# Thursday, 25 February 2010

So I went to look at some lights in the shape of trees in Shah Alam I-City, I wouldn't exactly say it was a fun experience. First of all when we got there we had the choice to park in 2 places, illegally on the road shoulder of a 4 lane highway opposite the park where said trees are, or in a large deep car park where you need to walk a bit before you can get back topside to where the fun is.

Walking isn't usually a problem but when kids and old people are involved, you could see those kind of people just worn out and sitting on the streets. This was definitely NOT meant to be a tourist spot. There were some parking near the park area.


But if you tried to park in these parking, someone resembling these guys will descend upon you.


And tell you that you can't park in the parking. I wonder why since no one is using the spots at night anyway not like we're taking spots away from the tenants. Then one of them reminded me that "This is private property, you come into my house, you abide by my rules" Well said I-City, I'll remember that.

So what can you see over at I-City? You're going there to see stuff like this.


LED Lights. Tons and tons of LED lights.


Some will be drapped over wireframes to form some interesting shapes.


Then there are some that are just hung around.


Hmmm.. maybe that's why they wanted to keep the parking empty? But then again there're many spots outside of this scenic shot.

And of course you get to see these.


These darn LED trees.


While they might look like real trees decorated with lights


They're not. So we're not looking at some meticulously decorated tree here. These are essentially glorified LAMP POSTS. But I guess it's ok that they are fake trees cause I felt a lot of heat coming from such a huge concentration of lights. (Then again it could have just been the weather.)

Nothing particularly outstanding, but I guess since they don't charge any entrance fee other than having you walk around a lot. And it is closer than FGS from PJ. So... if you have the time... why not?


The shot you see above contains about 1/3 of what there is to see over there.

Oh.. point to note for all you budding photographers going to all these light shows and trying to take shots of the lights. While a slow shutter speed will help you get nice pictures of lights, if you need to take pictures of people standing in front of lights like this.


Read your manual and figure out how to turn on rear sync flash, or night scene mode. So that you don't end up killing the effect of the lights with your flash and having your significant other go "DEE SLR also cannot take nice light picture one geh?"

Of course, if your camera can manage a high ISO shot. You can retain the multi color lit ambience of the trees.


I'm not teaching you how to take photos here, I'm just letting you know you should familiarize yourself with your gear for tricky shots like this. Lest your partner keep reminding you that your expensive camera can't take nice pictures.


OK.... I think I'm ready to go to FGS Dong Zen on Friday night then.

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# Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I had one hell of a night yesterday, first of all at around 1AM I saw a very pissed off wife run outside the house. For those unfamiliar with Chinese customs 22nd Feb was the night where some special prayers would be done by some chinese.

And someone in our neighbourhood were launching thunderclaps NON STOP from 12AM to 1AM, and everytime one of those thing’s screeched through the sky, it’d wake up the dog behind my house, and more importantly it’d woke up my wife. So instead of letting her go postal on the people I decided to take it upon myself to find the source of the disturbance and take care of it.

I found the source which was a house a couple of blocks away from mine, there were 2 kids constantly setting off the things while their parents looked on. I appealed to their community spirit and asked them to stop. Luckily they complied, and I went back home to sleep.

Until I heard the dogs barking and someone banging on the window of the side room where my maid used to sleep in. Through the tinted kitchen window I saw a man walking around the back of the house. My father scared him off by screaming at him from behind the window, at which point I ran outside to see if he dropped anything and I found this in the drain.


At first I thought this was a condom wrapper from afar, but it turns out to be chewing tobacco according to friends who can read the words. Now I’m just afraid if the person will return and try to take any action against our house since we pissed him off..


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# Saturday, 20 February 2010

There are many situations when you need to move files between machines, you could either create a network fileshare if that's possible. Or you could shuttle the files using a USB drive if there's one available. I just acquired this little thing cause I wanted to see how it worked.


This is Vantec's ezShare Pro device, on the box it states that you could copy files between machines without having to setup anything. I was interested to see how it works so I thought to myself why not?

So... how does it work? Basically you plug the device into one computer, and then you plug a normal USB cable into the other end and then into another computer. Both systems will then register a new CD drive attached to it, then you run the program on said 'CD' on BOTH MACHINES and that gives you an explorer interface to drag files between the machines.

Simple? Yes. Can be done in other ways? Yup. But hell... might come in handy one of these days..

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# Thursday, 18 February 2010

So I’ve talked about Small Basic before, and they’ve just released a new version. So what’s so cool about this nice little tool for learning basic? Well it’s about how you can now show code to people. For example, let’s say I have a simple turtle program and while I can show you the code here.

Turtle.MoveTo (0,0)
Goto start

Then start explaining what the code does or… if you have already downloaded Small Basic, I could give you the Small Basic code of TRM169

Or… you can just SEE THE CODE IN ACTION with the brand new RUN IN SILVERLIGHT publishing capability and you can actually see how the code runs!

And that is just so farking cool! Unbelievably useful for showing people how code samples would work! Think there are still some bugs though, but not a bad start.

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# Tuesday, 16 February 2010

2 widely used touchscreen technologies, resistive and capacitive. Both are essentially touchscreens which allows you to interact with the system with your fingers but what about when you want to WRITE on them? Like when I want to scribble ideas in OneNote? That's when I realized how different they work in that aspect. Check out the video.

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