# Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Damn.. why don't I bump into cool things like this earlier? Just got pointed to the direction of Microsoft Image Composite Editor which is essentially a FREE panoramic photo stitcher, and it's been out since LAST NOVEMBER! Downloading now to test as I write this.

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# Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bought an interesting toy a few weeks back.


This is a portable gaming device, with built in games. What sort of games? Sega Mega Drive games. It's not new or anything, it's just that I finally decided to pick it up for the sake of nostalgia to play Sonic and Knuckles again. It doesn't have a cartridge slot but rather all 20 games are built into the unit... which says a lot about how far technology has advanced since the old days.

I'm too lazy to list out all the games right now (it IS 2AM!) but other than Sonic, I picked this up for Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Shinobi ][.

The controls feel fine, but the build quality is PATHETIC! See the strips of duct tape on the thing? The front cover plastic wasn't glued in properly and the pointy edges were exposed, can't have that around WZ so I taped them down. And the cover directly presses onto the little screen so you get that puddle effect if you press down on the cover.

Speaking of the screen... it's TINY! Definitely makes reading stuff meant for a TV screen very hard. So it's a good thing that like all cheap ass shruken console devices you can connect this thing to a TV and play on the big screen! But you're still not going to get the same experience as a real Mega Drive, the colors feel too bright and there seems to be some lost in detail... or maybe I just forgot how bad it used to look?

And as this thing is portable (powered by 3AAA batteries) makes noises, and have bright lights. It immediately goes into the things you give WZ when you don't want him running and screaming all over the place category. It is also on this thing that WZ have learn how to play games! He chooses what he wants to play himself, and actually plays the game instead of randomly mashing buttons. He still lacks a few important skills that are essential to playing games though, he still haven't developed muscle memory and thus can't press the buttons without looking at the controller, and also... he can't press two buttons at the same time yet!

But of course, this is just the beginning...

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That was what my wife said when I pulled this guy out of my bag.


Well, it's a cheap toy gun, cost < RM10 and WZ can get a better feel for it than simply waving my Wii Perfect Shot shell around.

But it SHOOTS THINGS and can't you read? Not for children 3 years below.

I loaded one of the 4 plastic tipped foam darts into the gun, cocked the pump at the back (the yellow ring) and shot my wife in the head.

A punch in the arm later. Ok, so the bullets don't exactly cause any sort of damage (unless it's a point blank shot in the eye I guess) but what were you thinking buying him a gun at this age? My reasoning was simple, the gun requires 3 steps to operate, load the dart onto the rod on the chamber, cock the gun, pull the trigger. If WZ wanted to actually shot anything he'll have to learn that he needs to fulfill multiple situations before he can actually shot anything.

So I gave WZ the gun, and showed him how to shoot a dart from it. He takes the gun from me, loads the dart into the barrel.. not particularly well but it went in. He managed to cocked the gun but with great effort cause the spring was too strong for him. And then he put his fingers around the trigger and..... nothing happened. The spring holding the trigger was too strong for him. So I fired off a few darts across the hall, and WZ runs off to pick them up.

Then he started twisting the bright orange colored plastic heads off the foam darts, only problem was that the heads were never meant to come off... So within an hour of me showing him the gun he had destroyed all but one dart...

I'll wait till he's older before getting any other toys with fragile parts.

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I've finished my little proof of concept application that's using Windows Presentation Foundation. And I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the results, performance under Windows XP feels just the same and I guess it should be better once I actually optimize the handling of media.

All in all, while I was once afraid and skeptical about using WPF as a platform for writing Windows Client applications making the POC has changed that mindset for me. And now I'm glad I have WPF as a tool in my belt.

Though I wish they'd make it easier to hide the darn text input caret for the RichTextBox! Had to go through an ugly ugly hack just to do that!

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# Friday, 27 March 2009

I have no idea how real or useful this thing is. The only thing I do know is that I've been using this stuff since I was a kid, and that when I use it on the various cuts and scrapes that WZ gets, not to mention all the mosquito bites which he scratches too hard and breaks the skin. The wound is noticeably better after application for a day or two. I guess if it has been around for such a long time it must work to some extent? Hmm... though I do believe the tin has gotten smaller through the years.

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