# Sunday, 06 July 2008

The last time I did this I told myself I'd tried to make it last for more than a year this time. See... I even wrote it down in a new year resolution. But... on June 9th 2008... I broke that resolution... And I was so close to actually making the C730 last a year...


Meet the HTC Touch Diamond. Yes I've come full circle back to a Pocket PC device again.... oh well.. On paper the specs for the device sound very impressive.

  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • VGA Screen
  • First WM device to carry Opera 9.5 browser, which enables almost full desktop like browsing on the device.
  • Tilt sensor (I HATE AutoRotation features!)
  • 3.2MP Opticial Focus camera

And it sports some nifty tricks too. EPIC video review to come... once I work out the script. :P

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Here's the 1st of the 2 pieces of gear which I wanted to talk about. The Logitech Dinovo Mini Bluetooth keyboard... thumbboard. Silverlight needed to watch this video review.

I wonder, do people prefer higher quality video, but at the cost of having to wait for the video to download or do they just want to watch things as fast as possible?

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# Saturday, 05 July 2008


No, WZ cannot yet write words, even though he does recognize certain alphabets already. Now he just scribbles on the pad.


Grandma again has done an incredible job at teaching WZ how to properly hold the pen. When we see him holding it the wrong way we're supposed to tell him to hold it properly and he'll correct himself.


Unfortunately his word of correcting his grip on the pen is the push the tip with his left hand...


Which means a VERY DIRTY left hand!

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As I was following WZ around with the camera for a while I managed to capture one of the little adventures that WZ has around the house.

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Another interesting thing that happens during work. We receive some content to be entered onto a webpage from our copywriters, we copy the text from the mail, and paste it into our webpage. It looks fine when we pasted it in Visual Studio but then when other people look at it they see SOMETHING like this.


So you take a close look at the file and notice that where all the weird symbols were appearing is basically where an approstophe.. (Damn I can't spell it.. the ' in 's and 're)  is supposed to be, so the correct text should look like this.


So... what went wrong? Let see another example.


See the difference now? Still not yet? Look at the ', doesn't it look different between the 2 lines? Even the double quotes are actually different but they don't seem to be affected that much.

So... why is there a weird ' in the sentence? It's a very simple answer, just ask the person who prepared the document did he do it in MS Word? Now... dig into Word's auto correct options and you'll find something like this (varies depending on which version of Word you're looking at)


See the part about "Straight Quotes" with "smart quotes"? With that option on, basically when you use a non interesting " or ' Word will replace it with more pleasant looking ones, curvier ones, ones that look nicer when you print. But of course doesn't always work when you put it on a webpage, or a page designed to be viewed from a phone.

Just another one of the weird things you learn after developing web sites for a while

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