# Wednesday, 03 February 2010

And here I go again… a bit earlier than I expected.


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# Saturday, 23 January 2010

I had to go to a team building camp recently.... I HATE team building camps. To me it's more like having group therapy about how to best work together than anything else. Something which I feel should be possible to do without having to go through some painful and excruciating exercises. We went to this place called the Eagle Ranch resort, which according to Google Maps is here.

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At least it's there when you search for it in Google Maps, it's actual location is SOMEWHERE near here.

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This error caused one person to get very very lost trying to drive there himself.

I got the shock of my life when I entered my 'room' for the first time.First of all, it looks nice and cosy like a little bandwagon on the outside.


But on the inside, well I'll let this Photosynth tell the story. (Which surprisingly I got it to be 100% synthy even though that wasn't what I was trying for)

Summary is... it's a damn small room, with a PADLOCK acting as a door lock making it very inconvenient to be stone drunk and your roommate not wanting to sleep yet.

Anyway before heading for this team building training I told myself I'm gonna do my best to gunk up the works of the events as much as possible. So I ensure I had all my tools on me in preparation for whatever task they threw at us. In one event where we were supposed to use anything on ourselves to form as long a line as possible, well... even though I brought a TAPE MEASURE with me, we weren't able to beat the team which brought a COIL of rafia string.

But... in the event in which we were supposed to use 3 opened ended pipes with holes in them to fill up a barrel of water. I waited for the organizer to say "You may use anything on your body to plug up the holes" Before producing my portable duck tape roll and proceeded to sealing up the holes in the pipes. Unfortunately I couldn't do a better job of it because as I was finalizing the seal on one of the pipes I cut my finger on it, the person who prepared the pipe didn't bother to smoothen out the cut edges of the pipe and left sharp edges on it. Which can easily cut whoever was handling the pipe in a hurry. I learnt that at least one other person also got cut by said pipe.

Did I have a fun time? Well I can't say I didn't feel a slight sense of satisfaction when I saw the expression of the organizer's face when I produced the duct tape from my pocket! But overall I still hate team building events and I really don't understand why anyone would think it's a good idea to submit the general populace of a company to competitive events that might well likely to get hurt or injured in. :P

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# Sunday, 17 January 2010

My wife needed a new mouse for her notebook, she wanted a wired one. But I felt that the act of constantly curling and uncurling the tiny strands of wires might have contributed to the fact that the mouse died. So I said I was gonna get her a wireless mouse.

So I saw this Logitech wireless mouse that was rated for 15 months battery life. If it doesn't, then I'm not gonna hear the end of it from my wife.

So this post will be a note that tells me how long the mouse will last.

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# Saturday, 16 January 2010

Why do I keep getting shots like this?


I don't think a 3 year old is supposed to have such a look on his face.


Now that's much more appropriate!

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# Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I was getting a few complaints that the websites we were working on stopped working on Google Chrome. Which came as a big surprise to me since when I repeated the test on my system and it worked properly. I managed to take a look at one of the users who was having problems and noticed that she was running the latest Chrome Beta with Extensions support. She had already installed a few extensions as well.

Acting on a hunch I disabled all extensions and... the website started working again.

Why was this happening? Well, the extensions/add-ons/plugins you've installed onto your browser (Doesn't matter if it's IE, Firefox or Chrome) have the capability of manipulating and analyzing the page you're viewing so they can do whatever it is they do. And when they DON'T do it properly, they start breaking the pages you're viewing by maybe.... inserting elements of their own, or changing tags and CSS class names of elements? In the age of AJAX where the webpages themselves are heavily running client side code to manipulate the document at the client end this could lead to disastrous results.

I guess the fact that extension support is technically still in Beta for Chrome also adds to the reasons for failure.

While these incidents with the extensions just reinforces my mindset that all web browsers are inherently stable until 3rd party plugins/add-ons/extensions are introduced. I worry about the day where a client will insist that there's a problem with a webpage because it doesn't work with their browser that has a particular extension/plugin/add-on installed.

So, if you had a webpage that was working fine previously before you added that new fangled Firefox Extension or Chrome Extension Or IE Add-On, maybe you might want to turn that particular thing off and try the page again?

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