# Saturday, 26 January 2013

Learnt of this 2D map editor tool called Ogom Editor, saved me a ton of time of coming up with something of my own design! Highly recommended


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# Sunday, 20 January 2013

There was a grid of blocks, a purple square and an orange square.


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# Monday, 31 December 2012

Let me just drop another quick post regarding the Acer W510. This time with regards on how the batteries seem to work. If you bought the version with the keyboard, there's an additional battery inside of it which would extend the total running time of the W510 to > 10 hours.

At first I thought it would do so by letting the keyboard's battery charge the tablet's battery, but according to the information shown by Windows that wasn't the case.

To Windows, there are two batteries running in parallel to help distribute the current load on the batteries. While I found this to be a bit surprising I didn't think too much of it until I realized that if the tablet's battery was already flat the keyboard can't be use to help top up the tablet's battery so it can be used independently again. This was a bummer after I realized that... until I figured out an interesting quirk...

The keyboard WILL charge the tablet if the tablet is COMPLETELY OFF. Here's a video explaining the quirk.

So to recap,

  1. Shut down Windows
  2. Wait for shut down to complete, you can tell when the thing stops rumbling when you press the Windows key on the tablet.
  3. Plug the tablet into the keyboard
  4. See charge light appear!

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# Tuesday, 25 December 2012

For the past year, every few months, this appears in one of the plants in front of my house.


I seriously have no idea why they choose our house for it, but they've been back more than once already! Today evening my wife mentioned to me that the parent birds were busy chirping and flying around in the foyer. Upon closer inspection we realized that a little baby bird was on the ground trying to fly. We didn't pay much attention to them lest we interrupted their circle of life moment until after a while I noticed that one of the parent birds was constantly peering into the storm drain near the foyer.

The storm drain is covered, but there was a small crack on it. Fearing the worst I lifted the heavy slab of concrete covering the drain, to be greeted by the butt of the little bird peering inside the storm pipe. I still didn't want to interrupt their lesson so I left the cover open and see what the parents would do.

They didn't do much, at one point one of the birds seem like they wanted to entice the little one out with food.


It was then I decided that I'll screw with the chain of natural selection and scoped the little bird out of the pipe and put it on the ground near it's nest. I think the parental birds approved...


While I was moving the baby bird I had a chance to take a closer shot of it.


For those who'd like an EXTRA close look at it here's a Zoom.It version of the original photo.

Eventually the little bird ended up back in the foyer on a shoe.


The 'training regime' was interesting to see. Basically one bird was closer to the baby bird.


And repeatedly flew and hovered in front of the baby bird and eventually baby would try it a few times. Meanwhile, the other parent bird would stand as overwatch. Probably keeping an eye out for predators.


They basically kept doing this.

Guess it worked, since the birds were gone when I came back from dinner. Now there's ONE more little chick left in the nest..

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# Monday, 17 December 2012

I just got myself an Acer W510, while an actual review will be incoming later a quick tip for anyone considering it. The Acer W510 doesn't have a full sized USB port on the tablet. It has a Micro USB sized port in which you plug in a Micro USB to USB socket cable so you can get a full USB port.


This was actually one of the things which made me pause a bit when considering the W510, mainly because I was worried that this was some funky overpriced Acer cable which you could only buy from Acer. Luckily at the shop I was buying it from had a rack full of plain olde USB Micro to Socket cables. I'm not sure if these are wired for USB OTG or not since it's not mentioned on packaging but after plugging in.. it worked!


Since this is some brand X cable, this should mean that Acer didn't fudge up the port and you should be able to just buy a simple cable anywhere to replace or act as backup. I myself am planning to get this.

PS : The Acer W510 DOES come with one of these cables in the box in case you're wondering.

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