# Friday, 31 August 2007

Since Grandma is with WZ for the longest, she is pretty much the primary source of basic education for WZ. And here's what she has thought WZ to do recently.

As you can see even though he knows how to slide off the bed (if he feels one leg has caught air already, he doesn't know how to turn into the fall himself yet) He doesn't know how to stand yet. And he gets pretty excited whenever he hits the ground!

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# Tuesday, 28 August 2007
So? What was my sin that I was talking about? Read more to find out from the longest post I've posted.

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# Friday, 24 August 2007

Aaaaa.. the object of my gadget lust has been shipped... hmmm supposedly 2~3 days delivery time so it should get here around wed I guess.

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# Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Damn.. WZ is just HEAVY nowadays.. my arm feels like it's going to break after holding him for 15 mins.

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This is just something that seem to be causing confusion among some people. When MS came out with the four new components to the .Net Framework which are.. Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Cardspace. I'm guessing they didn't want to give it a spiffy name like ".Net Advanced Features Pack" but they couldn't exactly just slip it into the 2.0 framework then called it .Net 2.5 (cause usually a point release doesn't come with new features... I think)

So they decided to call the new modules the .Net Framework 3.0, and I was fine with that.

Until now when a client is telling me that they want me to upgrade an old application written in 1.1 to 3.0. I keep telling them that they are not using 3.0 bits in the program, but they keep telling me that the MS consultant that talked to them recommended them to use the latest version of the framework and not use a product at the end of their lifecycle (ie. .Net 2.0 in this case)

I wonder if the guy knows that because .Net 2.0 is included in Windows Vista support will last as long as Windows Vista is supported (if i remember how that's calculated) in this case.. 12th April 2011 so how the heck does a 4 year lifespan make .Net 2.0 an end of lifecycle product?

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# Monday, 20 August 2007

Oh god... what have I done!!! In a moment of weakness I lost it, and I sinned!!! What was my sin? LUST!!! Lust for that which is gadgetry!!!

Well.. let's hope that the package gets here safely in about a week, and also that I don't regret getting my decision.

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# Sunday, 19 August 2007

I already know his time was coming, he already showed symptoms of death late last year but still he soldiered on completing his work as if everything was all ok. But today.. August 19th 2007, he couldn't go on anymore and he just gave up... Today after being with me for about 4 years, my Toshiba M200's HDD gave up the ghost.


I saw this coming a while back as early as December last year, that's why I choose to get a new laptop knowing that the M200's stability was compromised.

And.. wow.. it held on for so long.. ok.. time for me to get a new hard disk then.

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# Saturday, 18 August 2007

Wow.. after a scathing review on the iPhone, someone who supposedlly is a friend of Apple. DDOS'ed the Mobile-Review.Com site. Now the administrator of Mobile-Review is actually offering a reward for finding the culprits.

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I still can't let him actually play with the thing himself, since the only form of interaction he knows is to attempt to eat it, and I can't let him try to eat something that's that furry. Need to watch out for anything that might cause asthma or something.

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# Friday, 17 August 2007

So now.. little WZ is locked in a crib.


So now instead of sleeping in the nice big bed, he's locked in a small little crib. And that seems to be affecting him a bit, cause now not only does he cry when he wakes up at night. He SHRIEKS!!! And another thing...


The crib wall isn't high enough!!! Look at him!! His elbows can go over the crib fence!!! I'm gonna have to lower the bed to the last height position before he actually drops out.

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# Thursday, 16 August 2007

There are some schools of thought that say you shouldn't clog your blog with too many post which people aren't interested in. Hmmm... considering I don't know what people aren't interested in, I'm just gonna keep posting all kinds of shit. So here's WZ chowing down on some goo!

And then here's WZ trying to blow bubbles.

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I can still remember taking this picture about 6 months ago.

And look where he is today..

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# Wednesday, 15 August 2007

So you want to be a programmer? Or more importantly you want to be a GOOD programmer! I'm sure there must be lots of articles out there on the Internet about what makes a good programmer. But I thought.. what the heck, let me put in my 2 cents as well.

This is all my opinion only, and it's definetly not THE final word on what skills and attributes a good programmer should have. So let's start with the most important attribute every programmer should have :-


Just like any other job, and most importantly like any other occupation where something is created out of nothing. You must be PASSIONATE about what you're doing. If you don't derive any amount of satisfaction or joy from your job, you stop caring about doing your best and start over looking solutions that are staring at you in your face.


You might be wondering of course I can read, how else can I be reading this? I'm referring to the ability to read and understand the error messages that are throw out by the compiler or the runtime that your programming language uses. I've been in countless situations where I'm asked what is wrong with a person's code when the solution to their problems is right there staring at them in the face. Take an effort to read the error messages properly and then when you solve the problem remember the situation that caused the error in the first place so you can avoid making the same mistake again.

