# Friday, 02 May 2008

About a little more than half a year ago, WZ was learning how to climb down safely from the bed.

And now finally at 1 year 3.5 months he is able to climb back UP the bed, note how he climbs up when I stop him from standing on the bed on the floor.

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# Thursday, 01 May 2008

After getting my Minolta 50mm lens, the shots I have been getting just feel so different. They look more colorful and bright.


The soft focus (bokeh) effect that the lens produces gives the pictures the professional look.


One thing that I'll always remember is that my skill hasn't improved or anything. It's just the lens, so one very important thing to remember with an SLR camera is that it's very important to get a lens that suits the purpose you use the camera for.


And one more thing is that there's no such thing as a BEST lens, I can see a lot of people who keep asking in the forums for the BEST LENS to get. But remember, there is NO SUCH THING as the BEST LENS!! It really depends on what kind of picture YOU want to get.


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# Wednesday, 30 April 2008

But I can't wait till the day WZ

Is Luigi To My Mario,
Is Dom To My Marcus,
Is The Arbiter To My Master Chief,
Is The P2 To My P1.

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The Internet is a great resource, when you hit a brick wall when coding you can just post a question up on the various forums and hopefully someone will answer your queries.

But one thing to remember when posting your queries!!


For example, let's say you need to call a web service which is sitting on an internet accesible server. If you need help asking about how to call the service in the language and how to fit something on the SOAP headers. When posting a query in the forums, do not use the REAL IP ADDRESS, and AUTHENTICATION DETAILS!

One of the partners we were working with did such a mistake and god was there a party (a bad party!) of hurt that went to them after that!

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# Monday, 28 April 2008

I saw an interesting thing today.. the Pinnacle Video Transfer... hmmm.. it feels so strange that the name is just that.. Pinnacle Video Transfer.. anyway, it perked my interest enough for me to get it. :P


So.. what does it do? It directly captures video into a USB device without having to pass it through a PC. I'd write more but then again this thing requires a demo to understand why it might or might not suit you. So a video it is then!

Useful little thing if you need something to just convert some analog video to a file quickly without any hassle and you're not too worried about fine tuning the settings.

Anyway to see some sample output, go to my SkyDrive here.

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