# Monday, 31 March 2008

The local launch event for the 2k8 suite of apps. ie. Visual Studio 2k8, Windows Server 2k8 and SQL Server 2k8. Is happening next Tuesday, register now to try and snag some nice freebies! And of course to learn more about the apps lar.

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# Sunday, 30 March 2008

WZ seems to be able to do one thing very well, maybe it's inherited... but... he pushes every damn button/switch that he can find. And grandma even thought him about DIALS!

So this little Shot Watch which calculates how many times you can press a button might be an interesting toy for him, I hope it makes noises when you press it.

He already has a lot of fun with the sound drops that I've been buying. He enjoys pressing them cause it shows him cause and effect, he pushes the button there's a sound.

Same like when he turns off the TV's main power switch, daddy screams. Cause and effect.

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After I mentioned that WZ doesn't want to wear any shoes, I had more than one recommendation of Crocs. So today I took WZ to the Croc shop at Ikano, when I wheeled him in he started pointing at all the colorful shoes.

I pulled one off the rack, and brought the shoe to WZ's foot. He retracted. I pulled the foot out and put the shoe on. WZ started to cry. Salesgirl's shining smile thinking of getting a sale? gone. Mommy's response? "shoes off now before he get's nightmares about them again!"

So... Crocs 0, WZ 1.

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# Saturday, 29 March 2008
I FINALLY got myself a DSLR, check out which one did I get after the link. You will be surprised!

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WZ got a shot for Chicken Pox a few days ago, the doctor did mention we might see a little outbreak on him.


So a few dots have sprung up on his face, but I'm not sure where they are chicken pox, or did some mosquitos just bit him in formation.

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# Thursday, 27 March 2008

Incredible what a little glass does to someone.

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# Friday, 21 March 2008

Vista SP1 is now available to the public via Windows Update or the through the regular download channels. But there seems to be some problems with certain drivers which you might need to update as mentioned in this post.

Both the U1010 and P1610 have already been updated, it's hard for me to tell if there's any significant performance increase yet, but the U1010 seems to wake up from sleep to the password screen pretty much instantly.

But the most immediate benefit was after installing Vista SP1, hard disk space got freed, I think at least 1.5GB. On my space starved system drive of the P1610, that was a god send!

[Update] I figured out why i got space during the install. Seems like all System restore points prior to the installation of SP1 has been deleted. So that explains a lot.

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# Thursday, 20 March 2008

WZ is showing evidence that he's actually understanding what we're telling him, first of all he's now able to perform the 2 step process to store a spring loaded auto deploy light.

As you can see, mommy was especially delighted that WZ was able to handle the thing. Then there's this incident, where WZ is able to retrieve wat I ask him to!

I'm sure you can figure out why the toy is given such a name when you finish the video.

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# Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A friend got me this petit Bluetooth adapter while he was having a vacation in HK.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that I'm guessing there's no industry standard on how much clearance there must be between the USB port and the casing they couldn't make the thing sit flush in the connector.


Sure it's pretty hard for something this size to snag on something but there's always a chance....

This is of course the same petit dongle you can get over at Brando's.

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# Monday, 17 March 2008

So, the previous example of using the DeepZoom feature of Silverlight 2.0 wasn't exactly great and didn't show the potential of the function. But now.. here's a better example. First of all if you don't have Silverlight 2.0 installed yet.. go install it first cause Silverlight Streaming doesn't yet properly automated the Beta's installation.

The demo is here, it'll open up in a new window. Controls are still simple cause I have no time to change the previous code, so.. Click and Drag to move around the picture, Left Click to Zoom In, Shift + Left Click to Zoom Out.

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# Sunday, 16 March 2008
My colleague came across an interesting problem with a mobile web portal he was working on. It was the typical problem description that you'd get when you work on mobile web portals, something that worked on other phones weren't working on another phone. Only thing was, the phones that failed weren't dumb low end phones, but a Nokia Series 60 N73 smartphone. I wrote down my little adventure finding the solution.. it's a full page of text so only continue if you're interested.

