# Monday, 31 March 2008

The local launch event for the 2k8 suite of apps. ie. Visual Studio 2k8, Windows Server 2k8 and SQL Server 2k8. Is happening next Tuesday, register now to try and snag some nice freebies! And of course to learn more about the apps lar.

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# Sunday, 30 March 2008

WZ seems to be able to do one thing very well, maybe it's inherited... but... he pushes every damn button/switch that he can find. And grandma even thought him about DIALS!

So this little Shot Watch which calculates how many times you can press a button might be an interesting toy for him, I hope it makes noises when you press it.

He already has a lot of fun with the sound drops that I've been buying. He enjoys pressing them cause it shows him cause and effect, he pushes the button there's a sound.

Same like when he turns off the TV's main power switch, daddy screams. Cause and effect.

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After I mentioned that WZ doesn't want to wear any shoes, I had more than one recommendation of Crocs. So today I took WZ to the Croc shop at Ikano, when I wheeled him in he started pointing at all the colorful shoes.

I pulled one off the rack, and brought the shoe to WZ's foot. He retracted. I pulled the foot out and put the shoe on. WZ started to cry. Salesgirl's shining smile thinking of getting a sale? gone. Mommy's response? "shoes off now before he get's nightmares about them again!"

So... Crocs 0, WZ 1.

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# Saturday, 29 March 2008
I FINALLY got myself a DSLR, check out which one did I get after the link. You will be surprised!

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WZ got a shot for Chicken Pox a few days ago, the doctor did mention we might see a little outbreak on him.


So a few dots have sprung up on his face, but I'm not sure where they are chicken pox, or did some mosquitos just bit him in formation.

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