# Thursday, 26 July 2007

After trying to cut WZ's hair herself and failing, mommy decided to take WZ out to an indian barber and told him to unleash the ELECTRONIC SHEARS OF FURYYYYYYYYYYY!!! on him.


According to mommy, WZ was feeling happy and cheerful when he was sat down in front of the big mirror they have in those barber shops. After all this is his usual reaction in front of a mirror.

But... He started screaming and cried buckets when he heard the shears and felt it rumbling on his head, chopping off his hair.

Upon hearing which I could only ask mommy Why didn't you take a video?

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# Tuesday, 24 July 2007

This is pretty much the reason why I don't want to keep the darn toy tray for the walker on it.


Everyone says the pics I take of WZ show him shocked or surprised, so how about one where mommy's surprised?


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# Monday, 23 July 2007

Been getting a whole lot of spam from people claiming to be my mate, or neighbor, or old schoolmate.

But seriously, I don't know wheter someone has spam bombed me by putting me into some freaking mailing list or it's just another trojan running amuck. Considering that the links inside the email are pointing to raw IP addresses I'm gonna assume it's definetly a virus.

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# Sunday, 22 July 2007


Hmmm.. guess I should have adjusted the exposure a bit, anyway thanks to a friend in the XBox Live community I was able the fondle and molest an iPhone just now.

First impressions, well it's an Apple product alright, shiny, light, slim. No mistake there.

The software keyboard, well I don't know wheter it's because I'm not used to it or something else. Like I mentioned before you can't use your finger nails on the screen to tap the keys, you have to use your finger tips. And it's VERY likely for you to accidentally hit the wrong key if you hold your thumbs at an angle, the OS does some auto error correction by automatically changing illegible words to legal ones like say RWST to TEST. Wonder what happens if you tried to type a Malay SMS?

I was also right about the screen, since it doesn't work with gloves, I wonder how they expect people to use it in Winter? Headsets? Special gloves with Jello tips? Spit on the glove's finger tip before using?

Anyway in case you're wondering, nope.. the phone is still SIM Locked to AT&T so you can't use it with your own SIM card here even if you managed to buy one from the US.

Everything else was as I expected... the UI looks nice, but it's still not a phone for me. Heck.. not having 3G is excusable, but not being able to work as a modem? That's totally unexcusable!!

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# Saturday, 21 July 2007

One of my friends is also trying to upload her son's videos up to her blog, but her camera captures videos in MOV format, I'm gonna guess it's using the Motion JPEG format. Anyway she was saying the files are too big to be uploaded. A quick Google would reveal a lot of video converters around, two that I've heard of (never used myself) are

Me? Well.. mostly my videos are edited in Windows Movie Maker since my camera outputs files in MPEG2 format and that mostly works perfectly with WMM. But if I ever had to convert videos, I just do it manually with FFMPEG. Problem is... you can't download FFMPEG in compiled form from the site, so if you want it you can pick it up here, I got it from one of the other compilation distro sites.

FFMPEG is a command line program and is quite intimidating to use, so read the documentation or.. here's a quick sample of a command that will encode a given video that should be small and suitable for upload to YouTube and such.

ffmpeg -i inputfilename.avi -vcodec xvid -acodec mp3 -b 300k -ab 64k -ac 1 -s 320x240 outputfilename.avi

That will take the filename called inputfilename.avi and will encode using the video codec of xvid with a bitrate of 300k and audio codec of mp3 with a bitrate of 64k, flattening audio down to mono and the outputfilename.avi will have a resolution of 320x240. If the results don't look or sound good, the use a higher bitrate value.

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