# Sunday, 29 July 2007

I got my hands on a fan today.

A USB Fan.

An Oscillating USB Fan.


It used to have a grill to make it look like a real desktop fan, but it was getting in the way of the blades, so I removed it (it can be seen on the stack behind the fan) but.. more problems, now it's too light so it starts moving around when it's on.

Maybe that's why they use gooseneck cables for USB fans usually?

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# Friday, 27 July 2007

As I expected, Transformers The Movie SUCKED ASS!!! Most people don't agree with me since they say I should have just let go of the fact that I have previous memories about the Transformers that definitely couldn't be fulfilled by the movie. What were my gripes with the movie? Let's see now... the big ass plot holes? The fact that the human characters were useless and unnecessary? The fact that the Autobots are idiots? The fact that the Decepticons have such a small role to play that it felt like a damn joke?

I guess this comic totally sums up my gripes about the movie.

Don't even get me started on the movie tie in games...

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We shouldn't stop thinking about implementing the feature just because of some security concerns.

So.... If we shouldn't stop implementing a feature due to security concerns, when DO we stop? When something happens and the customer starts complaining?

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# Thursday, 26 July 2007

After trying to cut WZ's hair herself and failing, mommy decided to take WZ out to an indian barber and told him to unleash the ELECTRONIC SHEARS OF FURYYYYYYYYYYY!!! on him.


According to mommy, WZ was feeling happy and cheerful when he was sat down in front of the big mirror they have in those barber shops. After all this is his usual reaction in front of a mirror.

But... He started screaming and cried buckets when he heard the shears and felt it rumbling on his head, chopping off his hair.

Upon hearing which I could only ask mommy Why didn't you take a video?

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# Tuesday, 24 July 2007

This is pretty much the reason why I don't want to keep the darn toy tray for the walker on it.


Everyone says the pics I take of WZ show him shocked or surprised, so how about one where mommy's surprised?


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