# Friday, 13 July 2007

I bought WZ a colorful ball that crinkles, but all he does with it is chew and drool into it. It doesn't really attract him that much.

But show him an Ang Pow and well.. my mother was right... you don't need to buy colorful shiny toys for your babies to play with.

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# Thursday, 12 July 2007

Why is it that mobile phone browsing technology just always seems to lag behind actual desktop web browsing technology?

First the mobile phones had WAP, which.. well.. I guess you have to say it was kinda a joke. But it enabled phone to actually browse information on the Internet.. even if said data had to be specially formatted for the particular device.

Then after a long time, mobile phones started adopting the XHTML standard, which although looks SIMILAR to normal web pages, had more stringent rules on formatting and while some phones which supported XHTML could see normal web pages, most of them would still choke on the immense resources required to display the onslaught of angle brackets!

Parallel to this, certain high end phones started appearing which had web browsers that almost shared the same capabilities of a desktop browser. But these phones were expensive, and not for mass consumption.

Recently I saw that many new mass market phones are equipped with pretty capable browsers, therefore.. while the screens, at a resolution of 320x240 might be small, but the majority of the web could finally be browsed even if the viewer might have to scroll around alot.

So I thought that mobile devices have finally caught up... then I started realising that more and more sites are using the AJAX mindset in displaying their information, complex DOM manipulations, etc. etc. A mobile phone browser might be able to support SOME Javascript commands... but definetly not all the scenarios out there so... here we go again..

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# Wednesday, 11 July 2007

So you had the gutso to run your own business, that's great! Good for you!

Just remember to keep every single business transaction and client obligation in SIGNED BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENTS!!! Because if ever anything turns sour you at least have evidence of what the client went wrong, that you didn't under deliver etc. etc. Also if you want to keep your path of income open and not allow them to give the source to some other person to enhance it for them, state it in the contract.

And in a case where the client DOES run off to some other provider, DON'T out of spite log into the clients system and delete the program from their servers, especially if the client has ALREADY PAID YOU!

That's why a document trail is necessary, so when push comes to shove you can sic a lawyer at them or make sure you can't be sic'ed by their lawyer!

(That said, a good lawyer can pretty much win any case! :P)

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# Monday, 09 July 2007

Ugh.. what a scary feeling. To have your client engage the services of a 3rd party security firm and submit your code over for a code review to see if your code is secure or not.

No offence to those guys, but I guess I'm uneasy for letting someone who's bonus is dictated by how many flaws they find in my code have free reign over it. What would I have to do? Explain in detail why I did all my little hacks, the shortcuts, promise that no external code ever ever ever will run in the component (Just remember.. promising that your code works well is NOT a solution).

I guess the thing that I'm most worried about is, different programmers have different styles and methods of solving a problem. But what if those guys feel that theirs is the best way and then get the client to pressure me to confirm even though my way is just a secure and efficient as theirs?

This is going to be an interesting experience.

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# Sunday, 08 July 2007

If you've been shopping for LED lights before you would have noticed that sometimes they are dirt cheap, and sometimes they are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!! And yet they all seem to perform exactly the same.

Take for example these round LED light emblems.


I've seen them being sold under the OSRAM brand name for I think.. around RM40? I got these for RM8.. RM8 for BOTH of them!! And well.. they work.. they shine... So what are you paying for with more money?

Usually a better LED power controller, a cheap light might just directly pump juice from the batteries, decreasing the battery life. But the good thing about LEDs are that even though the battery power might be low you can still get pretty usable light from the LEDs. A brand name LED light might have a proper power controller so that the LEDs will give out a bright light for a longer time compared to the cheap ones.

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