# Tuesday, 02 October 2007

Ooo... I'm behind my quota again.


Why does WZ look like he's ready to plant on on his maternal grand father's nose?


We had to use something to plug his leaky mouth!

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# Sunday, 30 September 2007
This is a pretty famous Ipoh Chicken Rice shop in Jalan Gasing. My parents took me to this place to eat quite frequently when I was a kid, according to the signboard the shop is as old as I am.

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# Monday, 24 September 2007

Phew... this has been a project that is a few WEEKS in the works already, thanks to the fact that I've been just swamped with work. But.. now, it's almost over already. But my 3RODDED XBox 360 is almost back in action. Here's the patient on the operation table.


The PSP (Hmm.. I haven't talked about this on my blog yet have I?) makes a GREAT debugging tool for this purpose.. it's small.. compact.. and yet is able to act as a video monitor to test wheter the box is working or not. No need to fumble with a big 14" display on an already small cramped work table.

We were rushing for time, and after a few more extra modifications we didn't even have enough time to put everything back properly yet. So...


This will have to suffice so we can finish the fight!

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# Saturday, 22 September 2007

Every now and then something happens that makes you wish you could just be irresponsible and call in sick. I'm feeling that need right now. God.. why must they torment me this way?

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# Tuesday, 18 September 2007

I'm gonna chalk this one up on my own inexperience but... AAAARRRRGGG... Visual Sourcesafe, how you pain me so much!!

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