# Sunday, 28 December 2008

One of the things which I realized when I made my YTBNSystem was that I needed to calculate the proper amount of bandwidth required for the best viewer experience. It's a very easy case for the single video streams (such as the one that featured the wall climbing car), the video is encoded for 350kbps which most people are able to obtain as long as their line isn't too busy working on some other transfers, not to mention, in a single video stream scenario it doesn't really matter if the video needs to be buffered the user experience isn't affected that much.

But when I want to display 2 video streams together, I need to find the most ideal bandwidth capacity that'll allow the videos to appear as if they were playing in sync.

So I sat down this morning, and starting testing out some encoding profiles, and I came up with this.

What I realized was that whenever I had a situation where I needed to display 2 video streams, the primary one is usually not important and thus can suffer loss in image quality and because it's just speech, the audio quality can also be dropped. But the supplement video would require a higher video and audio quality cause the user's main attention would be on the supplement.

So right now I've decided on these values

  • Main video stream : 125kbps video data, 16kbps mono audio data 16khz sampling rate.
  • Supplement video stream : 200kbps video data, 20kbps mono audio data 22.05khz sampling rate.

So the number still comes up to be about 350kbps, why did I settle on this number? Because I found that my line is capable of streaming a 350kbps video without it having to buffer, if it works well on my measly 1Mbps line, should be fine for most streamyx users.

Maybe I can go higher, but that's testing scheduled for another day.

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# Saturday, 27 December 2008

After an embarrassing incident of forgetting to bring a storage device with me when I was going to my cousin's place to copy something I decided I need to get a thumbdrive that I can carry with me everywhere I go so this doesn't happen again. So I went out and got this.


A small in size, yet big in capacity flash memory drive. And it seems like it's no slouch in the performance department too meeting Windows Vista's Readyboost Performance requirements. All this for a price of less than RM50... how far we've come in this area.

Anyway I decided I needed to keep this in my wallet's coin pouch, but the fact that it has exposed contacts means I needed some way of protecting it. A strip of duct tape and various failed experiments later I ended up with this.


A little protective sleeve for the drive, the entire drive just slips into the thing so that parts pretty well covered.

Who knows.. in a few months maybe I might be getting a 16GB or 32Gb one in this size.. and for the same price?

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# Friday, 26 December 2008

So I bought a RC car for WZ to chase around.




Pictures cannot express how nifty this is. It's time for a quick show, please install the Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 plugin to view the video below. Just click on the button you see below if the video doesn't show up to install it.

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# Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The other place I took WZ to was the KL Aquaria, once again I went in hoping to take some pics. But when I heard the people at the entrance constantly repeat "Dear visitors with Digital Cameras, please do NOT use your flash, flash photography is not allowed in the venue" Let's just forget the fact that digital cameras are NOT the ONLY source of a xenon flash, This was a problem then, as it would mean I needed to again use my 50mm macro lens as that was the fastest one I had with me. I didn't bring my 50mm F1.7 lens cause, I was going with my family so if I was taking any pictures of WZ and mommy it would mean that mommy would like to have the background in the picture too instead of... well.. a big blue blur. So while it failed for me as a photography outing, here's what I learnt from my trip to KL Aquaria.

While it is possible to take some shots without flash.


You have to realize that underwater creatures swim pretty fast. And they're not inclined to pose for you.


Although there are some things in the place that DO sit still.


But even if they do sit still you have another thing that literally stands in your way


These are living breathing creatures behind a glass case, so the clarity of the case, or the reflection of the glass will throw off your auto focus. But of course, there's a chance to get a nice pic if you're lucky.


Another thing to remember when you go to places like this is that. If you only bring a fixed range lens.


Take note that you might not have a lot of space to back up and frame your subject.

Hmm... so I've tried to go to the butterfly park to take pictures and failed, tried Aquaria and failed cause my equipment doesn't allow me to take nice pictures in dark places.

I guess that leaves me with the Bird Park, and the Zoo. Hmmm... I guess I'll put that on my todo list.

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I took a few days off to take WZ around town and also to well... actually take some days off. So the first place we went was the KL Butterfly Park, so WZ can finally see some butterflies actually flying around for real.

First thing first.. WHY THE HECK DO YOU STILL WANT TO CHARGE PEOPLE FOR BRINGING CAMERAS? What an ancient and barbaric practice when nearly everyone has something that can take pictures. Next thing was that, it's actually kinda hard to snap pictures of butterflies flying around. But I guess it's because I had a kid and a wife tagging along so I didn't exactly have the luxury of time to try and setup anything.

But switching the A300 to full auto mode and passing the camera to mommy meant I get to have some pictures taken with WZ.


They had a fish pond in the place which the fish was all too eager to come close to you... once you toss them some feed.


One good thing about the butterfly park is that it has ample sunlight, so there's ample light to take pictures of things.


The person at the counter told us that the feed was for both fishes and turtles. But we couldn't find the turtles, and threw the bag of feed for the fish.. which was sad but let's face it between colorful gold fish in a crystal clear pond, and this...


Which would you rather feed? It's sad that the turtles get no love.. they didn't even put any signs up (or maybe they were destroyed) to indicate that Look turtles HERE!.

WZ tried to see the turtles from the perch.


But the angle just wasn't right.


Thus he walked away disappointed. I think the turtles were disappointed too! They must have been hoping to get something to eat!


I did manage to get a shot of a butterfly close up


It was just constantly sucking on the ground trying to eat something and didn't care too much that there was a big ass black tube pointed at it. (I only have a 50mm Macro lens, to get this picture the tip of the lens was right NEXT to the butterfly) And then there was this... thing.


This ant like praying mantis was in the shade so the end results were a bit blurry cause of the slower shutter speed and I couldn't hold the camera steady.


Hmm.. did whatever ate the leaf, ate the butterfly as well?


They also had some other animals in the place. They had some rabbits in a well... rabbit smelling cage.


They had a python? boa? in a glass case which looked like it had coiled up and died, I didn't even had the heart to take a photo it. The had a chameleon lizard thing, but the plastic screen the cage was made of was clouded and hard to see through.

Overall, while there WERE definitely butterflies in the place and if I had more time to actually find my shots I think I would have gotten some more shots of stuff. I think if you wanted to take pictures of nature you have other better choices than paying RM18 (entrance fee) + RM1 (camera fee) to enter the KL Butterfly Garden.

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