# Saturday, 20 July 2013

I recently dove back into PC Gaming, there were 2 main factors that influenced this decision.

First of all was the XBOX One was announced to have some severely crippling controls that would spell certain doom for parallel import players like me, and even though they decided to revert back to the current XBOX 360 control model, I can’t help but be slightly shaken by that.

Secondly was The Walking Dead, when I bought the Humble Bundle for Telltale games SPECIFICALLY to get The Walking Dead, I didn’t realize that it was Steam ONLY. Therefore I had to go back to using my dormant Steam account, one thing lead to another and I ended up with some more games in my Steam account.

So here’s what I feel so far after a few months of PC gaming.

The Good!

Cheaper Games! If you’re not chasing to play games immediately on their launch date, you most likely can get it cheaper after a few months, most likely on Steam. But a good site to keep tabs on stuff is through CheapShark.

More Variety! There’s a nice thriving Indie game scene on the PC, you’ll be able to find a lot of strange, quirky, and possibly entertaining games to play. But these games are not without their problems, for one thing, some of them might lack a lot of the iterated polish you’ll see in a proper retail game, this might make the game very unfriendly to newbie players or casual gamers who are not familiar with typical gaming tropes. One of the worst problems you might find if you’re unfamiliar with this is ending up buying a game that’s partially complete in which the developer swears they’ll constantly work on and improve it, you just gotta give them some faith and time. I’m not saying this is a BAD thing, but this might give the wrong idea to people unfamiliar with such a concept.

XBOX 360 Controller Support! The gold standard for a controller, thankfully most of the PC developers realize that they need to support the XBOX 360 controller which makes it much more comfortable in most scenarios. If you’re going to game on a keyboard though, it’d be highly recommended that you go for a keyboard which allows you to press multiple keys at a time since most normal keyboards will only detect about 3 or 4 simultaneous key presses.

The Bad!

Hardware Compatibility/Peformance Problems! While this is much less of an issue than it was a few years back, one thing that you must always be aware of when playing PC games is hardware compatibility and performance issues. At times you might run up with issues where games might not work properly because of certain hardware configuration in your PC, or maybe there’re some driver issues, or maybe it’s just your processor. Unlike a console you can’t just start a game and hope that it works perfectly all the time, you must be prepared to search for solutions and maybe even get your hands dirty to hack at some system settings just to get it to work. And most importantly, please don’t expect ANY system to be able to play ANY game, if your PC wasn’t spec’ed for game playing purposes you most likely won’t be able to deal with most big name titles.

The Ugly

Region Lock! I always thought that the PC gaming world was a free market, and yet the other day I was meant with a message from Steam saying I couldn’t enjoy the super cheap offer on Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition because the offer was not for my region..

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# Tuesday, 16 July 2013
So I just watched Pacific Rim…. my god what silly show. What follows is gonna be my rants about the movie, so if you haven’t watched it yet there’s a lot of spoilers incoming!

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# Saturday, 06 July 2013

So your website requires an additional ActiveX control to work, no shame in that it’s not like HTML5 is perfect or that every browser has implemented all the features which everyone is dreaming of. You just need to do one small little change to your webpage so that Windows 8 users who are using Internet Explorer 10 in Metro/Modern/Windows UI mode will be informed that they need to view the site in the desktop IE because ActiveX controls only work in desktop mode.

It’s a simple change, just add this line to the HEAD section of your webpage.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="requiresActiveX=true" />

While the name of the tag contains the word ActiveX, this holds true for ANY kind of browser plugin other than Flash which will only work in IE10 desktop mode under Windows 8.

For more details about this switch you can refer to this document.

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# Wednesday, 03 July 2013

“The site isn’t working with Internet Explorer 10!!!” yells my client through the IM window, to which I gave a WTF expression since I developed it under IE10 and it worked beautifully.

Wondering what kind of problem it could be I got him to open up a remote session so I could see what the problem was, sure enough the site was a mess, layouts were wrong, backgrounds were missing, it was as if the browser forgotten to download a few CSS files, so I hit F12 to bring up the developer tools and then I saw the problem.


For some reason his IE10 was in IE7 mode, which was outside of the support scope of the project (Thankfully!). So I switched it back to IE10, and everything looked and worked fine again.

So if someone is complaining that the site looks and works horribly in IE10 when it shouldn’t be, you might want to check if any of these compatibility settings are in effect!

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# Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I was having some problems getting audio out from my ATI 5700’s HDMI port. While a friend suggested that I do a clean install of the ATI Catalyst drivers, a final search before doing that revealed that I might just need to install the ATI HDMI Audio Device drivers from the Realtek website


Go to the website above, click on the High Definition Audio Codecs link, answer YES to the EULA, then find the ATI HDMI Audio Device file from the list.

After installing the driver, I was able to finally get audio piping through the HDMI connection!

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