# Friday, 07 March 2008

I mentioned it before, but I'll just say it again. The biggest problem when you provide web based solutions is when something screws up on the network backbone where your server is sitting on.

The process of proving that it's not your application, your server or your network equipment to finally pin pointing that your network provider is the cause of the problem is just nerve wrecking!

Worse still if you have your client breathing down your neck asking what's wrong, why the system is down even though we have multiple redundancies?

Well... we do have a fail over cluster... but not a remote server duplicate sitting on another network of course.

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Silverlight 2.0 has achieved Beta 1 status, with a Go Live license it means we can use it for actual sites... interesting.

And... finally there's Windows 2000 support, but on Windows 2000 the plugin only works for IE6 and not Firefox. hmmm.... can't win them all I guess, and it's better than not being able to run at all.

Time to see what I can do with this...

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# Tuesday, 04 March 2008

WZ has been pretty naugthy recently, he doesn't want to sleep at night! Whenever he wakes up at night he immediately starts bawling and wants to go out to the living room, and he cries a river if you do not comply.

This is not having a good effect on me and mommy's sleep cycle.

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# Friday, 29 February 2008

And here we go.. WZ has finally started walking! Problem is he's still a bit scared at times so the moment he sees something he can balance on he DARTS towards it.

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When WZ had a fever he got pretty hot, we gave him some paracetomol and it helped a little. We tried to stick one of those bye bye fever thingies on his forehead but he kept peeling them off.

After my wife talked to her friend, she recommended that we get some suppositories cause they are more effective and should be used when a high fever breaks out.

So the next time WZ gets a fever, I need to stick a pill up his ass... great.. this fatherhood thing just keeps on getting more interesting.

Friday, 29 February 2008 23:45:29 (Malay Peninsula Standard Time, UTC+08:00)  #    Comments [0]  |