointed. I think the turtles were disappointed too! They must have been hoping to get something to eat!


I did manage to get a shot of a butterfly close up


It was just constantly sucking on the ground trying to eat something and didn't care too much that there was a big ass black tube pointed at it. (I only have a 50mm Macro lens, to get this picture the tip of the lens was right NEXT to the butterfly) And then there was this... thing.


This ant like praying mantis was in the shade so the end results were a bit blurry cause of the slower shutter speed and I couldn't hold the camera steady.


Hmm.. did whatever ate the leaf, ate the butterfly as well?


They also had some other animals in the place. They had some rabbits in a well... rabbit smelling cage.


They had a python? boa? in a glass case which looked like it had coiled up and died, I didn't even had the heart to take a photo it. The had a chameleon lizard thing, but the plastic screen the cage was made of was clouded and hard to see through.

Overall, while there WERE definitely butterflies in the place and if I had more time to actually find my shots I think I would have gotten some more shots of stuff. I think if you wanted to take pictures of nature you have other better choices than paying RM18 (entrance fee) + RM1 (camera fee) to enter the KL Butterfly Garden.

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# Monday, 22 December 2008

What happens when you duct tape a Creative Vado to a paintball marker? You get a nausea inducing clip of what the marker sees during a paintball match. If any of you puked during Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield… better not to watch.

Here's the 1st round of the day.

Then the 2nd round in which I actually managed to get to the flag and score a win.

Still having problems uploading the 3rd round's videos. So here's the fourth and final round.

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# Sunday, 21 December 2008

I joined a few of my fellow MS MVPs and a few people from the MS Malaysia DPE team for a friendly little game of paintball. This was the 2nd time I played paintball and I was pretty sure my experience playing FPS games would come in handy.

Getting to the paintball arena was an adventure by itself. While there was a sign in front of the steep stairs which took you down to the foot of the hill where the arena was.


It's a small banner situated quite a bit away from the road, which itself was already in the middle of a small residential area.

  Field location

Then you need to walk down a little path down the hill.


Passing what seems to be one of the playing arenas.


And up another path


To get to the registration area and also where the hillside arena is.


As we walked in to take a little tour on the hill which we'd be fighting on I saw this


Hmm.. maybe they need that to do some map editing when necessary? There were 2 flag bases one at the bottom of the hill.


And one at the top... and the guys at the bottom will have to run all the way up the hill to get their flag. There was a little platform in the middle of the hill.


But no it's not a sniper tower and players can't climb it. From the top of the hill everything looks simple enough, have a better view of the people coming up, advantage of gravity on your side sending paintballs downwards.


Should be interesting. After the tour of the grounds our little group was given the Things You Need To Know So You Don't Loose An Organ Or Worst... Kill Someone talk.


After the talk I also plans for my Creative Vado, and a roll of duct tap.


During my last paintball game I tried sticking the Vado to my chest to take combat footage, but that didn't turnout too well cause I usually run around crouched behind cover, I told myself it would be different this time!


This time it gets strapped on the gun! So at least it'll be pointing at the general direction of where the gun is pointing. Well.. it worked.. But I don't think the gun's POV is any more exciting than the chests view. I'll put up a clip or two and all those of you without motion sickness can check it out. If I ever play paintball again, I'm gonna put on a helmet and mount the vado on it!

Anyway.. it's paintball and there are always injuries in paintball.


It's funny how I got hit in the same place I got hit the last time I played, I guess my hand's the only target when I blind fire off cover. I also receive three hits and bruises along my left arm, and one in my back as I was switching cover.


Final score? Guess the MVPs win cause all games ended in a timeout except the one where I capped the flag!

In summary, while my FPS gaming experience thought me well like how to roadie run, use cover, blind fire, flanking/avoid being flanked. I'll stick with games for one simple reason. I don't get TIRED playing games, DAMN.. my thighs are burning cause I was pretty much crouch running all through the game!

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# Saturday, 20 December 2008

So.. Yoroi invited me to his house to rock out on Guitar Hero 4 : World Tour. I decided to play the drums cause I didn't like the feel of strumming a fake guitar. At least with the drums I can just keep hitting with no remorse.

And no remorse I did.. as I was playing I had this creepy feeling at the back of my head that whenever I missed and hit something other than the drum pad, like say.. the edge of the pad, the screw head on the snare.. the plastic board of the drumset. I keep wondering if I would break anything.

