# Saturday, 05 June 2010

I just attended the Sony NEX Micro Four Thirds camera launch, and as I watched the person doing the main product launch I came to the realization that if ever I attend another even like this, I need to bring along the video camera to record any mess ups.


First of all, Mr Product Manager (sorry, don't remember your name, not a real journalist you see) did the number one mistake of reading the contents of the slide EXACTLY without any additional explanation. While that can be slightly excused due to standard presentation template dribble. The 2nd snafu came when they talked about the NEX's Sweep Panorama feature.

It's a really cool feature, in order to take panorama pics instead of snaping multiple photos, you just hold on to the shutter button and sweep the camera from left to right. VERY VERY COOL and NIFTY! Then MR PM PROUDLY boasted that you can take 3D PANORAMA PICTURES! While that's a cool thing to note I remembered reading about it here that the tech is not ready yet. Sure enough after a LOUD proclaimation of 3D Panorama Support, MR PM followed up with a more subdued and quieter statement that you'll be able to take such 3D Panoramas after downloading a firmware update.

BUT.... Mr PM again proclaimed that the 3D pictures that were being shown in the demo pavilion as seen below.


Are ACTUAL SHOTS TAKEN BY THE SONY NEX! It's obvious that Mr PM didn't actually go through all the demo material that's used in his show if not he would have noticed this message that's played in front of the 3D loop.


This is not the first time I caught a Sony FAIL. I wonder if I'll have any more chances?

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# Tuesday, 01 June 2010

My main desktop workhorse PC was having a weird problem. After leaving it idle for a while, Windows Explorer wouldn't respond until I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up task manager and then it'd behave properly. And for a few days I couldn't figure out what was wrong, I didn't install anything on the system, I wonder if it was a virus or trojan that sneaked in from the other PCs.

Then... just now.. I saw IT.. the SCROLL FORWARD button on the wireless mouse had caved in, most probably due to the fact that WZ or mommy kicks it off the sofa every now and then. I pried the button back out, then did a test by holding the the button. Yup... when the button was held down, Windows Explorer just stops responding.

So... WHY was I experiencing the problem only AFTER the system went idle? I have this theory. On idle without movement, the mouse shuts down then when I wake it up by moving the mouse it sends the FORWARD BUTTON down message constantly to the PC, and when I pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring out the task manager it killed the message being sent to Explorer and thus I regained control.

Hard to believe one stupid button caused so much problems.

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# Sunday, 30 May 2010

Why beat around the bush? I picked up yet another piece in my ever growing list of foam weaponry. Behold the Nerf Deploy!


Where's the trigger on the thing? Well that's where the DEPLOY bit in the name comes in, one push of a button on top of the carrying handle followed by a loud POP of springs getting their tensions released.


And you get a more traditional looking gun. And that's pretty much it's only trick, being collapsible to make it a bit easier to store and carry around. What can I say? I really like spring activated transformation features!

Ok, so I lied, the Deploy has one more feature bullet point on it's box.


It has a red LED flashlite. Yes I said lite not light cause... well... you won't be looking at total darkness when you use it but... couldn't they have put in something a whee bit stronger? Oh yeah.. what am I saying... it's a kid's toy you don't want to put a tactical capable light on it.

Performance wise, well... feels like your typical Nerf gun. Get's the job done spiting out darts to hit your son across the room. It uses the Clip system so if you're feel like it you can just use the drum magazine of the Raider with the Deploy.

I do have one gripe about the Deploy thought and that's with regards to the grip.


The problem here is that because the grip (and ONLY the grip, not the trigger) needs to be collapsible in the compact mode as such.


It's not one rigid piece attached to the frame, so holding on to the gun with only the grip just feels loose and well.. I do have a fear that it might actually break if it undergoes too much stress. :P

Can't say I recommend this to anyone just looking for a Nerf gun to shoot with, it's pretty... normal. And there are other cheaper alternative in that category.

But if you like seeing spring loaded toys deploy....

By all means then!

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# Friday, 28 May 2010
Well well, look at you. You've just picked up a touch enabled Windows 7 PC like the Lenovo S10-3T or the Fujitsu UH900. What's that you say? Windows 7 doesn't feel like it's very touch friendly? Well that's because you need to do a little tweaking so that Windows 7 touch works FOR YOU PERSONALLY. This is a topic I wanted to write about for a long time and I'm glad I finally got around to doing it. So without further ado, here's a little guide on how you can optimize your touch enabled Windows 7 PC to get more out of your investment. Find a nice comfy place to sit down and read this guide because it's a long one!

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# Wednesday, 26 May 2010
  • EPIC battles where EPIC means screen full of enemies which die when the prince sneezes on them.
  • Lock the camera angle so that the player can’t actually survey the surroundings and figure out how to best make a run, making the player rely on the ‘oopss… rewind’ instead.
  • Lock the camera angle at weird positions causing jumps to missed, traps to be hit, etc. etc.
  • In the final battle with the big boss with cheesy health sapping attacks, make the player UNABLE to rewind time so that when they die they have to find the big guy from the beginning again.

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