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# Monday, 10 March 2008

Malaysia just had it's general election last Saturday.

It was interesting to note that it's probably the first elections where the Internet played a heavy role as well as the traditional media channels and of course.. SMS propaganda. Much were flung around by supporters of both sides. How much of it is true? I have no idea, but I'm wary of any thing without proper proof from both sides.

The opposition won a lot this time around, and we're headed from some interesting times for the next 5 years, so... we'll see how lar.

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# Sunday, 09 March 2008

Here's WZ's outdoor adventure (or lack of) on video.

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Finally I got myself a small little portable 8GB thumb drive.


Only thing is that it's not really just a thumb drive but rather an 8GB Micro SDHC card.


It just amazes me that how far we have come in terms of how much we can fit into something this small now. And how low prices have got on these things.

On a nice side note, this is the FIRST SD card that I have found that supports ReadyBoost in my U1010's SD card slot. NICE!

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Here's a quick test of the nifty Silverlight 2.0 DeepZoom feature. Now if only it was better documented..

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# Saturday, 08 March 2008

Now that WZ is walking the obvious next step is to let him walk when we're outside, but the problem now is.. he starts weeping whenever we put shoes on him.


One moment he'll look ok... then the next..


He breaks down..


He's just confused as to why his feet are covered, maybe sandals instead? Grandma suggests getting something with a softer base so he can still feel that his feet are stepping on something.


He didn't take a single step for all these pictures...

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It's just something about portable speakers that attract me, like I mentioned before in my previous portable speaker review I'm more a speakers than earphone person. So... when I saw this...


The Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker, I knew I had to get it to see how well a brand name portable speaker will work compared to a simple Made In China one.

So... how well does it work? Well... not only will this pass the wedding dinner test, you'll probably get people from 3 tables away asking you to turn it down!

For power, the Orbit relies on 3 AAA batteries and can run for 24 hours according to the box. There're no indicators on the thing to show that it's on, and there are also no real switches on the speaker, you turn it on by twisting the rim. For some reason there are 2 stops between off and on at first I thought it was a setting between loud and louder, but there doesn't seem to be any different between them. Manual's no help, cause it just had pictures.. and nothing else, didn't say anything about how the switch work.


So.. compared to the no name speaker, how does the Orbit fare? Well, it's more bassy than the little guy, and of course the Orbit doesn't crack up at high volumes. But the Orbit is bigger and less convenient to carry around (depending on how big a bag you usually carry) Also, the Orbit runs on batteries while the little guy runs on a built in rechargable battery.

Both of them are very usable portable speakers, and you get your money's worth for both of them, for the mini speaker you get an affordable, compact speaker that works well. For the Orbit, you pay a higher price for it but you get a pretty loud and powerful speaker in return.

I can easily recommend either of these for your portable sound needs.

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# Friday, 07 March 2008

I mentioned it before, but I'll just say it again. The biggest problem when you provide web based solutions is when something screws up on the network backbone where your server is sitting on.

The process of proving that it's not your application, your server or your network equipment to finally pin pointing that your network provider is the cause of the problem is just nerve wrecking!

Worse still if you have your client breathing down your neck asking what's wrong, why the system is down even though we have multiple redundancies?

Well... we do have a fail over cluster... but not a remote server duplicate sitting on another network of course.

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Silverlight 2.0 has achieved Beta 1 status, with a Go Live license it means we can use it for actual sites... interesting.

And... finally there's Windows 2000 support, but on Windows 2000 the plugin only works for IE6 and not Firefox. hmmm.... can't win them all I guess, and it's better than not being able to run at all.

Time to see what I can do with this...

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# Tuesday, 04 March 2008

WZ has been pretty naugthy recently, he doesn't want to sleep at night! Whenever he wakes up at night he immediately starts bawling and wants to go out to the living room, and he cries a river if you do not comply.

This is not having a good effect on me and mommy's sleep cycle.

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