# Sunday, 02 November 2008

Finally!! The Silverlight Streaming Service is now ready and compatible with Silverlight 2.0 Release version! To celebrate.. let's have a quick deep zoom album…. hmmm.. maybe I should just throw images in without worrying about how well they look?

Hmmm.. maybe I should make one of the panoramas I made. So here they are.

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# Thursday, 30 October 2008

Microsoft's PDC conference is happening right now and already a boatload of announcements have been made about upcoming technologies, platforms and overall cool shit coming from Microsoft.

WAAAAAY too many to mention here so check out the official site at http://www.microsoftpdc.com

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# Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Well.. I already mentioned I was getting it.


Hello RYU!!! The box is surprisingly errr… different from a normal Revoltech figure box. Small and more simplistic.


It seems like they deliberately made his parts non symmetrical for that err.. realistic look?


Posability is typical for a Revoltech figure, but I still hate the darn clicking noises!


Pulling this off was harder than expected, you'd think they would have made this THE pose to pull off? And.. what the heck is that? a spit ball? Use the SSF2X image lar!


The included stand is SHORT! I keep wondering if I accidentally dropped a piece of the stand somewhere.


Can't even lift off the ground!


Of course, certain poses don't need the stand lar.


So THAT'S what they mean by not to scale.


can't even lift off the ground with the default stand.


Better aerial chance after stealing Mikuru's stand. And the Figma legs looking weird as usual from this angle.


A nice touch on how they made the sleeve pivotable so that you can position the arms a bit better without the sleeves getting in the way. Now if only they did that with the pants as well.

And that should be that then.. no more figures to get for now. Oh crap…. why is this here?

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# Monday, 20 October 2008


If you don’t move a car for months, would the dust accumulated on it actually be detectable by it’s weight?

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# Saturday, 18 October 2008

So there I was lugging WZ around in Ikano when I saw this thing in the RC Planet shop on the top floor.


At first I thought it was an inverter, which essentially is a device which takes a DC power source (ie, you car battery) and convert it to AC power (ie. the wall socket in your house) for more info read my previous post. But then I thought no one would simply label something as a generator if it was converting power, and I found this spec sheet stuck on the cabinet.

It's essentially an inverter… that comes with a battery. In layman's terms, this is a wall socket which you can carry around! The rated power output is (in case you haven't clicked on the link yet) 140Watts CONTINOUSLY I wonder what the peak rate is then.

The power capacity is 210Watthour, base on what little I know of power calculation I think the rough formula for seeing how long the thing can last for you is to take the wattage of your device say.. a laptop charger that has a rated MAXIMUM output of 12V x 3A = 36 Watts and then use that to divide the maximum power capacity so in this case it's 210Wh / 36W = ~5.8 hours. So, if your notebook charger was constantly drawing the peak power rating, you'll get about 5.8 hours from this thing. But I don't think notebook adapters go near their maximum power rating, then again it's not like I have any equipment for measurement.

It IS an interesting piece of gear to carry around, especially if you had something you wanted to power in the middle of no where. Just be mindful of the power rating for the equipment you are running. Traditional tube TVs are a no no, cause the degauss cycle they go through when you turn them on draws a lot of power. Ditto for hair dryers, and probably power tools. At 140Watts you can forget about powering your XBox 360 or PS3 in a campsite. Or for that matter your monster rig of a desktop computer. :P

Now I just have to convince myself and someone else that I NEED to get this…

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