Then after a stop for some food and we started another gig, I brought my right drumstick down on the green pad and instead of the *pof* that it normally makes, that was a loud *snap* followed by the sound of a small bit of plastic hitting the floor.

I looked at the pad and.. seems like after the food break I forgot to fold the drumstick holders back into the base so I hit the right side one in deployed mode and.. I broke it!

Frantically I tried to repair it the best I can and thus this was the duct taped result.


It still works.. though it'll never fully park back into the base.. and it feels flimsy when you fold it in and out of the set. And Yoroi has gained an instant conversation starter whenever other people plays the drums.

"Dude.. why does the drum stick holder looks like it's bandaged?" "Yeah, cause dumb ass Marauderz decided that it was in his way and smacked it with his stick!"

I knew I was gonna break something that night!

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# Friday, 19 December 2008

For they were left without a voice. Majel Roddenberry has passed away. I wonder if she had the chance of seeing how Gene’s vision and story is raped in the new Star Trek movie? But then again… Brenna and Braga did that a long time ago anyway!

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# Tuesday, 16 December 2008

A new release of the Windows Live Apps Beta has been released. Or as the Windows Live team likes to call them the Windows Live Essentials!

Everything looks smashingly great, Live Writer is as good as always. Though I wish they didn't enable all the smart quotes and other character replacements by default. I feel that'll cause some amount of grief to some people.

Live Messenger looks spiffy! But they removed the signature sound which allows me to set a sound to be played on my friend's system when I get online, I liked that feature even if I did get scared by it sometimes. Hope they put it back in as a setting that can be switched on or off.

Live Photo Gallery... works, interesting point to note is that now the autofix tries to straigthen you photo as well. Somehow I don't think that's a good idea since the problem is that the program doesn't know the intent of the photographer's angle. Or actually understands the subject being photographed.

And then there's Live Movie Maker... oh god... what have they done to the Movie Maker name? I really LIKE Movie Maker, in my opinion it's a very underappreciated program that comes with Windows. It just works! you can easier trim and create movie clips, add captions, etc. etc. You can even customize your own encoding profiles so you can make WMV files for any usage. In the name of simplification.. They've redesigned the whole UI, and basically removed everything that gave Movie Maker it's charm previously. The team mentions that the engine powering Windows Live Movie Maker is capable of great things, and I WANT to believe them, I WANT to believe that there's a program capable of being as good as the old Windows Movie Maker. In it's state right now I call attention to this old Mac vs PC ad.

If you asked me how bad does the output of Windows Live Movie Maker looks right now? It's WORSE than the PC movie being depicted in the Ad! Come on guys, make me BELIEVE that Windows Live Movie Maker works!!!

Other then Live Movie Maker, everything else in the Live Apps suite works great!

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So the new year is coming and what better way to start the year than by learning something new? There’s a Technet MSDN technology summit that’ll be happening on 15th January 2009 over at the KL Convention center. And there’ll be demos of the MS Virtualization platform, and more interesting to me would be that there’ll be sessions on AZURE, yum yum indeed.

Oh there’ll also be a demo of Windows 7 for those of you who like me haven’t bothered to acquire the preview released during PDC.

And maybe… just maybe.. and this is just ME saying this.

We *might* actually get a new Beta of Windows 7.

Just remember.. operative word here is *MIGHT*… with asterisks too!

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Here comes a NEW CHALLENGER!


So with the purchase of the Revoltech Chun Li I can safely say I'm done buying figures for the next few months. Note again how they choose to make left and right parts non symmetrical so it looks natural. Still feels weird to me!


Short posing stand once again limits off the ground moves.


This time I took my shots by using a large white colored piece of EVA foam as a backdrop, then I mounted my flash on the tripod and setup for Wireless High Speed Sync flash on my camera so at least there's a background to the photo instead of the dark void you see the last time I tried doing this. Still not perfect, so I guess the next thing is to built on actual light box or a diffuser for my flash.


And of course would a Chun Li shot be complete WITHOUT a spinning bird kick?

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# Monday, 15 December 2008

There are times where I'm still surprised at what WZ is able to do, just the other day I leave him watching the eeePC for his videos and I left it on the floor and I turn around and I see...


And I never told him that he can put the thing on his lap, and he does it himself! I guess he just saw me do it before.


He doesn't actually read the pictures, or knows how to flip the books properly. But they are a great tool for training him to understand numbers. Bring daddy book 14!


Food is one of WZ's great hobbies.


Like all kids... WZ is easily distracted and forgets one toy once he walks past another. :P


Just about 2 years old and already looking like an Ah Pek reading the newspaper.

