# Monday, 09 February 2009

So... now that I know I'll be using the Beliner Media Player in the car more I needed to settle how I was going to put the thing in the middle of the car so that people from both the left and right side can watch it without straining their necks too much.

So the first thing I did was the obvious one, try to hang the player in between the 2 front seats.


If only it was that easy! Because the anchor point was at the top of the player, and the strap itself is not hard, the player's own weight made it droop down. There was no way in hell this setup would be scoring any WAF (wow.. WAF actually has a Wikipedia entry!)points this way!

I realized I needed to find something to push the thing outwards, to give it a spine so it could support itself straight. I rummaged the house trying to find a piece of wood, or plastic, something that was solid yet not to inconvenient to disassemble or move around. And then I found this.


I don't even know what they call this in english, this was what I used when I was in Kemahiran Hidup classes in Form 4. How would I use this to give the player a spine? Like this.


Installation was much easier than I anticipated, just slide the T bar behind the straps! And how well does it work?


It works FANTASTICALLY well! The T bar balances the unit and makes sure it faces straight, and the ruler reaches to the ground of the car and leans against the central column causing it to support the player to look straight forward! FANASTIC!!

This setup scored BOAT LOADS of WAF points, full and whole hearted acceptance of the wife on the usage of the player in car!

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The journey to one of my dream gadgets come to an end, but... how well did it actually work?

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# Sunday, 08 February 2009

I can't wait for this!

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The lenses that I bought for my Sony A350 all have a very specific use which I need them for.

The 50F1.7 portrait lens was the first one which I got, almost immediately after I got my camera.


This was simply because the SemiPro said that I should get one if it was cheap, and not to mention mommy really liked the bokeh effect of portrait pictures. But I don't use this lens a lot, since using a 50mm in doors is kinda hard when WZ keeps running at you.

The next lens I got was the 50F2.8 macro lens.


I got this lens by rushing down to Pudu Plaza the day after the SemiPro told me that a shop had this lens for second hand sale. I knew I wanted to get a macro when getting my camera because I knew I wanted to take product shots. This is the 2nd lens I used the most aside from the kit lens, other than for product shots I use it whenever I need the razor teeth sharpness of the lens.

The last lens which I wanted to get was something to use when I go on trips, something that had a focal range capability. I was planning to get the Sony 18250 lens before I went on my next trip overseas. But... that's changed now.


I decided to get it yesterday because I was afraid there was going to be a price increase on it soon following Sony's dire fiscal year reports. Now that I have it, it shall be used as I originally intended. To replace the 1870 kit lens since it has a further range. But is almost the same size when fully retracted.


When fully extended though, the lens makes the camera feel heavy and off balanced (guess I'll need to train my left arm a bit more!) since it stretches pretty far! Letting my wife hold it made her give out a groaning sigh before passing it back to me... guess she won't be that interested of taking pics of me and WZ with that lens attached :P.

And now... my collection is complete, I have no more desire for any more lenses. So here's my complete non kit lens collection!


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The *final* piece required to get the carputer up and running. A screen, is revealed in a post that's too bloody long to be displayed on the front page. Click to read up!

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