# Saturday, 03 May 2014

Due to size or cost constraints, there're quite a few 8" Windows Tablets which don't posses a video out port, the only video out solution then is to either use a USB to video dongle, or to use Miracast to transmit to a receiver, here's what happened when I tried to test these two methods out.

First I try out a USB 3.0 to HDMI Dongle.

Then I try out using Miracast.

And here's what happened when I tried to use the USB 3.0 to HDMI Dongle on the Dell Venue Pro which didn't seem to be able to supply enough power!

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# Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I was always a little bit fascinated with 'action cameras' like the GoPro, not because I envision dreams of strapping a camera to myself while doing extreme sports. But rather the fact that it's a small yet pretty high quality camera. And I finally picked one up myself... but NOT a GoPro, rather a Sony Action Camera AS100... yeah.. another Sony... Check out the review followed by some sample videos!

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# Thursday, 17 April 2014

I didn't really believed much in ergonomic keyboards when I first saw them with their weird curves and slopes. Then when I finally bought my first ergonomic keyboard and watched my typing rate plummet I was ready to write them off... until I got better. Better being I got better at typing, while I could type fast previously thanks to a ridiculous amount of time spent in The Typing Of The Dead when I was young I still weren't very good in recognizing which fingers should hit which keys. The slope and space of an ergonomic keyboard forced me to learn to position my fingers properly and thus I was a better typist. And also my wrist felt less stressed after a whole day of typing, it was amazing. So now I'm no longer skeptical of ergonomic keyboards, and I embrace them fully.

And here's my latest keyboard : The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop.

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Nerf released a new line of guns a while back, called the MEGA. What's special about this new line is that the dart is MEGA sized, how MEGA? It's as big as a 7 seven year old's eye!

The Nerf MEGA Magnus is like the Magnum of this line, Nerf definetly seem to have been going for a large unapologetic hand canon aesthetic when they made this!

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# Monday, 07 April 2014

I bought a sports camera... or POV cam... or whatever you call these things which are like the Go Pro! Specifically I bought the Sony Action Camera AS100, once again I bought ANOTHER Sony camera... why DO I keep doing this?

Anyway, my main reason of choosing the AS100 instead of the Go Pro was that most reviews point to the fact that the previous AS30 model had much better audio pick up, which is something which I need. Now prepping some tests and reviews, but in the mean time do check out the initial videos I've made.

And here's a quick test of the high speed recording mode.

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