# Friday, 28 May 2010
Well well, look at you. You've just picked up a touch enabled Windows 7 PC like the Lenovo S10-3T or the Fujitsu UH900. What's that you say? Windows 7 doesn't feel like it's very touch friendly? Well that's because you need to do a little tweaking so that Windows 7 touch works FOR YOU PERSONALLY. This is a topic I wanted to write about for a long time and I'm glad I finally got around to doing it. So without further ado, here's a little guide on how you can optimize your touch enabled Windows 7 PC to get more out of your investment. Find a nice comfy place to sit down and read this guide because it's a long one!

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# Wednesday, 26 May 2010
  • EPIC battles where EPIC means screen full of enemies which die when the prince sneezes on them.
  • Lock the camera angle so that the player can’t actually survey the surroundings and figure out how to best make a run, making the player rely on the ‘oopss… rewind’ instead.
  • Lock the camera angle at weird positions causing jumps to missed, traps to be hit, etc. etc.
  • In the final battle with the big boss with cheesy health sapping attacks, make the player UNABLE to rewind time so that when they die they have to find the big guy from the beginning again.

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# Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ahhh.. the new Prince Of Persia : The Forgotten Sands. It's still the same POP game with lots of cool jumping and platforming sequences. But the fighting.. *gah*... the fighting... the first time I saw 20 sand creatures pop up all over me and I just kill them but flailing my sword around madly I remembered the quote of the developer in one of the trailers. "We wanted to make fighting more exciting again!" Gheeezz.. trying to make it Prince Of Persia Musuo DOESN'T make fighting better!

And of course, the main question I ask myself whenever I play any PoP game except for the previous Prince Of Persia 2008 is how the HECK did they get around BEFORE the city was destoyed and in ruins? The whole architecture and design of the place DOESN'T FUNCTION in the normal sense. You have pressure plates on the walls, monkey bar switches 2 stories high that needs an off the wall jump to work. It makes it feel as if EVERYONE in the PoP universe can do what you do.

In the 2008 PoP you can see that the city is in ruins, and the switches and stuff were generally in proper logical places. And when asked "How DID you get around this place?" Elika tells you the obvious that before the city was decayed and ruined there were actual walkways and paths.

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# Monday, 03 May 2010

So after Facebook comment integration. Now I've got Twitter integration. At least I hope I have. This is going to be the post I test it on!

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Intending to use the Hard Disk internally in his notebook. One of my colleagues cracked open his 1TB Western Digital Essentials USB drive and was greeted by this.


WD didn't just stick a simple 2.5" SATA drive onto a SATA to USB board and then put it in a case. WD CUSTOM MADE a hard drive interface board that has said SATA to USB functionality included. So there's no SATA port on this hard drive and thus sales of this external drive won't cut into sales of their actual notebook drives since you can't just easily rip apart an external drive and use it in your notebook.

Even if this thing had a normal SATA connector. This 1TB drive is thicker than a standard notebook drive and wouldn't fit in a standard slot anyway!

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