# Wednesday, 26 August 2009

About eating junk food and drinking coke? Wonder what they would say if they knew you were eating this?


Puffed corn junk food (think Twisties) coated in fizzy coke flavoured soda candy. Darn thing even feels slightly carbonated!

Then there's this other one.


Which is a vanilla flavoured corn snack. Coke + Vanilla = Vanilla Coke! A ridiculous proposition?


Sure looks like they intended that for that to happen!

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# Sunday, 23 August 2009
It seems like even though I want to hate Acer with every fibre of my being, they just have to make some pretty interesting things every now and then. But still they just can't never seem to do it right and I end up remembering why I hate them. Read more to see how my relationship with Acer has changed/or not after I got the Acer Aspire Revo.

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I pick up yet another China made PMP. But.. it's special!!! (Of course...) Read on to check it out.

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# Saturday, 22 August 2009

Windows Live Movie Maker 1.0 has been released. There's no separate installer for Movie Maker so download the installer at the Windows Live page and run it to install or update Movie Maker to 1.0.

So... considering that I basically spat vast amounts of acid at the beta release of Windows Live Movie Maker. How did I find version 1.0 after giving it an initial run through?


The timeline view which I used to arrange my movies previously in Windows Movie Maker is GONE! There isn't a timeline view in WINDOWS LIVE Movie Maker. Because there isn't a NEED for it! Not only did they integrated the split function into the storyboard, each clip occupies the same visual size in the storyboard, meaning even if I had short few second clips in a multi minute video, I don't have to zoom in to my timeline to find it! For someone who has been using the clip function to make my movie previously this is FANTASTIC!!

As someone who wants to tweak the encoding profile to my own liking and purpose (say maybe I need a custom profile for my custom Silverlight app) I really appreciated the fact that Windows Movie Maker allowed me to hack in my own Windows Media Encoding Profile files to tune the encoding output. And yes!! I can do this with WINDOWS LIVE Movie Maker as well! So I have control over the output process! GREAT!

The whole process of making a movie if you're a casual user feels much more simpler than even Windows Movie Maker was previously. And yet, for people like me who want to tweak dials, the dials are there. LOVELY!

So... if you edit movies on your PC. WINDOWS LIVE Movie Maker just became a viable choice again.

Why is it WINDOWS LIVE Movie Maker? Cause I want to diffrentiate the name from the old Windows Movie Maker that came with XP and Vista.

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# Saturday, 15 August 2009

It was the darkest midnight in decades, as I hunched in front of my TV. Preparing the items for my most diabolical plan of setting up my primary Windows 7 RTM machine aka my development workstation where I spend most of my time on.  And here is where the magic happened...


Through the power of having an MSDN Subscription, the essence of untapped future potential which are the Windows 7 ISOs are downloaded. And then after going through the completely unsanctioned process of creating an install disc that is capable of installing almost any edition of Windows 7, the modified ISO is put through a surprisingly strict process in which every step had to be followed exactly without deviation.

After countless failures, and countless hours lost trying to boot from USB, fail, redo copy procedure, restart and boot from USB, fail, redo copy... finally, there is success. Finally it works, finally it is complete...


A Bootable USB Thumbdrive with the ability to install all editions of Windows 7 64bit. Going 64bit is a dangerous journey. The benefits? The ability to fully unleashed the capability of your 64bit capable system. Increased performance with native 64bit apps, fully utilize your 4GB of RAM, and more. The downside? You're screwed if you ever needed to use any hardware that doesn't have a 64bit driver.

And thus... another thumbdrive was made!


Within the 4GB confines of this thumbdrive lies Windows 7 - 32bit edition! But... what crazy manner of multiple disk partitioning and multi booting would I need to perform in order to run multiple versions of the OS on ONE notebook? But there is no problem... cause this is Windows 7 and with Windows 7 there can be MULTI (forget dual boot!) BOOTING without the worries of repartitioning your drives, cause there is boot via VHD support. No worrysome disk partitioning required, just lots of hard disk space to hold the VHD files that contains each OS.

And because installing shit from thumbdrives are usually faster than from other media. One last thumbdrive was processed.


This 16GB thumbdrive which I was using as a file backup store until recently, can now be called the Microsoft Developer's Obsession. Within it is EVERYTHING a Microsoft platform based developer needs to get started. Visual Studio 2008? Check! SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition? Check! SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition? Check! Office 2007? Check! Expression Studio 3? Check! And all necessary service packs are also included. This should ensure I have to undergo the least amount of downtime during Windows 7 migration!

The tools... are READY! But now I need to find the time to actually reinstall the system! :P

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