# Wednesday, 05 December 2007

It's important to show progress when doing something that takes time such as downloading a large picture file, so the user doesn't just staring at a black screen wondering what the heck are they suppose to do at that point of time.

Of course.. it also makes more sense if you download the smaller thumbnails first before moving on to the large files, but that's another night's work.

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# Tuesday, 04 December 2007

I think I found out what was wrong with the Soapbox videos I was trying to upload. When I upload videos of WZ I default them to HIDDEN visibility state which means that the videos don't show up on Soapbox when someone does a search, so it's hidden by obscurity.

Somehow yesterday when I uploaded the videos and set them to hidden, they weren't visible to the internet at all, so I just toggled between PUBLIC then back to HIDDEN visibility and everything's fine now.

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2 good examples that WZ wants to play soon!

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All it takes is a little work every day.. and something wonderful happens..

So now.. the pics fade in and out when changing for that oh so important OOOOOOO effect. Also the center button on the control panel is to go to fullscreen. Try it and see what happens.

You all can see where this is going right?

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# Monday, 03 December 2007

I realised that I'm way behind in my WZ quota. So here goes..

WZ is a LOT more attentive to the TV now, he actually sits down and stares at the moving picture for a few minutes before moving on. Mommy of course takes the time to rest since she doesn't have to chase him down.. hmm.. that's why TV is the first babysitter? But I've already given stern warnings to my wife. NO FARKING PURPLE DINOSAURS!


2 things are evident from the picture below


1. He has the right standing posture already. 2. He's not gonna be able to play underneath that shelf soon.


It doesn't help that my mother encourages him to explore, WZ's default reaction when his hands touches a platform higher than where he is? Start stepping and see if he can climb up the platform.


WZ and Grandma.

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