# Tuesday, 14 July 2009

This is a waste of a blog entry, but I need to remind myself that I paid parking today so the parking company can't scam me if I don't do it for the next few months... AGAIN :P

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# Thursday, 09 July 2009


Such concentration... so serious in what he's doing...


In order to play a video!

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# Wednesday, 08 July 2009

Been crazily busy for the past few weeks but just had to put this up before I forget to celebrate the event.


WZ is now capable of using the mouse to guide the (extra large) cursor, and use it to double click on the video he wants to watch. Then.. once he gets bored, he'll close the video by clicking on the X, click on the start menu, fire up paint and start scribbling with the various tools.

He has absolutely no idea of what actually does what though, so he's been dragging and messing up stuff up over the desktop.

But.. yup.. he's definitely growing up and learning stuff. Once I have time I'll write about the things that are fed to WZ by the family. :P

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# Saturday, 27 June 2009

I was over at the Section 14 Digital Mall to see if anything interesting popped up during their sale. And then in a mobile phone kiosk near the entrance, they were having an offer on external battery packs. Or... Portable 5V Power Supplies as I'd like to call them. So I decided to see what they were offering since I was looking for a replacement for my old 5V pack which had died a few months back. They were products from a company called Lenmar, the products of interest are those on this page.

They were having an almost 50% sale on their products, so.. the small 700mAh was RM55, the bigger ~2100mAh one (can't remember the exact capacity but it's around 2000+ mAh) was RM99 and the big ass one that outputs enough DC current to recharge notebooks was RM349. Then there was on more thing that was also at RM99. It was a 2100mAh battery, but... it had a solar cell on it, so it's rechargable by the power of the sun as well as any other 5V source.

Oh well.. it is the same price as a normal one, so I thought why not?


As you can see it's roughly as big as my Diamond 2, and you can see the front carries the solar errr.. collectors. Other than that, there's nothing much spectacular to talk about.


It has a charging LED, and an output LED. The 5V in port is just a USB Mini A port, which is always a good thing, and the 5V out port is just a USB socket, which is DEFINETLY what a 5V power supply should have.

UPDATE : Mother farker! While the charging light is a normal soothing green LED, and IN USE light is a BLINDINGLY BRIGHT blue LED! It blinded me when I plugged something in to charge for the first time!.

I have never had a good experience with solar cells, they just never seem to work for me. The last one I had, I left out in the sun for the WHOLE DAY but in the end it just powered the phone for 2 minutes before being exhausted...

Let's see if this one turns out any better.

On a side note, after I paid for my battery, the fair organizers rolled out the "ROBOT" for people to take photos with....

If that IS a robot, then I better gear up for a robot invasion soon.

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# Wednesday, 24 June 2009
Here's a text heavy post that compiles up the common complaints I hear from Windows Mobile Phone users. Complaints like.
- It's unstable
- It's taking too much memory
- It's not user friendly
- The battery life sucks

Read more if you're interested.

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