# Tuesday, 23 September 2008

If you can see this, it means the DNS has propagated and you're now being redirected to the new server... A Window 2008 server, so I can't wait to try out some interesting things.

Also took the opportunity to upgrade DasBlog, which now fixes the space in the tag problem. Was about to do it myself when I saw a new version was out. Heh ;)

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# Saturday, 20 September 2008
Made my way down to One Utama for the local launch of the Sony PS3, and wow.. what a long article!

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# Monday, 15 September 2008

As I was driving to work today, the road ahead was empty. This guy walked on to the middle of the road, spread his legs, and pulled out a gun at me!

Quick Time Event!!!

I couldn't see if he was holding anything in his hands, but I did see his thumb sticking out in typical finger gun configuration. I'm glad I managed to see that before serving into something.. like on coming traffic.

As I passed the guy and I glance in the rear view mirror, he continued his walk down the middle of the road. And more physically harassed the car behind me.

Must be the weather..

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# Sunday, 14 September 2008

Well, feels much better this time. And according to some people on the net, seems to have a lot of hidden meaning in the video!

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# Friday, 12 September 2008

There.. now it's all done.. I got the full set!


Bought via free shipping from Play Asia, total delivery time about a week, and for every day I was worried something might happen to the package!


Striking a pose looking to the side... only because SHE CAN'T STARE STRAIGHT AHEAD WITH THE STAND!! Her hair get's in the way!!!


As I was arranging for this pose I realized something.. Yuki can't look UP.. her hair gets in the way! Hmm.. hair seems to be a common problem with these figures.. :P

Ok, now that I've got all three.. I'm done.. no more figures for me... hmmm maybe just this one more...

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