It's OK To Make Mistakes

Nobody's perfect, it's ok if you made a mistake while your coding. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but always learn from them so you don't make the same mistake again. I have seen people who are just plain worried about hitting the RUN button cause they're afraid that their code wouldn't work. This rule only applies if you're not doing stuff on a production system when important client data is stored, in such cases IT'S DEFINETLY NOT OK TO MAKE MISTAKES!


I'm always amazed at the fact that they just don't seem to teach students how to use the various debugging tools which are at their disposal. Most of the freshies I've soon have never set a breakpoint, or used a debugging window before. If you're studying programming right now, do yourself a favor and go Google Setting A Breakpoint. Once you know how to debug, you're on your way to being a better programmer.

And that's it for now, stay tuned for more on this TAG!

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# Monday, 13 August 2007

I want to get a UMPC, I have my eyes pretty much set on the Fujitsu U1010 right now. It's a nice size.. I love the convertible clamshell form factor. I never really considered the HTC Shift because I didn't see anything special from it, other than the fact that it probably costs a bomb!

But recently a video review has surfaced and it revealed a very interesting feature, the HTC Shift has a Pocket PC side to it! It's a dual processor device, so you can either boot into Vista, or switch over to the ever ready Pocket PC OS. Cool!!!

Unfortunately... having a feature like this would just increase the price of the Shift EVEN MORE! I'm just gonna keep dreaming about the U1010 then.

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This is why he is now locked in a crib instead of the bed.

Monday, 13 August 2007 22:12:33 (Malay Peninsula Standard Time, UTC+08:00)  #    Comments [0]  | 

Can't believe I missed this last week. 2 updates have been released for Windows Vista which you should probably install ASAP. The updates haven't been pushed to Windows Update yet so that's why you still don't see it in the update list. They are:-

  • Performance And Reliability Update :- Fixes some performances issues, most importantly on the list of fixes... When you copy or move a large file, the "estimated time remaining" takes a long time to be calculated and displayed. Oh THANK GOD!!! Installed and tried this already, seem to be doing it's job properly. But... on my PC a little QUIRK happened... EVERY account I had on the system seem to have been duplicated, so at first I had 2 accounts on my login screen but now I have 2 of EACH account. I think it has something to do with my fingerprint reader cause the additional accounts seem to be grouped under an Other Credentials button in the login screen. Not to mention in my users list on my PC it still just shows 2 users only. This quirk didn't happen on my colleague's PC which didn't have an additional form of login authentication, ie. A Fingerprint reader.
  • Compatibility And Reliability Update :- This seem to fix compatibility problems with other programs, haven't tried this yet. Can't say I've run into any of the problems listed though.

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One of my new year's resolutions when I started the year was that I will not start 2008 saying I should have been a better father.

I've failed that resolution today, I was careless, while answering a phone I forgot about WZ and allowed him to fall down a flight of stairs.... in his WALKER! He seems to be ok, other than having a bruised cheek, and he seems to have a bruise on the side of his head as well (although I keep thinking that's a trick of the light) He doesn't seem to have suffered any broken bones, could still walk and crawl after the incident. Eat... sleep.. could still make logical choices, choosing a 360 controller over a chew toy... and then proceeded to chew on the controller.

I blame myself for allowing him to fall down the stairs, but I also blame the mofo who called me to delay a meeting which because I was rushing for I put WZ in the walker in the FIRST place!

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# Saturday, 11 August 2007
Our local TV station, TV3 recently did a piece on the urban myth of notebook detectors, basically a device that's able to detect if you have a notebook in your car or not. A transcript of the segment is here, but it's in Bahasa Malaysia so if you're not from around here I guess it's gibberish to you. Read on for a quick look at what the article mentions.

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# Friday, 10 August 2007

I shut off the alarm that was blaring with all it's might to wake me up. It was a long night so I sat up on the bed trying to collect myself. My eye lids were still heavy, my vision blury, I rubbed my eyes a bit.




SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!! Mommy springs up from the bed and rushes to the foot of the bed and picks up WZ who was sobbing on the floor.

All this happened over the course of 3 seconds, when I heard the splat my first instinct was to look on the floor to make sure WZ wasn't where I'd put my feet to get down, my 2nd was to collect my glasses. But before I could do any of that mommy had already swooped down and picked up WZ.

Who was now sleeping in mommy's arms....

We inspect his head but.. there was a graze to indicate friction, but no bruise to indicate impact. And he had a blanket wrapped around him to keep him warm so that cushioned the fall somewhat.

How did he get out? Well the following picture sequence provides a clue.


Fact one.. WZ is able to move on the bed at pretty high speeds.


Fact two.. when he hits the side fence he starts flailing his arms madly and sometimes is able to catch the rim of the fence with BOTH hands. Then he's able to prop himself up.