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# Saturday, 13 December 2008

My brother's car was STOLEN this evening from his office. It looks like this.

License plate number is ABR 5698. It's such an old car you'd wonder why people would steal it? either for parts or for a heist? or maybe because it's such an old car that you don't need rear seat belts that's why they took it?

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# Monday, 08 December 2008

Since this is Christmas season now, shopping malls are now filled with the usual elaborate showpieces like this one in One Utama.


It's well.. a nice white christmas kind of decoration. So obviously mommy wants to take a pic with WZ of the thing.


But.. because of the the camera compensating for the Flash's tint the white balance is now making the background look orange instead of the white. If we use a simple autofix tool like Windows Live Photo Gallery we can make the background look white but...

DSC05477 (2)

The true color of the camera's flash is revealed. So in these situations you need some way of selectively correcting the color temperature, that's when you need to use more advanced tools like Photoshop or well... use a piece of colored gel to tint your Flash so you can balance out the colors later.

Need to ask the Semi Pro how that's done properly.

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# Sunday, 07 December 2008

The moment you get a spanking new Digital SLR is that you're going to take a LOT of pictures. Then you're going to have to sort it out and do your editing and tweaking, and then of course you're gonna want to put those pictures online. Here I just like to share how I go about with my photography workflow.

The first thing I did was to organize how pictures go into my memory card. I didn't want all the pictures I take to disappear into a single 100MSDCF folder, luckily my Sony A350 had the option of creating new folders for EACH DAY of shooting.


Not sure if this is standard among all SLRs though, but even on my point & shoot I could create multiple folders on the memory card. Anyway the setting means that my card looks like this after a trip.


So each day's photos is automatically put into it's own folder by the camera. This is a real time saver when you're on a multiday trip away from a computer.

After taking photos I come back, plug my CF card into the reader and copy the files to my PC. Instead of just opening 2 Explorer Windows and copy and pasting between them. I use Microsoft's SyncToy application, it's actually more of a tool for synchronizing files between 2 storage devices. But because you can set it up so that whatever files that are in your storage card but aren't in the master storage (ie The folder on your hard disk where you put everything) are automatically pushed to the hard disk with one simple click of a button, I choose to use it for the process of dumping images to my hard disk.


Specifically the SyncToy options that I use are to put my CF card reader as the Left folder, my hard disk pic folder as the Right folder, and set the sync mode to Contribute.

Next I use Window Live Photo Gallery to look through my pictures and perform touch ups on the pictures which I want to put online. It's no Photoshop of course, but it gets the job done for simple things like correcting white balance, and some other minor tweaks.


It's not like I need too remove a zit from someone's face! If I wanted to I can also choose to tag and catalog my photos with Windows Live Photo Gallery, but I'm not the cataloging type of person.

If I had a Windows Live Spaces or Flickr account (or any other service that provides the plugin for Live Photo Gallery) I could directly upload the picture from Live Photo Gallery itself. You might also want to check out the spanking new Windows Live Photos which gives you 25GB of storage for your pictures. But I'm not a photo album kind of person. I'm more of a blog person so I use Windows Live Writer to get my pictures up at my blog instead.


Windows Live Writer allows me to have a great editing experience for creating my blog posts, I can compose my posts offline, I have pretty much WYSIWYG results, and it supports various blog engines. But one of the things that definetly saves me time is the fact that when I insert an image in Live Writer. Not only is it able to automatically frame the picture to give it that slick look, it'll also automatically resize it to a thumbnail version, and it'll then create a link to a bigger more clearer version so your viewers can see the detailed one. This saves a lot of time for me to do it manually!

And that's it! That's the process of how my photos go from my camera to my blog.

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# Tuesday, 02 December 2008

Well.. that was relatively painless. As mentioned previous the DeepZoom Composer now comes with a DLL to handle generation of images so there’s no need to shell to a command line to create DeepZoom Images.

It’s really simple to use, if all you needed was to generate a DeepZoom’ed image all you have to do is add a reference to the DeepZoomTools.dll that’s sitting in the program directory of the DeepZoom Composer, then you write code like this.

Dim dzObj As New Microsoft.DeepZoomTools.ImageCreator
dzObj.Create("D:\inputimage.JPG", "d:\outputfolder\car.xml")

And poof.. you get a Deep Zoom image in outputfolder, this opens up the door to a lot of interesting developements, not to mention the fact that I have better control over the generation process means I can now fine tune my Deep Zoom album creator even more!

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