# Saturday, 15 December 2007

Wow... adrenalin numbs pain I see.

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Wow.. errr... I guess this is going to be how it is...  you must have something to get your child under control.

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Something weird happened to the eeePC the other day, I booted up the system and the boot up image (which displays when the BIOS starts up) wouldn't go away. Effectively the system hung at the BIOS screen. I managed to clear the BIOS image and get a more proper look at the BIOS messages and saw that it was trying to see if there was a bootable medium in a USB Mass Storage device, and since the only thing connected to the machine was the SD card, I pulled the card out and the system immediately booted into Windows.

Once the OS came up I tried to read the SD card to see what went wrong, sure enough there were problems accessing it, either Windows would stall cause it was unable to communicate with the card, or it'd ask if I wanted to format the card.

I reinserted the card a few times and then as sudden as the problem came, it vanished and everything is back to normal.

For now......

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# Friday, 14 December 2007


This is a Canon CP740 Dye Sublimation printer, I bought it after my father got his own digital camera and would need to start printing more pictures. The interesting thing about dye sub printers is that you always print EXACTLY the number of pictures they say on the box, so you can perfectly calculate how much one picture costs, in this case... RM75 / 108 photos = RM0.70 a photo. This compared to a full load of my inkjet printer which is (6 * RM38) + RM38 for a box of 100 sheets and even with that I STILL can't be sure how much a printout costs since.. it's ink, there's no way of knowing for sure how much ink is used in a print out.

Anyway.. as to the quality of the printouts, they are pretty good, a bit gloosy, and the printouts are a bit on the dark side, so low light shots look gloomy. If you connect and print from a computer then you can try and fix it somewhat by tuning the brightness and saturation, etc. etc. The cable used to connect the printer to the PC is a standard USB A to B cable, the printer itself doesn't come with one. But the sales person was nice enough to try and sell a "USB PRINTER CABLE" to me for a mere RM50, and I didn't even want to screw him even after he told me that if I printed pictures with more colors then I'd end up printing less pictures.

I can't say this is a MUST BUY piece of gear for the casual digital photographer, but it's not "Oh my god what have I just wasted my money on?" bad, so it's ok I guess.

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# Thursday, 13 December 2007

WZ now pays a lot of attention to the TV, previously he just stares at it for a few seconds, now he stands up in front of the TV zombified by it, he's particularly attracted to the bright colors of cartoons.


I'm not sure wheter he's kissing the glass or attempting to bite it.


I'm gonna have to remember to pack a first aid kit in the diaper bag when he starts running around.

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