# Friday, 29 February 2008

And here we go.. WZ has finally started walking! Problem is he's still a bit scared at times so the moment he sees something he can balance on he DARTS towards it.

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When WZ had a fever he got pretty hot, we gave him some paracetomol and it helped a little. We tried to stick one of those bye bye fever thingies on his forehead but he kept peeling them off.

After my wife talked to her friend, she recommended that we get some suppositories cause they are more effective and should be used when a high fever breaks out.

So the next time WZ gets a fever, I need to stick a pill up his ass... great.. this fatherhood thing just keeps on getting more interesting.

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# Monday, 25 February 2008

What I caught, seems to be going around. Worse still was that 2 days after I fell sick, as I limped back from work my mother tells me WZ is burning up. I didn't even need to touch the little guy to feel the heat from him. My parents shipped him off to the doctor which basically gave him the same drugs as I got... something for the fever something for the running nose.

What's worse was that because I was deemed the source of this problem, I was unable to come into contact with WZ for a few days.

WZ is better now, but he's probably still shaking off the effects of the medication and still having some other weird symptoms like me.. ie. chills, breaking out into a cold sweat, etc. etc.

And now my mother's just caught a fever this morning.


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# Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Flu... Fever, whatever it was it was bad. Bad enough to keep me in bed for 2 whole days, and even now I'm a bit dizzy and I still ain't sure of myself yet. I feel so disjointed typing on the keyboard.

Any sort of problem that makes a person go light on the head it's a BIG problem for programmers, since it's hard to think of algorithms and solutions when your world's spinning and you feel as if your limbs aren't your own and even typing a mere msgbox results in something else.

It's a VERY BIG PROBLEM.. a programmer who doesn't have a straight head is pretty much useless. *sigh*

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# Sunday, 17 February 2008

Some people were asking how to get the web Live Messenger chat box like what I have on the site. And I forgot about the link myself! Luckily A quick Google search revealed the link.


Just go to the page, apply the settings, and then get the HTML to be placed on your blog.

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