# Monday, 05 January 2009

After the recent NXE update, the Xbox Live Marketplace was consuming loads of bandwidth to give the sleek branding filled look when you're browsing for downloads. Not very good for us here who have broadband that's well... usable... Then there's the whole problem of the undersea cable being damaged again and causing data to have to take the long way around.

So what's a Xbox Live player gotta do to check out the downloads now? Don't fret, you can now do all your marketplace browsing on the WEB. via the marketplace.xbox.com URL, just sign in with your gamertag's LiveID, select what you want to download and the next time your box is turned on and connected to XBox Live it starts downloading what you've selected. So you can still get to the content minus all the branding fluff.

Oh.. I missed a step previously, after signing in be sure to pick the RIGHT country/region you are in to see content which you can dowload. You pick the country by clicking on the country indicator on the upperleft corner on the page. It looks like this.


So remember to choose your proper country, ie. Singapore, US, India, etc. etc. or you won’t be able to see the right content.

No... your 360 doesn't automatically turn itself on and start downloading... maybe in the next update? :P

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# Saturday, 03 January 2009

I just found out that there's going to be a little shindig about Windows Mobile devices next week (9th Jan-11 Jan) over at Lowyat plaza. HTC, Samsung and Sony will be there, so I guess the headlining devices should be the HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch HD, the Samsung Omnia (I still can't believe why they did with the stylus!) and the Sony X1 (It has FISH!!!)

So mark the date on your calendar if you're looking to molest some devices.

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# Wednesday, 31 December 2008

What a way to start a year...

First of... fancy making your Nokia Series 60 phone unable to receive any SMS until a full factory reset? Check out this dangerous exploit.

Next... Microsoft Zunes are dying with no explanation on 12AM 31st December 2008.

Lastly... is Steve Jobs really critically ill? That would be bad...

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Wow.. it feels like only yesterday that I wrote my 2007 gear roundup... then the server died and I nearly lost my whole site! This time I have backed up my site already!

Cool thing about having a blog is how you can go back and reflect on what you were doing a year ago. So let's see what was I up to for 2008.

Most important purchase of the year would have to be my first DSLR camera. The Sony Alpha 350.

Thumbdrives got so ridiculously cheap I lost count of how many I bought.

An interesting piece of gear, which I find indispensable in recording gameplay videos and other things is the Pinnacle Video Transfer unit.

I bought quite a few figures.. like Haruhi here. Here's to hoping I don't get anymore.

There was a sudden increase in desktops in the household as I got some MiniITX based units like this for running Windows Home Server and other misc chores.

And of course... I haven't broken the curse of getting one new phone a year.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to hoping 2009 is not as bad as it's looking right now!

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# Monday, 29 December 2008

One of the things that people tell you is that, if you're gonna make an online video, try to keep it under 10 mins or it's most likely the viewer is gonna get bored. I'll keep that in mind the next time I record a show with Yoroi, but how was I to know that just pointing a camera at ourselves and talking about the Sony Playstation Network was gonna take 17 minutes! (here's a tip, once the gameplay video shows up,hit the play button to pause live viewing of the stream to allow both streams to download completely so you can watch it without fear of breaking sync between the streams)

The other problem was that because we rely on 2 video streams, if we wanted to chop up the video, we'd need to make a few more sync points on the video itself. Which we didn't have... when we recorded this almost 30 MINUTE Xbox Live video.

We sound like 2 tired drunks because we were worn out trying to get the PS3 working for our recording, I'd detail the problems we had but then the fanboys would start crying foul!

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