# Sunday, 09 March 2008

Here's WZ's outdoor adventure (or lack of) on video.

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Finally I got myself a small little portable 8GB thumb drive.


Only thing is that it's not really just a thumb drive but rather an 8GB Micro SDHC card.


It just amazes me that how far we have come in terms of how much we can fit into something this small now. And how low prices have got on these things.

On a nice side note, this is the FIRST SD card that I have found that supports ReadyBoost in my U1010's SD card slot. NICE!

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Here's a quick test of the nifty Silverlight 2.0 DeepZoom feature. Now if only it was better documented..

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# Saturday, 08 March 2008

Now that WZ is walking the obvious next step is to let him walk when we're outside, but the problem now is.. he starts weeping whenever we put shoes on him.


One moment he'll look ok... then the next..


He breaks down..


He's just confused as to why his feet are covered, maybe sandals instead? Grandma suggests getting something with a softer base so he can still feel that his feet are stepping on something.


He didn't take a single step for all these pictures...

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It's just something about portable speakers that attract me, like I mentioned before in my previous portable speaker review I'm more a speakers than earphone person. So... when I saw this...


The Altec Lansing Orbit Speaker, I knew I had to get it to see how well a brand name portable speaker will work compared to a simple Made In China one.

So... how well does it work? Well... not only will this pass the wedding dinner test, you'll probably get people from 3 tables away asking you to turn it down!

For power, the Orbit relies on 3 AAA batteries and can run for 24 hours according to the box. There're no indicators on the thing to show that it's on, and there are also no real switches on the speaker, you turn it on by twisting the rim. For some reason there are 2 stops between off and on at first I thought it was a setting between loud and louder, but there doesn't seem to be any different between them. Manual's no help, cause it just had pictures.. and nothing else, didn't say anything about how the switch work.


So.. compared to the no name speaker, how does the Orbit fare? Well, it's more bassy than the little guy, and of course the Orbit doesn't crack up at high volumes. But the Orbit is bigger and less convenient to carry around (depending on how big a bag you usually carry) Also, the Orbit runs on batteries while the little guy runs on a built in rechargable battery.

Both of them are very usable portable speakers, and you get your money's worth for both of them, for the mini speaker you get an affordable, compact speaker that works well. For the Orbit, you pay a higher price for it but you get a pretty loud and powerful speaker in return.

I can easily recommend either of these for your portable sound needs.

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