# Saturday, 26 December 2009

That pigs are flying


And that hell has frozen over


Not just yet I'm afraid


Sorry to disappoint all of you who thought someone hacked my website and posted a blog of an iPhone purchased here. ;) Yup... I didn't get an iPhone, I got an iPod Touch.


An entry level unit at that. But wait you say, didn't I always say that the iPod was just another music player but tied to a music store and also that it had limited capability as a MEDIA PLAYER since video support is basic because it's a legit device and not something out of Taiwan/China with support for every format under the sun?

That's still absolutely TRUE! That's why I didn't get the iPod Touch to play media, if I wanted to play media I'd have gotten a Nano or something. I got the iPod Touch to be used as a distraction. No prizes for guessing who I need to distract.


As a media player the iPod Touch is beaten soundly by pretty much every other device I own. But... as a PDA like device that is able to run plenty of easily available games (that's why I went for something with an internal speaker) THAT it can do well.

Why don't I just pass him my Diamond 2 to distract him then? It's it because Windows Mobile has no App Store with vast quantities of games and apps? Even if there were an abundance of senseless games on Windows Mobile I can't trust WZ with my Diamond 2 because it's too damn easy to make phone calls with it! All it takes is 2 presses of the brightly lit call button and it'll dial out! So I can't exactly leave WZ with my Diamond 2 unattended.

Why not any other portable gaming device then? A Sony PSP maybe? But what would he play on that? He still can't fully grasp the concept of moving a player with the joystick yet. He needs a more direct touch oriented interface. So how about the Nintendo DS you say? Give a 3 year old that has a tendency to bend and smash things something with a hinge... rigggghhhttt.

That's why I decided to get the iPod Touch instead, and I can't wait for everyone to start rubbing it in. Well.. it's not gonna work yet guys. It's still not an iPhone which I pretty much swear off.

But I'll throw you guys a bone. I'll let you know when hell will freeze over.

When I come to a decision myself to buy an iPhone for my own use while Windows Phones are still being worked on, THAT's when hell freezes over.

Let's see if this sentence comes back and bite me in the arse, as with this purchase as well. That's why this phrase is loosely engraved (using a Windows powered laser engraving printer no less!) on the iPod.


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# Thursday, 24 December 2009
I decided to wake WZ up early this morning to take him to the KL Bird Park, I wonder if it's a bit sad that the last time I took him out for a trip was pretty much exactly ONE YEAR AGO?

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# Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Paid parking yesterday. All the way up to December.

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# Sunday, 20 December 2009

After how everyone who went to saw the movie was twitting about how great the film was, bla bla bla. I finally caught Avatar today and boy was I disappointed! I wasn't expecting cinematic gold here but I was so surprised when Dances With Wolves kept coming up in my head as I was watching the movie. As my brother mentioned this was from the "Go Native" formulae of the movie playbook. ie. Guy comes from one advanced background, joins up with native people, learns to love the land, love the chick, then choose to fight against his own people.

Ooops, did I just spoil the movie for you? It's not like you wouldn't have seen how the story was going to end coming from a mile away.

From my twits I can see how people keep talking about how great the graphics are, and how James Cameron DESIGNED AN ENTIRE WORLD to fit the story in. I play next gen video games so seeing entire lush beautiful worlds that have been DESIGNED for the story? I see them all the time.

Since the pretty pictures can't distract me from concentrating on the story. Here are my nitpicks following in the vein of my Star Trek nitpick post. Oh yeah... stop reading if you want to try and spot them yourself.

  • The humans keep talking about how dangerous the planet and the people are. It makes you think that the humans have been fighting the Navi for at least 10 years. (one way trip to Pandora takes about 5 years) But considering the technology gap (We're talking poisoned arrows vs armour plating here) and the WAAAAYY too well equipped military force the humans have you'd have to wonder why the humans haven't already WIPED THE NAVI OUT!! ALL OF THEM!
  • Since they were talking about how dangerous the Navi are... do we hear of Navi raiding parties on the mines? Do we see guerilla assaults on the mines by the Navi?
  • It is mentioned the Navi are hard to kill, hmmm a few bullets seem to do the trick. When the humans were fighting the battle never once did you see this Navi that's pretty hard to kill actually getting an upper hand.
  • Rape a dragon into submission so you can ride it... What a nice way to put it. (Why rape? Our censors spared it for us but think about the hair connector for a second. First time Sully plays with it Grace says "You'll go blind if you touch it" The act of connecting 2 connectors is called a link. If there was a way for 2 creatures to share a bond greater than physical, how do you think they'll have sex?)
  • A venerable FLEET of flying dragons vs a FLEET of helicopters with vulnerable propellers, and the best tatic Mr Marine could come up with was slam into them and hope you can toss the helis aside? I was expecting death from above, rocks, tree trunks... Heck.. even the Ewoks tried to throw rocks at AT-STs! I can't believe I just said the Ewoks are better than something!
  • "We are familiar with these lands" but instead of planting traps to try and entrap the giant mech suits approaching your hideout. You decide that the best tactic against mobile artillery with escorts is a cavalry charge? But you don't even have HORSE ARMOUR!
  • Against an enemy that's holding out in an OPEN AREA, you decide that even though you have SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGICAL advantage against your enemies you'll just charge straight into their front door and BOMB THE PLACE TO HELL! Even though you know that that area is strategically disadvantages to you. You have SPACE FLIGHT capability, ever heard of Orbital Bombardment or heck just mere Kinetic Bombardment. You want shock and awe? Isn't a MESSAGE FROM THE SKIES shock enough?!?

Yes.. I'm just disappointed with the flick.

ps. In case you're wondering I didn't lookup on anything about the movie before watching in. So I had no preexpectations of it.

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As our phones and portable media players become more and more powerful, and we start using them more and more, more often than not our devices will run out of power on us more and more frequently. One way is to get more batteries, but usually that's either expensive or your device might not even HAVE a removable battery! The other is to find alternate sources for charging your device when you're out and about. Most of the device now have some way of receiving power through USB, and most of us travel around in cars so today I'll just talk about the car cigarette lighter USB adapters.

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