# Friday, 30 November 2007

Finally after an initial premature release a few months back, Office Mobile 6.1 for Windows Mobile devices is finally released. Most important feature of this release? It's able to open Office2007 *.*X files.

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It shall now be known as a more befitting name of Silverlight 2.0!!! God they should have just gone with that in the first place... sheeesh... details about it can be found here along with some other interesting tidbits if you're a .Net developer. Hmmm.. Go Live license in Q1 2008... interesting!

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# Thursday, 29 November 2007

I found out why I couldn't install MSN Messenger on my tweaked Vista installation, seems like I haven't managed to move the WinSxS folder properly and thus there are problems when I'm trying to install shit. And the only shit I tried to install was Messenger.

Oh well... back to the drawing board, better test it out on a Virtual PC instead of waste my eeePC's SSD lifespan just going through installation again and again and again...

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# Wednesday, 28 November 2007

I was deploying an ASP.Net 2.0 web application yesterday, after copying all the files in I browsed to the site and I got an error telling me that one of my handlers couldn't be found.

I immediately assumed that there was an error with the permissions of the Network Service user that was being used to run the website. Totally forgetting that if the Network Service user couldn't compile to the temporary ASP.NET folder the error would be an access denied writing to temporary folder.

After spending TOO MUCH time trying to figure out the permissions, my Project Manager came to me and asked me what was taking so long. I told him that there was something wrong with the service permissions and that the compiler was acting as if the files weren't there. My PM asked the question "Are you sure the files are there?" I replied affirmatively since I was sure I saw that there were files in the web folder, so I decided to show him and browsed to the web site's APP_CODE folder, it was EMPTY....

I did a quick check on all the other folders and sure enough... ALL THE .VB CODE BEHIND FILES WERE GONE!!!! Some how the fact that I right clicked dragged the ZIP file containing the web files from a network share and then directly extracting it using the built in Compressed Folders handler of Windows 2003 cause all the VB files to NOT be extracted.

Copying the ZIP file to the web server first and then extracting it from there solved the problem.

So I learnt to ALWAYS CHECK THE OBVIOUS LESS WORK INTENSIVE REASONS FIRST BEFORE ANY OTHER SOLUTIONS when something bad happens. But still a few questions exists... namely Why the heck were the files removed in the first place? It wasn't the antivirus cause it didn't log any deletes, then I repeated the same action on a similarly configured Win2k3 server but the VB files weren't deleted.


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# Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Quick update, so, the 3rd try for getting Windows Vista into the eeePC went pretty well. All devices were working, the WinSxS folder was moved completely.

Everything looked fine until I tried to install Windows Live Messenger, and it spat out an error about being unable to register the assembly MSVC80 or something like that, gonna have to take a look at this tonight

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