# Monday, 19 October 2009

Almost everyone will be using Windows with a mouse and keyboard. But there are other ways of interacting with Windows. With a touchscreen enabled system, or other peripheral add-ons such as this Wireless Pen set.


You'll be able to have a more direct interface with your system. Since you'll be able to literally reach out and touch your system. A lot of people think that when you use a touchscreen with Windows, the pen just acts like the mouse. This is a huge misconception! When you have a compatible touch system, additional Windows features will come alive to allow you to to achieve ALMOST FULL CONTROL of Windows using ONLY TOUCH.

The first thing you'll see different on a touch based system is this little tab hanging off the side of the screen.


Give the tab a little tap and out pops the Tablet Input Panel


This is what you'll use to perform text input into the system. Just by writing as usual, and the handwriting recognizer excels in cursive recognition!


Of course, the recognizer isn't perfect so you'll need to make corrections and such, and Windows provides you with a number of gestures to do so. You can check out the gestures by just hitting the ? mark on the tablet input panel. And then on the gesture you want to check out, and a short video on how to use it will play.


Of course you shouldn't be expecting to enter you SuP4l33t5 passwords with handwriting recognition, so in those situations you just give the little keyboard icon on the top left of the input panel a click and VIOLA!


You get a nice little keyboard to type in your stuff.

To make it as quick and easy to enter text with a touch screen, you aren't even expected to have to constantly tap the little tab to make it appear. Whenever you get to a situation that requires text input, for example a textbox in a web page.


The highlighted icon appears, and clicking on that will instantly make the input panel appear and once your're done with it you can dismiss it just as quickly.

And of course, whenever we talk about pen input in Asian countries, the main question that pops up is... Is there handwriting recognition for my native language? If you bought a version of Windows in your native language, the recognizer will be there (I think.. it's not like I have seen a native Japanese version of Windows). But if not then you'll only be able to download the recognizer as part of a Windows Language Pack, which is only available to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition through Windows Update.


But once you have to appropriate language pack installed...


And it just works marvellously!

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# Sunday, 18 October 2009

I find that mashed potatoes are great for WZ to eat, for one thing, he can eat it on his own. For another, it doesn't fall off the spoon that easily! It can be quite hot (temperature wise) though!

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There are times when your child will just amaze you with the things he does, leading you to question where did he learn to do that? And does behavioral patterns actually get inherited? So I finally manage to grab a picture of WZ doing this.


Where the heck did a 2.5 year old boy manage to learn to support his chin in his hand and give out the "What the heck are you doing?" look? I also caught him stroking his chin and had that "I'm thinking about something" look before.

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# Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wow.. I've been looking for something like this for AGES! Maybe I didn't find it cause I was looking in the wrong places?


And then all of a sudden I just managed to get hold of one.


It's a really neat and handy thing to have around.. yes yes.. I do believe there are tons of stuff like these for iPods. But I've got other things to hold at an angle. Mostly for WZ so he doesn't need to hold his player and eat at the same time.


Of course... Daddy could use the stand as well.


The sad thing is, I know this thing is for sale, but they weren't actually selling it. I got it when I bought something else.


And we'll talk about the something else later...

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# Saturday, 10 October 2009

Long time readers of my blog might remember what this is.


Yes, this is a hand crank 5V dispenser, but it's not the one that was pictured in the previous post no, this is a new one that I picked up from DealExtreme, so why did I go buy another thing which I hope I never be in the situation where I'd need it? Cause it comes with a USB port as it's output!


The previous one I had used a normal power plug style connector, so it meant I'd have to carry the proper cables around if I wanted to provide power for USB.


But of course with this new one I can just directly plug a USB charge cable into it and start cranking. But... as I started testing it I realized something. First of all the USB cranker had a much tighter and stiffer crank, and I could hear the gears slipping every now and then. Secondlly the USB cranker seemed to be outputing much less current than the old model.

As the crankers were only secured by 2 screws, I decided to pop them open to see what's so different between the 2 of them. Here's the USB Cranker


And here's what the old cranker looks like on the inside


Since I have no electrical engineering experience and can't tell how efficient each cranker is, I'll explain from what I can see. The crank handle of the old cranker has a METAL core thus it can rotate around more smoothly, the new one has a PLASTIC core, so not only it doesn't move around smoothly, I'm gonna guess if I use it too much it'd start changing shape and get filed down. The gears generally feel much more tighter and well made on the old one as well.

Damn.. I guess they really don't make things like they use to anymore!

Hmmm... maybe I can perform a transplant...

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