# Friday, 18 April 2008

The decision to get a video camera was pretty simple for me.. before my son arrived I HAD to get one. And so far it's been great capturing all the things he done, pictures and photos are nice but video is just something you want to have around too!

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# Thursday, 17 April 2008

After some people knew I bought a Sony A350 they had some pretty strong responses. Some of them started arguing that the Nikon D300 and the Canon 450D offered LiveView as well and were generally better cameras than the Sony A350. In order to silence such arguments I knew I had to come out with a comparison of the Live View performance of the A350 and the other cameras. I already had access to a Nikon D300 which my semi pro friend has, so I was ready to record a video with him when I learnt that another friend had recently bought a Canon 450D.

And thus.. the results..

Hopefully now people will stop telling me that the Canon 450D and Nikon D300 has LiveView AF just as good as the Sony A350, because they don't! I'm not saying that the other cameras suck, they're great cameras. But like I mentioned I bought the A350 for the LiveView, not about the wide variety of lenses, or other features. The other cameras are so complicated my wife would just grumble and complain if I asked her to take a picture, and I do want to have my picture taken with WZ at times! :P

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# Tuesday, 15 April 2008

From the MS Expressions team blog, I found this blog of Wilfred Pinto doing some testing into Silverlight 2.0 he has some great posts of what he's been doing so far looking into the DeepZoom control. And given the fact that MS hasn't finalized the Silverlight 2.0 documentation, is a great resource for anyone playing around with the DeepZoom control.

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# Sunday, 13 April 2008

So now that WZ is wearing shoes he finally gets to walk around in the shopping complexes.


He seems to be enjoying his little adventures. Of course it also means that..


Mommy now has extra work to drag WZ away from the interesting stuff. So now that WZ can walk around he can be dropped in the babies toys aisle at Toys R Us and there are lots and lots of buttons on Try Me toys for him to push.


Of course, so much running around just means WZ nods off sooner.


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Makes for some very interesting changes, for instance. The first time I took the A350 out was to the VS2k8 launch and as I was happily snapping away at the registration line..


One of the attendants approached me and said "Sir? Are you media? There's another line you register at." Someone needs to tell her that just because someone is holding an SLR doesn't mean they're with the media!

Second interesting point was how more frequently I was snapping pics as I mentioned in a previous post, a high performance camera that allows for more picture control means that a person simply wants to snap more shots to practice in getting the best picture possible.

Another interesting example of how people react to a SLR came when I was walking around PC Fair trying out how well my bounce card works in redirecting my flash. And the obvious target are the salesgirls handing out the leaflets. Imagine my surprise as I pointed my camera at one and...


Interesting.. I didn't even say anything yet. I just pointed my cam at her and she posed for the shot. Afterwards from the forums I read that this was the standard operational procedure when you walkabout the exhibitions. Point cam at girl, smile, wait for girl to pose, snap, smile thank you.

Unfortunately I didn't get too many chances to take a lot of pics, my kit lens doesn't work too well in small enclosed places. Just means I have to wait till my close range lens gets here.

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