# Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Someone who I haven't talked to in a while sent me an IM saying "Hey is this you?" followed by a link to a page that looked like one of them profile shots.

I clicked on the link and what do I get? A download box asking me to download an application program.

Damn... almost got me!!

One of the things to look for in these chat bots is to see if the sender immediately goes offline after sending you the message. Cause they usually don't stick around to do so.

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# Tuesday, 29 January 2008

My main childhood plaything when I was a kid were not action figures, or remote control cars, or transforming robots. My parents won't buy me those toys, instead.. they bought me and my brother Lego sets (this is before Lego became plastic gold) Many many of my childhood days were spent with my brother piecing together our Lego sets, Space themed mostly, building our elaborate ships, playing out scenes of destruction and mayhem. Yes I had other toys, but the thing is I can still remember after all these years are the Legos and that I really really had a blast playing with them.

And today (rather yesterday 28th January 2008).. it's the 50th birthday of the Lego brick.

I can't wait to buy WZ his first Duplo set and play with him, then when I know he's old enough to handle the small pieces, daddy's going to tip the chest containing ALL of daddy's old Lego pieces on to him!

Happy Birthday Lego, thanks for a new toy every day during my childhood!

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# Sunday, 27 January 2008

Note to self, do not feed WZ anything with even small amounts of sugar like say... some kuih kepit at night. It keeps him active and hyper till VERY EARLY in the morning!

Same goes for any sort of soup that even contains any trace amounts of chinese herbs that might give him an extra ounce of energy!

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# Friday, 25 January 2008

After a few weeks of alternating between dying and coming back to life it's finally dead, customer support has been called and a visit has been scheduled... gheeezzz...

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# Thursday, 24 January 2008
A new year, a new media player... god I need to stop getting these..

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# Wednesday, 23 January 2008

It's already been one year since that fateful day. The day when the results of the genetic cloning project was revealed to me. Unfortunately, it would seem like the clone only shares some similarities to me, and thus.. is actually a mutant of what I am, so the cloning experiment was a failure.

But in all seriousness at least I know part of me is in there.

Let's see what I've learnt and found out in the past year

  • Mommy is always right, end of story. Don't get into an argument with her about the child.
  • It's amazing how many days you can go on with just 4 hours of sleep a night.
  • Babies are easily attracted to bright lights and sounds, hence... the TV, Mobile Phone, MP4 players is a great thing to use to distract them.
  • It's an art to get a stroller up and down an escalator. My advice is to always make sure you're pushing the stroller against the slope, so that you're looking at the escalator, feel it's much safe that way, just remember to constantly look behind your back if you're going down. You might want to practice a few times before actually pushing the stroller containing your child onto an escalator.
  • It's a very dangerous thing to do to push your baby on the escalator, really dangerous, one wrong move and the stroller is gonna fly down the escalator. Only do it if you don't have a choice, like if your son has a fear of going into lifts.
  • Forget about buying protection corners for your tables and other corners, by the time your baby is old enough for those corners to be a danger to him, he's old enough to rip them off! When I stopped WZ from pulling one off he bit it and then ripped it off as if it was a bottle cap on a tin can.

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# Wednesday, 16 January 2008

WZ's great grandma had a nasty fall that day and ended up with some very nasty injuries. From what I know, she has some spinal injuries and doctors required her to be warded for a few weeks. Also scans shows she has some minor blood clots in her head.

The shocker came yesterday when she started hallucinating and just totally freaked out my mother with her condition. Luckily it was just because of the pain medication she was taking, so they took her off that medication and well... she's in pain but she's aware. Can't say it's much of a consolation.

Then I found out through my mother just now that my dear old grandma called one of my aunts and kept saying "I'm going to die, I'm going to die" Needless to say my uncles who were in Ipoh rushed to the specialist centre upon receiving the news. And what they saw there was truly...

A fire broke out in the specialist centre (i'll append the name here once I get it) and they unhooked my grandma off her drip and asked her to get the heck out of there.

They asked an 80++ year old lady, who was on a drip, in pain, has spinal injuries to GET OUT OF THE BUILDING on her own power!

I understand that it's a hospital, there are probably many other critical patients they need to worry about but still... my 80++ year old grandma.. I can't believe it!

I hope her situation didn't worsen because of this, I gotta go down and see her during the weekend. Hopefully seeing WZ might cheer her up a little.

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# Tuesday, 15 January 2008

I'm living every gear owner's nightmare right now, a newly purchased appliance is fluctuating between the state of dead and not dead. And it does it without any sort of frequency or reason. So I can't claim warranty on it since the support drones would just say they find nothing wrong with it...


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# Monday, 14 January 2008

This is not really computer related, but the writers from Gizmodo took a TV BGone dongle to CES and started turning off TVs that were used in displays all over the show. Yes.. they were annoying, yes.. they shouldn't have done that, yes... they gave all the workers a VERY hard time because they did that. And yes.. here's their confession + video.

Some of the comments mentioned that Gizmodo should be banned from the next CES, at first I was thinking the same thing too, but after a while I realised that what they have actually done is point out how dangerous it is to have an unprotected, anonymous access allowed control port exposed to the public.

Guess everyone will start taping their IR ports shut during exhibitions now.

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# Sunday, 13 January 2008
So.. you got an unlimited 3.5G or HSDPA connection, and you're asking yourself wouldn't it be great to be able to watch stuff you have back on your home PC while you're away from it? Here's a suggestion on how to do that.. though it might not be a very good one.

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# Thursday, 10 January 2008

As evident from this video, WZ has pretty much figured out that crying=things go his way of course I'm not one to give in that easily to what he wants.

An interesting thing to note is the buttoned shirt that WZ is wearing as a jacket, that's hand made by his 80+ year old great grand mother! It seems that shirts like that are quite in demand by the older generation because one time in One Utama this old lady sprinted across the shopping mall just to ask if the shirt WZ was wearing was handmade or bought. And she seemed pretty disappointed when I said it was handmade.

My father says I shouldn't do swing WZ so high, mommy says WZ gets scared when I do this... he looks like he enjoying it.

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# Tuesday, 08 January 2008

KFC isn't alone in the bastardization of their food, here's McDonald's contribution to making you hate them.


This year they decided to put the burger in a cardboard box, along with a sheet of err... was paper? What a BIG mistake!! The prosperity burger is a dirty burger, it leaks, it drips, and it doesn't help that during preparation they get the pepper sauce all over the bun.

The full paper wrap made it a much easier burger to eat than it is now.

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# Sunday, 06 January 2008

Pretty much the only reason I eat KFC is because its close to my office, so let's see what they have introduced recently. The Triple XL Burger.


Let's see now.. what does it LOOK like it contains.. TWO zinger patties, lettuce, 2 slices of cheese, and 2 tomatoes.


And this is what the sorry thing looks like for real. It has strips of lettuce, A piece of cheese, handily sliced into 2 triangles, ONE zinger burger patty sliced into 2 pieces, and 2 tomatoes.

For big appetites? PATHETIC!

Even KFC themselves are subtly telling people what to say about their quality.


These are hanging from the ceiling. So I guess that's the image which KFC wants to project to people.

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What a way to start the year... with my website down for almost a week, check out the post to see what happenned.

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Finally, after almost a WEEK my site is back online.... I'll post more about this outage later, now I just want to get some sleep.

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