Fact three.. since he only goes forwards, the only place for him to go is just down... to ouch land!

Now we've just bought a little cot to lock the little bugger in.

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# Thursday, 09 August 2007

A few of my friend's on Live Messenger has been sending files to me with messages like

  • Check out my cool pictures.
  • This is me drinking juice.
  • Oh my god I look so h**** (cause I don't want people to come here looking for porn again... DAMN!)

And then there'll also be a file sent along as well.

Come on guys.. this is OBVIOUSLY a trojan! Why the heck would you go download and open a file like this? All you needed to do was to just ask your friend did he actually send the message!

Now... time to scan your system for the remains of the trojan attack.

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# Sunday, 05 August 2007

I want the page to load in 5 seconds.

That's one of the scariest requirements your client can give to you for a web application. Cause the main thing is... WHERE are you going to count the 5 seconds?

From the server? so you get 5 seconds of processing for the page?
From the client's office? but then how would you account for any proxy problems, or other network connection issues inside their office, say maybe some colleagues are downloading stuff through BT or something?
What if their ISP just isn't able to give them such performance?

Therefore I would prefer if they asked that the page has content loaded within 15 seconds, not including the other parts of the page say images, scripts, etc. etc.

But... it's always hard to convince them that the internet isn't magic and they can't expect the page to load THAT fast!

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# Saturday, 04 August 2007

Coming back from a meeting yesterday, I was lost in thought on where to go next. Do I go to another client's offsite location to supervise a situation? Or do I go back to the office to plan what to do next? I snapped back to reality just in time to see a Toll gate closing down RIGHT IN FRONT of me!

I slammed on the brakes like what any other person who just realized he was about to smash through a toll gate. NOT FAST ENOUGH THOUGH! My wheels locked, the car skidded a bit and smashed into the toll gate. From the force of the impact the toll gate swung from a 9'O clock position to a 12'O clock position.

I reversed back to the toll booth, the operator looked at me wide eye and asked me what the fark was my problem? I told her nicely that it was an accident, I paid the toll and drove off.

This morning, on the advice of a friend I called the toll operator to see if they'd file a police report about the accident or not. After being given the run around in their automated telephone directory system I was finally talking to a real person. I told the guy I've got a problem... I accidentally bumped one of your toll gates yesterday and I want to know if everything's ok? The guy's response? "Oh.. it's not a problem, is your car ok sir? It is? That's good to hear sir, have a nice day!"

And with that call.. I'm in a much more calmer state, but I still need a vacation or I think I'm gonna go crazy!

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# Friday, 03 August 2007

This is not how I want to find out that my mosquito zapper bat hasn't been killing mosquitos.


Look at all the marks!

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As I stated before in my post about Citibank's INSANE security features, sometimes being TOO secure just ends up frustrating the users. Here's another example of security that *might* be a bit too much.

A Silverlight plugin is able to go into fullscreen mode and basically fully takeover the display of your system. Therefore in order to ensure that people aren't able to easily spoof you  into thinking you're actually visiting your bank's website or anything like that... well I'll just paste the paragraph from the docs.

Once a Silverlight plugin is displayed in full-screen mode, keyboard events are prevented from being passed on to keyboard event handlers in the application. The only valid keyboard input that is acted upon is the set of keystrokes that return the Silverlight plugin to embedded mode. This limitation of keyboard input during full-screen mode is a security feature, and is intended to minimize the possibility of unintended information being entered by a user.

In english it basically means that when the Silverlight plugin is in fullscreen mode, all keyboard input is disabled. Drastic? YES. The scary part about this is that, I actually think it's a GOOD idea, cause it basically means the user won't be presented with a screen where they think they're logging into the bank and then just merrily key in their username and password.

Yes, they could just present the user with a soft keyboard but hopefully the user's are smart enough to realise that they keyboard isn't working at all so something must be up.

Would you rather there be a constant watermark when Silverlight is in fullscreen mode to tell people they're viewing a plugin and not their actual desktop?

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# Thursday, 02 August 2007

Today after I came back from work as a fugitive my mother told me something that just added to my problems.

She heard WZ crying through the baby monitor and thus ran into the room and saw... NOTHING on the bed. But she could hear WZ crying, she got down on the floor and found WZ sulking UNDER the bed. Yup.. WZ fell OUT of the bed. Strange thing was that there were no marks on his body indicating how he fell off.

At night just night while I played with WZ on the bed I noticed that if he timed his flailing of his arms properly he'd catch the edges of the bed railing and thus be able to push himself over the railing and onto FREEDOM!!! Freedom followed by a fall to the concrete floor below that is....

Shit.... I don't need this right now!!

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Oh god... now I've done it!!! I'm now a fugitive on the run, running from a most heinous crime!! My friend recommends that I go turn myself in or face the consequences.


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