# Thursday, 14 February 2008

I've been using Tablet PCs since a few years back, and I've gone through 4 of them already. And there was one similarity between all of them, I have not had a built in optical drive ever since I started using Tablet PCs. So I had to rely on external DVD drives, and there was always one little problem with all the drives I had. They had to be powered by an adapter, so I wasn't exactly fully mobile.

But now.. I found the LG GSA-E50L external DVD Multi Writer.


It's your typical USB 8x MultiFormat DVD Burner, with one notable exception. It DOESN'T come with a power adapter. Finally I found a DVD drive which can be fully powered by a FULL POWER USB port (ie it'll most likely not work if you plugged it into an unpowered hub)!! Finally I can use a DVD drive with all my tablets, the U1010, P1610 and of course.. the eeePC! Also the drive has one more little trick...


The drive is Lightscribe capable, I always wanted to try out one of these drives to see how well it works. Basically with special media (which obivously costs more than normal discs) after you burn your files, you flip the disc over and the the laser is used to burn the image onto the disc. Nifty... and is a nice touch when you need to make the disc special. It's definetly better than scriblling on the disc with a CD marker, and it's more convenient than printing and sticking labels.

This is highly recommended if you have a notebook without a built in optical drive, the convinience of not having to need a power adapter to work is immense! But you have to realise that if the USB ports are not full power ones you'll need to rely on the additional USB power cable provided in the box. MOST ports on notebooks are full power ports, but there are exceptional cases.

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If there's one holiday that's commercialized more than anything else, it's Valentine's Day. Why the heck do you need a day to be nice to the ones you love?

Gheeeezzz... and check out how much the flower prices bloat during today!

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# Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Definitive evidence that WZ is gonna be fighting for food when he get's older. Pay attention to how he grabs grandpa's arm when he feeds him.

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WZ is trying to walk right now, he can walk quite fast, but he's just scared to let go of the railings.

Of course it doesn't always work out when he pushes stuff around.

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# Sunday, 10 February 2008

This is the first pack of cigarettes I've bought in my life. I feel like I've finally completed my journey into manhood now, and when I light up a shot I will finally feel how it is to be a man, to have gaya, mutu, keunggulan.


I will never condone smoking! This is the real reason I actually bought the cigs.


It's a keychain with a 1" LCD screen on it, basically it's a mini digital photo frame... on a keychain that is. So what does this have to do with a fine pack of Dunhills? Everything!


See.. it was basically a bundle.. you have to buy the 2 together, I felt it was a good deal considering that I saw the Genius keychain digital photo frame (which seems to be from the same manufacturer) being sold at RM74.

How do I know that the thing is just a simple rehash from god knows which manufacturer from Taiwan or China? Well.. take a look at the driver CD.


A bloody CDR... really now.. this is definitely going against Gaya.. Mutu.. Keunggulan here aren't we?

Why do we even need a driver CD? Because the thing isn't really a USB Mass Storage Device. Well... it is, when you plug it into the system it's recognized as a drive but it's using some proprietary file system so you can't access the files, when you try to access the drive with Explorer it'll ask you if you want to format it, and I decided not to try that just yet.

So.. the only way to get pictures onto the thing is via the software on the CD, which thankfully works with Vista. The funny thing about the software is that you can't resize your pictures that you want to upload so it fully fits onto miniscule screen of the keychain, you have to crop it to a SQUARE! You have absolutely no control over it at all.

The results are usable as long as you aren't expecting a lot of detail from it, ie. Face shots, pretty good. Wide panoramic views... not so good. The manual doesn't even mention how many pixels does the screen contain. I'm gonna guess it's errr.. 160x160?

In summary, it's an interesting toy if you feel like getting it. And it's cheap compared to getting it on it's own.

What I'd like to point out is how worrying it is that Dunhill bundled this with their cigs, other than this photo frame, they also bundled a USB thumbdrive + pen device, and also a USB Speaker with their cigs. Obviously this is all targeted to the gadget lovers. I wonder what their aim was in doing this promotion? Did they expect non smoking gadgeteers to buy the bundles and then just decide to light one up because they have a pack of cigs anyway?

I for one.. am gonna just give the cigs to whoever asks for it in the office tomorrow.

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