# Friday, 30 January 2009

It's incredibly hard to go for something to eat early in the morning with WZ around, since mommy doesn't want to wake him up too early or stress him out by waking him and then immediately dumping him into the baby seat and then dump him in a baby chair while we ate. So I was lucky today that WZ woke up early enough in the morning that we could go have chicken rice ball in Melaka. Our intended destination was the errr... original shop, a Kedai Kopi Chung Wah located here.

But when we reached there...


Oh noes... it wasn't open!!! Because the wife knew that a lot of other shops have opened due to the popularity of chicken rice ball, we walked down the street and sure enough not far away...

There was another shop, called He Ji.


(This pic was taken AFTER we finished eating, luckily when we arrived there was no queue yet!) The shop had a pretty well operational procedure going, you queued up going into the shop where a lady would ask you what you want.


So she'll ask you how many people's portion of chicken you wanted, what drinks you wanted (from a choice of 3, barley, chinese tea and herbal tea) Then she'd tell you that they didn't have enough rice balls and thus they'll split your order between rice balls and loose rice. So what does that mean? It means this.


They'd give you rice balls... and errr... rice. Cause, well... they were low on rice ball supplies because there's too much demand for the precious balls and they needed to ration out the balls supply. That sounded all nice and dandy until I chomp down everything and my wife asked for more balls.


Lo and behold, extra balls were dropped on our table without so much of a word of how we're deriving the precious balls supply from other people wanted to taste the local delicacy. I just have no idea why the heck they said they had to give you loose rice in the first place if there's no problem asking for more balls anyway! It's really a WTF moment. And WZ agrees!


Overall it wasn't a bad meal, everything tasted ok. Though my wife insists that the original Chung Wah one has better tasting chicken.

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# Thursday, 29 January 2009

Is having slow and unreliable internet really better than having no internet at all? Thank goodness I'm going home tomorrow!

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Yes, I'm connected while in Melaka... just not even up to EDGE levels of connectivity.

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# Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I found out that it's very hard to shoot pictures of fireworks up close, in the first case you have to figure out where's the boom point. In the 2nd place, it's hard to get the camera to shoot straight up and in focus.

In other news, since I remember to bring a VGA cable with me I could finally get the media machine connected to the LCD TV they had in the hotel room.


So I was lucky that worked well for helping WZ to sleep at night. Hope you all had fun too!


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# Monday, 26 January 2009

As I was composing the previous post I could hear fireworks being set off, so I guess that must mean that it's CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! So... Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Hope you had a great reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve. As for me..


We went for Japanese instead of Chinese food. In fact... we haven't been having Chinese food for our reunion dinners for a couple of years already, since it's like Valetine's Day. When people have to frantically rush and cook meals for a specific special day, it's gonna suck, and not to mention have an unjustifiable taste to price index!

On another note, if you ever wondered why Marauderz rarely takes pictures of what he eats like other bloggers. The reason is simple. Eating has a higher priority than taking pictures! ;)

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